5 comments on “Yes Ma’am

  1. Hello Ma’am,

    What a thoughtful post ma’am, who would have thought that such a simple phrase, ‘Yes Ma’am’ could elicit such a response from you.

    Well as you know Ma’am I do enjoy following your blog and your tales of teasing the hell out of CM.

    So in closing ma’am, thank you and have a wonderful day.


    ps not spoken in a broad southern accent but a really strong Aussie one.

  2. Don’t get carried away. We are polite. Simple courtesy is our armor, our shield against the buffets of everyday life. We can be prickly folks, easily riled to fight. If a simple bit of everyday politeness can keep the way smooth, it is a small enough price for peace.

    Or, maybe it’s different in Tennessee than in West Virginia πŸ™‚ Either way, welcome to the country.


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