7 comments on “Wow, You’ve Been Denied Orgasm for a Month Already?

    • It’s crazy! It barely feels like it’s been a week! Haha we might end up going a year! Who knows!

  1. Based on our experience, telling him he’ll have to wait an extra month, at the end of his six month “sentence”, will be both thrilling and disappointing. His desire to come will be strong, but will definitely be offset by the kink factor of you deciding he needs to be denied longer…

    Have fun!!


    • I agree so much Harry! He’s been waiting for the day I actually change my mind and push him longer! 🙂

  2. This is why the “minimum sentence” is so exciting. The closer and closer one gets, the more one wants two things — to cum and to wait even longer. I call it “subtradiction.”

  3. Hi Lady M

    As March is not yet over I thought I would ask a few more questions. I have posed the same questions to other dominant women to gauge their thoughts on this matter as well.

    The topic I would like to get an understanding of from you is around the feminisation of your partner. Obviously this can be a fantasy of the male in the relationship and therefore something they desire, but what I was interested in was what do you gain from any such practices that you adopt in your relationship? N on occasions likes to make up my face. This occurred a few times before we started this current dynamic and only once since. It was different when she did it the last time as I was more accepting of what she was doing and hence she enjoyed it more. I still don’t know what she gets out of it.

    So the sorts of practices I have seen mentioned are like breast growth, wearing panties, being plugged or pegged (fantasy of mine so I get the thrill this brings your partner), removing hair and wearing adornments. So if you wouldn’t mind, could you please share with me what these practices mean to you and the relationship?

    • Thank you for the question DtBHC! I will take this and make the answer a post of its own. Keep an eye out! 🙂

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