5 comments on “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

  1. Nice to see you again!

    Oh, I would have been so angry about those loaders and kind of embarrassed with all the good stuff falling out of the truck.

    But – Chastity? Really? That would have been a great chance for a dialog like this:

    Woman: “Hi, I’m Chastity!”

    Caged Monkey: “Well, me too … kind of …”


    • Haha we are a bit upset at the loaders and I’m going to try taking it up with movinghelpers.com.

      As for the Chastity thing… Omg that’s the exact conversation and jokes CM and I had after she introduced herself! 🙂

  2. Hi Guys

    Glad you got to your new home safely. Movers aren’t always the brightest sparks, and moving in general can be a pain in the ass, but exciting too of course!

    Hi, I’m chastity, and this my sister ‘Peggy’, would have been even better…. 🙂

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