2 comments on “Why Would Anyone Want Their Dick in a Cage?

  1. I still remember the moment, about four weeks after my Wife totally took control of the key to my chastity device, when I had one of my chastity click moments. She was at work, I was at home. I do not know why but all of a sudden it hit me, I will never masturbate again without direct instructions from my Wife. That could mean I will never masturbate again. Then the never became NEVER in my head and the control element involved hit me. I became hopelessly turned on by it and had to find some jobs to do to take my mind off of the thought.

    I still think this is one of those things I would struggle to explain to my friends. Not having sex is the best sex I have ever had.

    • You are so right… This had truly been the best sex of our lives and a lot of it is spent with hubby locked, teased and denied! 🙂

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