2 comments on “Where Did You Get Your Key?

  1. I didn’t purchase this option. We use a small padlock. But that’s a really nice key Lady M! Very stylish. My Queen seldom wears our key because she finds it unattractive. Hope to hear a new blog soon. Do you do domestic punishment? I can’t recall. But if you do that might be a good topic. How you both feel about it and things you do.

    • Hey CollaredMichael!
      Nice to hear from you! Perhaps you could get her a prettier more dainty key… Though keys inn necklaces are the thing these days. Check out http://www.thegivingkey.com (I think that’s it) so her wearing a padlock key wouldn’t be out of place at all!
      As for domestic punishment… I CM but that’s more for my pleasure, I love it, it gets my frustrations out. I don’t typically use it as a punishment. If I ever have to punish him (so incredibly rare) I simply take something he enjoys away… That’s more painful for him lol

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