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  1. Interesting perspective. My wife has never mentioned anything about feeling like that after play. I always cuddle her in a spoon position and I’m not sure what would be different if for some reason we couldn’t do that. Even though sometimes the pain is a little more than I think I can take (or I really wanted to come this time!), it is exciting that she draws that line and I actually feel much closer to her emotionally, feeling that she ‘understands’ me. I often do have trouble going to sleep, because I am so excited by submitting to her.

    I know it may come across as heresy, but I masturbated the other day and I felt lousy for almost the entire day. Was it because I violated a rule, or had a heavy dose of the post-orgasm neurochemicals that cause males to drop in their submissiveness? Don’t know. I just know I really didn’t like how I felt, and I don’t want to do that again – I would say I felt depressed. Normally when she lets me come, I don’t feel nearly that bad. It’s tough with busy working parents in that we can’t exactly find the time to play with each other, but I do have a sex drive that needs to be dealt with (even when she can’t deal with it) and at some point I can’t think straight because I am so horny (which is not good for my career).

    • Not everyone will experience a drop, sub or Domme but you know it if you happen to be someone who does. I’m still in a shitty funk and need out of it!

      I have issues with hormones to begin with so I think the overload his my system rather hard!

      You bad boy for masturbating… you ought to get a spanking for that… I say 50 lashes at least! 😉

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