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  1. I don’t want to be the one who tells you this but there is a reason you like being controlled. Another term would be pussy whipped as a kid or a momma’s boy… Never doing what you want but doing whatever the woman in your life tells you to do. I wouldn’t try to glorify it like you did above but in reality it is something you should try to get out of unless you want to live your entire life doing what women tell you to do and never having what you want…. Sorry, for the comment..

    • No need to be sorry, we welcome all comments (even the not so positive ones)…

      My Lady and I started this journey together… we both made this decision together. I actually am doing exactly what I want, and she is doing the same.

      Truthfully, I could “get out of” it, but why the hell would I?

      P.S. I completely agree with your opinion of the hotness of my wife’s pussy 🙂 It’s also wet, tight, and fucking delicious. 😉

  2. If what Lemon said is true, then it’s true for me also. If I had what CagedMonkey and Lady M has, I wouldn’t want out of it either and I would fight to stay in that type of relationship as long as possible.

    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  3. I’ve yet to find the Blog where two people have the discussion which ends in the female partner being fitted with a chastity belt.

    Sex is something you do because you both want to. Its not something to be denied/controlled/consented to , at the whim of one .

    So “chastity” isn’t the mutual expression of a loving relationship. Its just another fetish.

    Some people – but not me of course – would describe it as “stupid”

    • You haven’t seen Locked Lali’s blog, obviously. 🙂

      I agree that sex is something that is done at the desire of both (I should say “all”) parties involved… kink is exactly the same. ML and I both want to enjoy this lifestyle because it fills needs and desires that we both share.

      I didn’t expect to start this kind of discussion with this post… how interesting! 🙂

  4. Oh, thanks for directing me to Locked Lali. The last link I had for her was inactive.

    There are times I think that “denial” is a more accurate term, but “chastity” does have a certain extra charge to it.

    And, sure, for those who don’t get a charge out of this, it’s hard to understand those of us who do. Sex is so vastly varied and mysterious. It’s a wonder.

  5. I always thought chastity was not cumming, celibacy was not having sex… seems to depend on where you look!

  6. If being under the control and the feet of my goddess means im pussy whipped, then i’m proud to say i’m pussy whipped. In my opinion females are the vastly superior sex and us boys are just here to serve and worship our goddesses to the best of our ability. And part of that is putting our pleasure last and if that means being chastised by our goddess then so be it. Thats just our burden to bare. Of course that’s just my two cents.

    • I appreciate your two cents, Joey! I don’t think any of us are living this lifestyle because it isn’t something we deep down need and want to feel fulfilled! Thanks for your comment!

      • Wow, I have been reading all these comments and something hit me. The original post was What does Chastity Mean? It means for a man that a woman is in control of your sex. You can’t masturbate, orgasm, or fuck another woman without the key-holder’s permission. You are basically a sex slave to the key-holder. She can torture you by stroking your cock to the edge and then watching you squirm because you can’t cum. I actually like this part of it!!! I would love to be edged for hours but eventually allowed to erupt and then she wouldn’t stop stroking me for some post orgasm torture. Mmmmmm that is hot…. But I wouldn’t want to be edged and never allowed to cum….

        I can imagine a woman would know what this feels like with abortion. Some people say it should be banned yet others say a woman should be able to choose what she does with her body. I tend to believe everyone should be allowed to do what they want with their body. I guess you all are and if that is what turns you on then more happy to you…

        Oh my, the picture above with the cage in that fine fine pussy got me off today…. That is the best looking pussy I have ever seen and I have mixed feelings about not being to explode in it yet to just be in it must drive you crazy…. Just sharing my thoughts… Interesting discussion

      • Thanks for the comment Lemon! You’re right, what we all choose to do together is consensual and enjoyable. Chastity – in this regard – is exactly that, Control. It’s not a lock him up and leave him never to cum again. It’s just a control thing where the woman controls the what, how and when. That is the beauty! Along with that control is complete teasing and edging and mad driving these guys crazy! 🙂

      • Oh my… Lady M, the teasing and edging a man turns you on? How long do you tease and edge a man before you allow him to release or do you just put him back into his cage? Would like to know…

      • Lemon, dear, I think you should read more of my blog lol currently I’m teasing and edging hubby and locking him back up for a year without an orgasm. 🙂 Take some time and read!

      • Thanks, I will read more of your blog. I can’t believe it could be that long, guess he is on his way to being a Saint…. LoL No wonder he doesn’t take offense to some of my comments, he is probably up there with Jesus right now… You know that is how many of the Nuns and priests do because it makes them more pure…. Thanks for sharing your time with me… I do enjoy the discussion and want to allow others to respond…. Your Hot!

      • Lemon, it’s our pleasure to interact with our readers and we try hard not to take offense to anyone’s opinion! We know that not everyone’s kink is for everyone else! Enjoy reading. 🙂

      • I don’t take offense, probably because I’ve heard almost everything already 😉

        That, and I figure if you’re still reading the blog, you can’t be feeling THAT negative about it. And if you’re not reading it, then there’s no sense in being offended by someone who’s not reading 🙂

        And lastly…. I’m glad you “enjoyed” the pics, that’s why we post them!

      • Are you using ruined orgasms to relieve the pressure on Mr monkey’s balls or a prostate milking periodically lady M? Just curious how you are handling the physical rigors of the monthslong chastity of Mr monkey?

      • Great question, Joey! I know others are certainly curious about this too. In the past 6 months, as time has allowed, he’s had a couple ruined. Now that we are finally in our own place and can’t take some time, I do plan a good milking right at the 6 month point (he doesn’t know this yet!). Going forward, we will continue to have a couple ruined orgasms and maybe another milking here or there.

        He is currently very backed up in the prostate, I can feel it when he’s eating my pussy 69 and I’m tickling his taint while he’s caged. 🙂

        Hope that helps and thank you again for the question!

      • Wow that’s some “boggy” prostate if you can feel it like you described. Does Mr monkey ever say its hard for him to release his bladder and pee? Cuz that’s one of the annoying effects i get after about 6 weeks or so lady M. I’m sure its my prostate swelling up and making it hard to urinate. You’re quite welcome and thanks for the excellent blog!

      • I’m going to leave him to answer the “hard to pee” question but you are quite welcome 🙂

      • I’ll field this one. 🙂

        (And, considering the toys that came in the mail the other day, your plans aren’t THAT big of a surprise!)

        Thankfully, I don’t seem to be having urination problems or anything else that might be prostate-related. I do have to give myself an extra shake/wiggle when I pee, but that’s more from the cage being on than from not having an orgasm for half a year.

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