3 comments on “What Do You Mean “Service You?”

  1. Many women under estimate the power of verbal teasing. The largest male sex organ is the brain so it makes perfect sense that we can be highly aroused by verbal teasing. You will bring him to the boiling point by telling him all the things you are going to enjoy doing to him, how you may not ever unlock him, or whatever other kinds of sexual banter pushes his buttons. You may never really intend to do any of the things you say but that doesn’t matter, it’s just the fact you said them in the heat of the moment and they really turned him on. Keep up the good work.

    • YES! You are absolutely right! That’s why I’ve made it a rule that we are to talk about our fantasies and they will be heard nonjudgementally. We may not be into each others fantasy but there might be parts we would consider or a modified version or even just talking about it but we’d never know unless we talked about stuff and were open to trying things! πŸ™‚

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