6 comments on “What a Nice Little Surprise – It’s the Little Things

  1. Great idea about the notes, I might try that myself… Not so sure about leaving my pants in her bag though, funny how some things only work one way.

    • Haha you’re so right Robert! It might be weird getting a dude’s underwear in her purse lol.

      But little notes, homemade cards, drawings and hey maybe a printed out sexy pic of you could work!

      Good luck and enjoy! šŸ™‚

    • I’ve been the one getting up with the kids since… forever šŸ™‚ when hubby was on day shift he’d get yup way too early and the kids (kid at the time) were babies. Once they were at an age for that he’s worked evenings or nights… No early mornings for him.

      Plus, it’s my calm time in the morning with the kids. I do love my time with them first thing when they aren’t riled up from the day. Though he has given me “the morning off” sometimes which is super sweet… I could use that now being sick like I am!

      And yes, I make his dinners for work… I want to make sure he doesn’t take a soda, a granola bar and 12 packs of fruit snacks and call it a meal haha I like to take care of my family, I’m pretty awesome at it. šŸ™‚

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