5 comments on “What a Keyholder Wants, a Keyholder Gets

  1. It should be every Keyholder’s guiltless prerogative to decide if and when he cums. Kudos for living in the moment and not letting the planned release date usurp your authority.
    The idea of being made to wait a specified amount of time always gets me straining in my cage — the longer the “sentence” the harder i get — but setting a date puts the calendar in control. We’ve gotten away from set dates; when she clicks the lock i have no idea how long i’ll be locked up (she might have a goal, but i don’t know what that is) and i find that just as hot.

    • See, I don’t think I could handle not knowing at all when I might cum again! That’s why we have maybe days… ML can extend my denial past that date, but if she extends it for more than a week she needs to give me a new maybe day date. It’s in our agreement. It’s best for me, otherwise I’d spend every day obsessing and hoping that today is the day, and lose my focus.

  2. It is the key holders prerogative to unlock the cage when she chooses. She should be allowed to enjoy col whenever she wants and he is under her schedule. There might be a time set, but why does she have to wait too. I agree with your actions totally. As far as he knows, it’s April. As far as she knows, it’s whenever she wants it.

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