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  1. You raise an interesting question about how long you can deny an orgasm. At face value you could do it indefinitely but why would you want to? I suspect that beyond a certain point it makes little difference physically as to how horny or desperate you become and hence the question of why? What extra do you gain from that? What potential do you have to harm the relationship or create resentment? Without the commitment or potential to orgasm do you actually undermine the power dynamic. Why would you stay chaste or focus your energies?

    Interestingly we have been playing around with the Karezza approach to sex which basically is sex without the intent of orgasm, for either person. Right at this moment there is no intent for me to ever orgasm again, which is weird in itself, but also freeing in a way that allows us to enjoy lengthy PIV sex, albeit at a less frenetic pace. We want to try and push this out to an hour or more. Some reading indicates that it is possible have sessions lasting several hours.

    I still provide orgasms, just not via PIV sex or in the same context. Also as the intent is not to orgasm the whole tease and denial dynamic does not play a part any more, which is also interesting. I do not desire to be edged. We’ve chosen this approach because we were finding my mood and disposition was negatively impacted by orgasm. Since starting a month ago we have increased the frequency of sex to five times a week which is more than at any other time. We are also closer and more intimate. I assume like most practices it’s not for everyone.

    So to answer your question, yes I think I could go without an orgasm for an extended period. We will just have to see how long that is. As of today we are only at a month.


  2. Dear Lady M,

    Owner and i have quite different views on this. Like you my Owner is in complete control of our sex lives (as well as all other aspects of our lives together) and has been for almost the entire 10 years we have been together, It is quite common for a month or longer to go by between my being permitted by Her to orgasm. There are times when i am kept in an almost permanent state of locked chastity and other times when i am kept out of chastity but expected to maintain my chaste state.

    For me, the immediate pleasure of my orgasm is always, always instantly accompanied by a sense of disappointment and a wish that it had not happened. To me the sensation of beign left highly aroused but frustrated is, though less immediately pleasurable, a state that i love to be in. To that extent, the idea of beign kept denied for extended i.e. 6 months and beyond, periods of time is one that i would really love.

    Owner and i have discussed this but She has made it clear that whereas this might be something that appeals to me it does not to Her. Owner likes to see me cum and likes to make me cum. We never have penetrative sex and when i cum these days this is almost always through Owner beating or spanking my testicles hard, something She loves to do. So for Her, it is not that She would miss me inside Her as this hasn’t now happened for over 5 years and is somethign neither of us miss. Rather, it is the act of forcing me to cum by beating or torturing my ‘clit’ that is what Owner would miss, and thus She has no current plans to put me into long-term orgasm denial.


  3. Hi Lady M
    It sounds as though 2016 is going to be an interesting (and potentially difficult) year. I didn’t realise that Monkey had gone several months without orgasm before… but now that I think about it I’m guessing I did know that.
    As you say, the question is perhaps how will you handle it, rather than Monkey. It seems you’ve tried to make him wait before and given in to temptation when he’s been inside you, and you do need his cock inside you don’t you? 🙂
    I wish you good luck with your plan, it will certainly be entertaining following your progress throughout 2016!
    Robert A

    • I believe my longest denial period was almost four months – I know that I hit triple digit days at least.

      It always has been a question of how long ML can go without my orgasm, whether I can handle it or not doesn’t really matter 🙂 I will say that ML has been building up her tolerance for leaving me denied, and I truly believe her when she says she can make it a year this time around.

  4. Coming to visit from Marie and David’s…
    i don’t think i could last that long! Wife is firmly in control of when we (together) have sex. But She allows me to be “free range” (ha) as long as that’s masturbating online! i do think She would have reason to get a cage and control my orgasms, and get MUCH more in return.. but She hasn’t wanted to go there…yet.
    sara e

  5. I absolutely DO think i could remain denied of an orgasm for 6 months, even though I would be conflicted about it. At the end of the story, if that is what Mistress K. wanted from me, then it is what I would happily and eagerly do for her.

  6. This is our fifth year of orgasm denial with 24/7 lockup. My wife has trained me gradually and this year she wants to deny me for 6 months. We are half way there and after getting used to it over many years, I am not having a problem with it and feel that I can go 6 months. I might even try for a year because I really will miss the constant sexual energy that I greatly miss after an orgasm.

    It is not something to start off with but rather something to work up to. Plus I am 66 and my wife leans more towards men and sex for her is a vibrator so she really has no use for me sexually but does edge me and engage in foreplay because she does love me, just mot my penis. I have a perfect real life chastity situation. Not made up. My wife is bi and had her girlfriend live with us for much of our 45 years of marriage. Both are bi but not penis fans all things being equal. My wife and I have not had any type of penetration sex for over 20 years, just oral once in a while but mostly she uses her Lelo vibrator and I get a hand job or told to masturbate when it is my time to orgasm. Problem has been is that after so long without an orgasm, I end up ejaculating before I can feel any pleasure, even when I do it myself.

    • Vinny,
      Thanks for the comment and congrats to you and your wife. Chastity is certainly something that you need to build up and go for longer and longer periods.
      I wish you luck on your long term lock up!

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