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  1. Double chastity sounds like a great idea. But you know, I really liked the part about him making you cum when you didn’t want to. It’s just the opposite. His denial and your over pleasuring. So many orgasms that you almost had to use the safe word. I like that he didn’t stop. I still think is was a reversal but not in the denial sense. You didn’t want to cum, and he made sure you didn’t want to orgasm again that session. Sounds like there might be a few more of those before Friday.

    PS. How do you keep going? After the first orgasm I give, she is so sensitive, I’m. It allowed touching it. I’d love to give multiples in one session.

    • I get super sensitive too! Honestly, if she would allow you, just keep going through the entire orgasm, don’t stop at all, even after she starts to calm the slightest bit, don’t stop the rhythm. For me, very soon I hit that high again and boom another orgasm and then same thing over and over. I think I can go about 5? (Maybe cagedmonkey had paid more attention haha) before I really need him too stop because it’s so damn sensitive it almost ifs painful.

      I don’t know if all women work that way but that’s what it is for me. Sometimes (because it gets hurty in one spot) I’ll say “ahhh” and cringe and he’s learned that it means to change direction of rubbing. Not speed or anything but up and down as opposed to side to side etc.

      Just remember not all women are multi! 🙂 Good luck!

      • Thanks for the advice. I’m not sure if I can understand, but after a man cums, and if you keep playing with the tip (man clit) it is extremely sensitive. I’ve personally gone for number two but you have to fight through it. I’m assuming it’s a lot like that.

      • It’s probably very much like that because, yes, I have to fight through it until I get past the initial sensitivity. Then there is the pleasure… it’s like a roller coaster up, down, up, down. 🙂

  2. Thank you from me also for the advice. My Wife has always been a one orgasm woman, and she only wants a few a week. I read a blog about a guy who had to give his partner 1000 orgasms before he could have one, it took him under a year. I swear it would take me closer to a decade!

    This is how far I have got through your story by the way and I am struggling not to suffer from chastity envy! I am loving the detail and the posts are just getting hotter and hotter. It is wonderful stuff! 50 Shades of Grey? This is way better.

    • Thank you, I really am happy you are enjoying reading about our journey. It’s been a lot of fun and we have no plans on stopping! 🙂

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