10 comments on “Welcome to Our Wonderful Real Life Happenings!

  1. When I’m asked how my health has been in general I usually say “Well Ive had an operation for skin cancer followed by radiotherapy , Ive had tumours in the bladder treated by surgery and chemotherapy , a heart attack ,a stomach ulcer,a hiatus hernia and I’m now waiting for a date to have my bladder removed”


    Apart from that I’m in the pink !!!!

    So I know its really rough


    The glass is still half full. Best wishes to you

    • Thanks for your comment! Having medical issues is part of life, having the “shit hit the fan,” so to speak at times, is also part of life but that doesn’t mean life comes to a complete halt! You do what you have to do!
      I’m glad you’re still alive and kicking and things are positive! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lady M,

    I am so very sorry to hear all of what you are dealing with! You are wonderful people and I wish you and your daughter my best wishes for getting past these problem.



  3. I hope your treatment goes fabulously well. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Your husband is a lucky man! All the best!

  4. Hi Lady M and Monkey
    So sorry to hear about all this bad stuff happening to you, I hope your treatment is working and it doesn’t affect you like this again…
    Best wishes to you all.
    Robert Anthony

  5. Hi Lady M,

    Blimey that was a lot to contend with and impressed that you still managed to think about some tease and denial fun at the same time, hats off to you! Hope both you and your daughter are on the mend.


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