One comment on “Truly Controlled

  1. Great post buddy, I definitely hear you on being totally controlled, not only do I have a chastity device but she has me under control mentally. I basically only wear my chastity device for punishment or for a current situation. Normally she knows by my mannerisms that if I had masturbated, so she’ll do one or both of two kinds of tests. The sniff test is where she makes me pull down my pants as sniffs my crotch to see if there is a smell of cum emanating. If I try to hide the smell by taking a shower, she’ll pick up on it and ask me to masturbate that night, she knows that if I recently masturbated then it will take me longer to reach orgasm and the amounts of cum will be significantly less then if I was on restriction. So, as you can see, Marie knows me so well, she doesn’t even have to lock me up to totally control me πŸ˜‰

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