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  1. Stupid. Submissive men are weak and ineffective. They “submit”. They “surrender” Thereby acknowledging that they are less than. There is nothing “trophy” about them.

    • Hi wayne,
      Thanks for your comment, honestly… I was going to reply in reaction, at first, and tell you to fuck off (because sometimes I’m not as composed as my hubby lol) but then I realized that I needed to publish your comment because people have different opinions and we embrace different. Also, because if you’ve read anything about us, in particular, you would see how your comment doesn’t make sense but that’s neither here nor there.

      So… I choose to respond and not react to you. 🙂 There may very well be men out there that do surrender or submit but, in my opinion, it takes a very strong man to trust someone enough to be submissive to them. I could go on and on and explain plenty of everyday life situations where men are submissive or choose to submit to women but that may take a whole post… And perhaps I’ll write that post. For now, I just leave you with this… Men are strong and those who choose to give the power to their spouse when they are at home are the strongest of those men and in no way weak. Most, in fact, have high stress, very in-charge, demanding jobs. Coming home and not needing to be “in charge” at home or sexually is a relief.

      • Quite honestly this: ” I was going to reply in reaction, at first, and tell you to fuck off ” does not surprise me. It has been my experience that when anyone disagrees with someone in this BDSM world this is the typical response. People in your lifestyle are so sure that their way is the ONLY way that any opinion to the contrary gets a “fuck off” response. Why is that? That would make an interesting discussion, don’t you think? You state: “In my opiion”. You are entitled to that as I am to mine. Submissive men are weak for the reasons I have stated.

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