9 comments on “This Lady has a Sadistic Side – Erotic Asphyxiation and Breath Control

  1. Nope, not for me, this is one of my [few] Limits. I came very, very close to drowning once, having run out of air while diving. Even though it was more than 40 years ago, I can still see (in my mind) the image of the sun shining on the surface of the water and feel the panic, frustration and desperation of trying to claw my way toward it with no discernible progress as though it was just yesterday, while fighting against the thought of how easy it would be to give up, breathe in the water and end the struggle. Don’t want to go there again. Mrs. Twisted has occasionally gotten carried away while sitting on my face and I have found that there is absolutely no eroticism in it for me.

    • Awww wow Twisted… yeah, those kinds of traumas shape us as human beings!

      This definitely isn’t for everyone, sometimes I feel myself getting way too into it and scare myself! Not into it like I want to hurt him or anything… after a bit it actually no longer is about him and it’s all about me caught up my own feelings in my body that I almost don’t feel him there in my hands. It’s very weird to describe and makes me seem like a freaking psycho describing it. But I need to get it out.

      Sometimes I wonder if this power thing, in this way, comes from when I was a kid… I got in a physical fight with my older brother and managed to get him on the ground (he was much bigger than me), pin him with my body and start choking him yelling at him to stop… I started hyperventilating and couldn’t stop choking him. It was like I was locked in that moment, unresponsive. He had to act on instinct so I didn’t kill him and he threw me off of him, dumped and entire loaf of bread on the counter and yelled at me to breath into it.

      It was crazy but I can picture it like it was yesterday and it was probably close to 30yrs ago.

  2. It seems to me that stopping the blood flow to that brain and stopping the flow of air into the lungs are two VERY different things. Drowning, for example, causes one to panic, just as having someone cover your nose and mouth, while cutting off the flow of blood in the carotid arteries is not so traumatic. So if one wanted to do this with a woman sitting on his lap, pressing against the sides of her neck might be the way to go. As for the feelings of power and control, I would think any position would still give you that feeling.
    Just saying…

    • Slave_nemo, thanks so much for your comment! You’re right, they are technically two different things but both are considered “Breath play” because, again, it’s depriving the brain of oxygen.

      I understand the drowning thing and not wanting the “struggling to breathe” feeling. The coratids is another way to experience that.

      I will say the coratids is a much milder way without the struggling to get to that foggy, euphoric state. Hubby slowly drifts that way, rather than attention to gap and pull away if in blocking his air/smothering him.

  3. Please explain to me how you can get sexual pleasure from hurting someone you love/ Where is the pleasure , the joy in hurting him? Even if he is a masochist, you have the ability to step back and say: “This I cannot do. I get no pleasure from hurting you” Your sexual thrill from inflicting pain on your husband is something I find difficult to understand. I am happy sadism does not work for my wife and I

    • Thank you for your comment. You ask an excellent question, and the answer deserves more than just a reply in the comments section. ML and I want to address this in a post, so stay tuned!

  4. Like Twisted Mister I had a really bad experience that has put me off of this idea. A prank at work ended with me being catastrophically strangled. I came around on my knees with a workmate who was a trained medic stood in front of me frantically shouting at me to breathe. I had swallowed my tongue and passed out in a fraction of a second and the rest of my workmates had panicked. If the trained medic had not been around that would have been curtains for me and I was only 19.

    Let us not also forget this was how Michael Hutchence of INXS died.

    Unlike the post above I do however totally get the fact that you can get an overwhelming sense of power over someone doing this to them. I am just happy that so far this has not been something my Wife has shown any interest in. Hopefully She will not read this blog post, it might give her some ideas!

    • I never take it so far that he would pass out… I am very careful and we have gone VERY slow in this. It’s not about making him pass out anyway… It’s about the power involved and in that I could make him, if I wanted to… That control. It’s all about control and reaction for me.

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