16 comments on “The Seriousness

  1. So sorry to hear this. I wish you both strength and courage to deal with this–and God’s blessing along with some luck! I had a question I wanted to ask the two of you but frankly I can’t think of it right now. All the best!

  2. Hi Caged Monkey,

    Really, really sorry to hear your news and trust that you are able to get yourself fixed and on the road to recovery soon. Wishing you both all the best at what must be a very difficult time.

    Best wishes


  3. Just like your orgasms being under control, I am sure you will keep this medical problem under control.
    Seriously, my thoughts are with you. Be strong!

  4. Gear up and fight this thing. Get a second and third opinion if you feel the need. Even doctors and labs can be wrong. Be aware that there are tons of us fans out here channeling positive thoughts to both of you!!

    • I’m not worried about the doc/labs being wrong… considering other factors not mentioned, it fits. The positive vibes do help, though. Thanks! 🙂

  5. Hello Lady M and Monkey
    Sorry to read this, and sorry I haven’t commented earlier, I’m so behind on reading blogs… Hope you can overcome this soon as possible and best wishes from myself and Mistress R.
    Robert Anthony

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