4 comments on “The Proposal

  1. Your stories of how you two met and how he proposed remind me of me and Hubby. Well, the ring part at least. The proposal was different. Yours was much sweeter.

  2. Bizarrely I read ‘violinist came’ as ‘violent crime’… and had to read it again. Ahem. It’s funny when people say ‘you just know’ because it’s true, you do just know. Hope you’re having a bon voyage!

  3. Thank You for sharing this! You are one very lucky couple to know from the start that You were meant to be! Has Your entire relationship been one of a FemDom / malesub relationship, even while dating?

    • Yes, we’ve always been this way from the time we met 🙂 even before we were in an actual relationship. We didn’t realize it was a “thing” (meaning flr, etc) though until about a year and a half ago. We started to realize we’ve always been this way. 🙂

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