2 comments on “The Not-So-Full Submission

  1. Hello madam
    Again thank you for this post full of truth. I regularly read your blog because your texts tell your feelings and lived simply.
    I see the real life of a couple, with its moments of pleasure and unpleasant moments.
    Your WLM really enviable because there are home love, respect and sharing.

    I smile because I saw a bit the same with my wife here in France.
    She leads our marriage for years, but without admitting that.
    As you she goes to church. She would like me to come with her, but that’s one of things I still do not completely obey her.
    I know I have to move for her and my submission is not yet complete.

    Hope to hear from you again
    Sorry for my bad English. I am French …


    • Dominick,

      Thank you so much for your comment and compliment! We started this blog to be real and that’s what it is. Life and whatever it throws at us!

      Glad you read us! šŸ™‚

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