10 comments on “The Long Awaited Orgasm… For Him… Ruined, Of Course

  1. The cum was ruined in three different ways – 1) I can’t get a strong enough cum when locked in the cage, 2) one of the bars was across my urethra, so it was like a stifled cum, and 3) ML moved away right after I began to cum. I was so desperate for it, but it just made things worse!

  2. My Wife has made me come while still locked and I don’t like it either, but that does not stop her from continuing to do it! After a month of being kept locked in chastity while orally pleasing her she always gets a hold of my balls and works them over to make sure I operate at my peak performance for her.
    Many times she has made me come just from squeezing and pulling them back!
    Its humiliating for me because then not only do I not get unlocked, but I don’t get to feel her pussy either. This leaves me still needing and wanting a complete come to be able to ejaculate it all out, while instead, my desire is still intact and I continue serving her just as if I have had no release at all!
    I love it when she makes me come this way and I have no choice as I can’t hold up to her expert ball squeezing. I love her so much for keeping me inline and all my desire hers!

  3. My heart and prostate goes out to you Sir. Ruined orgasms for me are worse than not having one at all. I haven’t had a caged one though. And for the Lady: Hell of a job!

    • It’s a completely different feeling than an uncgaed ruined o – the compression of the cage gives another dimension to it. Not only am I frustrated by the incomplete orgasm, but I get a little soreness from my cum muscles surging against the unyielding steel. It’s that soreness and throbbing that makes the frustration WAAAAAAY worse!

  4. It seems that you’re just like CH… She too, gets a large dose of sadistic pleasure from the extreme frustration that a well ruined orgasm brings… The upside of it, for me, is the surge of horniness that happens after the frustration tapers off…

  5. Caged ruined orgasms are, well, different, at least for me. They aren’t pleasurable, but they do somehow manage to ‘take the edge off” and when they are done, I’m not crazy horny. But there’s a level of satisfaction that’s entirely missing, and by the next day I’m usually back up to being crazy horny again.

    • So you’re saying if you had one, say, in the morning and continued to get teased all day long it would still have the feeling of “taking the edge off” or would that merely be the case if it happened and you got time to rest or recuperate?

      I’m just curious if it makes it worse that I’m relentless and don’t stop teasing hubby…

      • I’d probably need a couple of hours of recovery time – maybe less depending upon the situation and the teasing. It’s not quite as ruined as, well, a ruined one.

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