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  1. I’ve never gone 299 days between orgasms. But recently I went 72 days (once again I’m up to 28 days) between orgasms. It was pretty epic. I think that was because I was teased and edged mercilessly before I was allowed to cum. Previous to that my longest time between orgasms was 27 days. That time my orgasm was disappointing–I think because there was no buildup on the day in question. So I think that preparatory work of teasing does a lot to making the orgasm powerful. Just my observations and I will add to them as I slowly build my orgasm after denial totals. lol. Glad you had an orgasm but in a strange way sad too. I know that the excitement and horniness builds for me the longer I go. Living with that is strangely fulfilling. At least to me. All the best to you both!

    • I agree that tease/buildup does increase the intensity of the orgasm, but usually I don’t want to wait that long! 🙂

    • I think I agree with you about the build up… The build up is so great at around 3 months and it continues still up to about 6 months. For some reason I feel after 6 months of denial with pretty much daily tease and torture things kind of level off by way of build up… After 6 months I feel the intensity is the same level, it can’t get much more intense than that, it seems. Plus at about 9 months is where I started missing the build up period. The getting him to the extremely horny point over and over. It gets lost with that length of denial.

  2. Hi guys,
    You definitely shouldn’t view this as a failure, because it isn’t. Okay you set out with a target in mind and you didn’t reach it but so what? If it stopped being fun and became more of a chore then it wasn’t worth it, the only thing you’ve missed out on is being able to say you went a year without cumming… does it really matter?
    Even with my relatively short periods of denial (72 days max so far) I kind of get the picture that longer and longer periods aren’t really going to be the be all and end all. Better to go 60 days being edged daily than 120 days with less teasing. I also notice a period around the 35 day mark where it seems to get difficult and then I kind of get over it and settle in to denial being normal. And when I am allowed to cum I want to cum again, so I think there maybe comes a point where the body almost forgets what it’s like to cum and that need dissipates because it’s so long ago…

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