3 comments on “The End of Locktober

  1. In some ways I like to have a defined ‘goal’ but when you get a goal that’s 6 months away it can really feel like a kick to the stomach and take a few days or weeks to get over that feeling of loss.

    in other ways it’s easier not knowing. Just take a day at a time. Before long you’re into double figures then triple. I find it gets easier as it goes

    • I felt the same way when we were trying for the one year of orgasm denial – after a little bit, I’d start to get a little bummed if I thought about how much longer I had to go. That’s why I try to stay away from that thinking as much as possible.

      Not easy when I’m just waiting for the chance to get hard, though.

  2. I love the idea of having someone control me sexually. It is such a turn on I can’t imagine actually being situation. My problem is that when I am soft my penis flips out of the cage. I want to be able to suffer through the frustration of only being allowed to cum when the key holder allows. Can you point me to a product that will help me control my soft retreating penis? I am very excited about exploring this lifestyle!

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