7 comments on “The Conflicting Feelings of a Chaste Hubby

  1. Wow. Just wow. My wife has come up with some kinky things and when she does – because it’s from her – it makes it 10X better than when I “ask” for a scene. You are a lucky sub.
    We have played with sensory deprivation (sight or sound) and it is pretty intense.
    I totally feel your conflict. My domme has decided to punish me by not letting me come until Valentine’s day (ish). I have a strong sense she is going to push that out. Assuming I do get to come that weekend, I have conflicting feelings about it. Due to the intense tease and denial and ~ three weeks without orgasm, it will probably be very intense. However, I sometimes “sub-drop” after an orgasm, and I really am not looking forward to that. Even though I’m horny as hell, I think my preference is to keep me denied. But it’s not up to me :-).

    Have fun,

    • Hopefully, Valentine’s Day will be a “you and me both” situation, as I have pretty much been assured by My Lady that we will have a free sex-fest night, including many orgasms for me! Don’t get too jealous, though… my weekend romp will be followed by 2 straight months of 24/7 lockup and at least 4 months of denial!

  2. Wow, that’s a long time!
    During play last night, Queen implied there’d be a surprise but wouldn’t tell me about it. Makes me very hot when she has a plan for me but won’t say what it is!

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