10 comments on “The 12 Days of Edgemas

    • It sounds like so much fun, right? Some nice good long edges to start and then by the time you’re doing 9, 10 and more you’d have to do much shorter quicker edges. 🙂

    • Do you just get edged like we usually do, the normal edging, or do you have a required amount each day or anything like that?

  1. would love to play along with you. I have to go out of town for business on 12/21 and wont return until after the New Year. I have been edged for the past three days and Im leaking like a faucet. I am hoping she wont let me cum until after I come back. We must edge a bit differently than you because she just keeps me close for hours at a time…very gentle minimal stimulation through my underwear which is very soft polyfiber material. but i love the idea of playing along with you guys but since i wont be here it would be hard because she will not be on the trip with me

    • There is always edging in the cage… I know it’s possible because we do it sometimes. This time, though, I’m looking to have him out for the edging and then back in… I might even make him edge in my pussy throughout too! There are fun ways to get to the edge and I plan to be a bit creative! 🙂

      • creative Im sure you can manage….edging him in your pussy is really hot….but if you do he better not cum…not cumming in a pussy is very hard for any man even when not being edged….

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