6 comments on “Teasing is Important When Denying Orgasm

  1. Teasing is a crucial part of our sexual repertoire. I’m pretty damned sure that things would go all to hell without it. It’s a significant part of our intimacy and something that we both look forward to. If I had to chose between no teasing/lots of orgasms, and teasing/no more orgasms ever, I’d opt for the teasing. Fortunately I don’t have to chose.

    • Thanks for your comment, I don’t think things would be the same for us without teasing either.

  2. Teasing is probably my favorite time of every day. Beyond frustrating him, which it does, it’s a really fast way to reconnect sexually. We might not have time for much some days, but there is always time for some teasing. πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Like I said, even some verbal (our text messages as it is these days) teasing makes a big difference in keeping that connection. Because hubby works midnights I even love to schedule text messages to be delivered while I’m sleeping!

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