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  1. Mrs. Twisted seems to enjoy making me watch while she uses a moderately large, realistic dildo to pleasure herself, telling me to *imagine* how it would feel. Often she says things like “Don’t you wish it could be *your* cock sliding in and out of my pussy?”, “How do you like watching a big cock sliding in and out of my pussy while yours is all locked up?”. Sometimes she’ll ask me if I want to ‘taste’ her pussy, then demand that I lick and suck her juices from the dildo. She appears to enjoy pumping it in and out of my mouth. This, of course, is somewhat humiliating, more so because I am hard and aroused at the time, which she can use to increase the feeling by suggesting that I ‘like’ doing it. (I am generally homophobic, but for some strange reason it is erotic to be forced to ‘perform’ in this manner.)

    Of course, this sort of ‘teasing’ touches on the area of cuckolding, so you might want to be careful in how you approach it. Men are, of course, aroused watching porn- watching another man fuck a woman…but, in this case, the suggestion is of another man fucking ‘his’ woman. The ‘suggestion’ can be decreased by making sure that all references to the dildo remain as merely a toy, or increased by referring to it as a ‘cock’, and further increased by referring to it as ‘someone else’s cock’. The strength of the suggestion is dependent on your terminology and attitude and can be used to increase the sense of your control (and his lack of control), depending on how comfortable you are with it. Don’t be surprised if you both find this very erotic and want to make the suggestion stronger. On the other hand, if this disturbs one or both of you, you may want to avoid it. (However, in my opinion, watching one’s wife/SO enjoy the penetration of a dildo/vibrator *always* contains an element of this suggestion, no matter how oblique or unrealized it may be.)

    • Hey Twisted!
      I’m not so much into the toys myself but I, too, have used the one we have that I’m most comfortable with in front of cagedmonkey while he was tied up and desperate to please me. I also have had him clean off my dildo when I was done with it. I have issues with anything seeming like he is sucking cock or anything like that. He’s my man and I don’t want to see him as anything else. Now him cleaning my juices off my toy is one thing but I could never call it a cock or anything like that because it pushes my mental limits and grosses me out. The same goes with “pegging” but,that is for another post! 🙂

      As for the cuckolding idea, that again is a whole other post, I totally get the whole idea for the most part. Hubby and I have talked about it and we do understand why it can be exciting for some but we both know it’s not something we could physically do. We do enjoy a similar type thing but nothing ever physical. More just on the making cagedmonkey jealous of something he can’t do side of things. Similar to making him watch a video of himself masturbating which is something he can’t do unless I unlock him and give him permission! :)~

  2. Next time you tease him, try “ball milking”. Strap him to the table spread eagle, sit in a comfortable position behind or just to the side, like a milk maid milking a cow. Get plenty of lube on your hands, make the ok sign while encircling his scrotum with one hand and stroke down. The balls are the “stop”. Before letting go, repeat the ok sign with the other hand at the top of the scrotum and stroke down to the “stop”. You control the tempo, go as fast or slow as you want. Mix it up. You can also vary how soft or hard you come to the stop. A nice soft landing or a good firm tug when you reach the bottom of your stroke. It will drive him wild. Whether he cums or not is up to you.

    • Ah, Pete! That’s how I’ve done it in the past… it drives him crazy! Hmmm I think once I get my rotator cuff fixed I’ll have to do that again and get him moaning, I just love hearing him! 🙂

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