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Today I’ve been extremely horny. Before hubby left for work I had him eat my pussy to a couple of good orgasms. I’m pretty sure this is hubby’s favorite time of the month. I usually have a really horny few days or so before I start my monthly cycle. That happens to be right now so I spent part of the morning, after getting kids off to school and starting dishes and laundry, doing my best to tease hubby and sent him a few pictures.

I had this craving earlier to just turn my wand on low and just let it sit on my clit and have it drag me slowly to an orgasm. It’s so nice just letting it go and build and build. I love, sometimes, letting hubby just lick and lick and having his mouth and tongue get me going, slowly building me up to a big orgasm. Most of the time I’m not having him spend too long down there because it feels so good and I just want to cum. So today I messaged back and forth with him, telling him everything I was doing and thinking about. I told him, for some reason, I was having some really dirty, naughty thoughts. I was thinking about wearing my strap on and seeing him kneeling in front of me, looking up at me as I force him to be kinda slutty for me. I imagined seeing him there, eyes watering after I made him gag a few times. I guess I’m getting into a using him mood. Whatever my mood it’s a wonderful horny mood making my pussy nice and wet and making me want to tease hubby bad!

Of course cumming like that only made me a bit hornier so I had to get out “Adam” and give myself a good filling up. With that first orgasm, I started craving that feeling and really wanted to feel CM’s big thick cock stretching my pussy and filling me up but my toys had to take his place since he’s at work. So I set that wand on my clit again, slid “Adam” easily into me. I was already so wet and horny, I took it no problem! It really was not long at all before I was clamping down on that lifelike dildo and it wasn’t much longer that my tight pussy was squeezing it right out as I came. My pussy was such a mess after that and I only wish I would have had subby hubby here to clean it up afterwards. 

Ok to continue on from what happened in part 1 of our 5 hours at home alone…

I decided it was time to give cagedmonkey’s cock a good long teasing. What a great time for it too since he was all tied up and hooded. I edged him for quite awhile, stroking him over and over, stopping just before he could get any pleasure. Then it was time to see what my wand could do. I vibrated various places on his cock and balls and at different speeds just seeing what reactions I would get. I think I spent a good half hour just testing out what spots did what. I just loved watching him squirm and moan.
Something I’ve wanted to try for some time was tying the vibrator to cagedmonkey’s balls and to leave him there to endure. So I went to our little box of tricks and got the bondage rope. I tied the wand to his balls and wrapped it around him and then the door knob. It was an interesting setup and made it nice and easy to play with him from the door way. After I got him tied up, I put in the porn dvd and got it to a nice spot where all he could hear was fucking. I whispered to him through the hood to enjoy and I would be back… I was going to take a shower. 🙂
He was left that way for about a half hour while I went downstairs. I was totally loving hearing him whimper and moan upstairs, there was no way I could take a shower. I got myself some milk and cookies and enjoyed listening to him. When I thought he’d had enough I went up and untied him, let him loose and gave him some loving aftercare. That’s actually one of my favorite parts, holding his head on my chest, making him feel good. Letting him know everything is ok, how proud I am of him for taking what I put him through. I love taking care of my subby hubby.