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Ever since we moved here to West Virginia, I can not help but get the biggest smile on my face every time these southern gentlemen say “yes, ma’am.” I actually get that smile when anyone says those words to me down here because it’s gives my inner Domme that oh so yummy feeling. Especially since so many people around here have that great southern accent.

I love hearing my subby hubby say “yes, ma’am” and it gets me every single time I hear it from others too. In my head I’m like, “yes ma’am, is right!” haha I’d never tell anyone else that, instead I smile and say thank you and go about my day. For some reason those words just give me a feeling of being in charge. That someone is agreeing to do the thing I’ve asked or told them to do. Those two simple words are so respectful and at the same time so submissive.

Just thought I’d share 🙂