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What a wonderful night for some playtime! The other night after we got the kids to bed cagedmonkey and I spent a little normal, laying around on the couch time, catching up on shows. We were both starting to get tired but neither of us wanted to go to sleep. So instead we went in the bedroom to watch tv in there and see what play might happen.

I’d gotten a little excited, and tingly in the nether bits, when that afternoon my new toy was delivered. It’s a Love Rider Thruster and I’ve been very excited to try it out. It’s size seemed so perfect for pegging hubby and I especially love the non phallic-ness of it all. I’ll write more of a review on that later too with both of our points of view.

I decided it was the perfect night to strap on my harness and, who knows, maybe I’d want to play. I can’t wait to review this harness, btw, I love it so much! Anyway, I got it on and got my new toy into it, which is amazing too! I climbed into bed next to hubby all strapped into my harness and we started to watch a little television. It actually got me kind of aroused laying there with him, pressing against him, teasing his ass crack with the probe.
2015-03-16 18.54.05I honestly didn’t last laying there beside him too long before I felt my pussy getting tingly, warm and wet. I could almost feel the arousal building between my hips. I just tapped CagedMonkey on the hip and told him I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to make him mine. I made him get on his back at the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around my hips. I lubed up the probe and took my time, gently working his tight opening, pressing slowly, loosing him up to take me. The height was so perfect with him laying on the bed that way. My knees pushed against the side of the bed and my hips moving back and forth sliding deeper with each thrust.
2015-03-15 07.40.29I was so careful and sweet to him, making love to him as I pushed and pulled on the harness with my hips back and forth motion. The harness made it so easy to control it and, for the first time, it actually felt like I was having sex with him like I was the guy and he was the girl. Laying on his back, legs up, looking me in the eye as I slid deeper into him. As I thrust into him, I reached up and grabbed his caged cock, gave it a tug and told him I bet he wished I was stroking his cock while I was making love to him so tenderly. I slid my hand up his stomach and played with his nipples as I continued giving him all 6″ of my strap-on.

I was getting extremely turned on and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I began thrusting a little faster and I felt the probe tugging as I began to thrust harder. That’s when I added more lube and that made it slide in and out so much smoother. I continued penetrating him deeper, faster, harder. I felt my aggression growing as I started to speed up and get more rough with him. I grabbed his thighs at his hips and started yanking him toward me onto the strap-on. Harder and faster I began fucking him and I felt myself switch over from the wife who was lovingly pegging her husband to the aggressive hungry animal inside me fucking the hole in front of me.

I could feel my leverage was off for a good hard fucking so I pulled out quickly, oh the sounds he made when I did! I ordered him to turn his slutty ass over because I was about to fuck him like my dirty little whore. He stood up, turned toward the bed and I just shoved him face down on to it. I pushed my knees against the back of his thighs to steady myself, got more lube just to make sure I didn’t have to stop and I slid into him quickly, penetrating him deep. He let out such a throaty sounding moan. Oh God the sounds he makes just drive me!
2015-03-15 07.38.01If felt so good and powerful to pound his ass that way, calling him my little slut. Asking him to tell me how my dirty little slut loves when I fuck him in the ass. I made him tell me how he loves when I use him for my pleasure. I also had him tell me he was MY slut to be used however I wanted, my hole to fuck. As I heard him these things fall from his lips, I felt such heat in my crotch. I felt the inside of my pussy twitch and my lips began to ache. I couldn’t believe it but I was about to cum, really hard, from pegging him. I grabbed his left hip with my left hand and slid my right up over his shoulder as I shoved in as hard and deep as I could and I just told him I was about to cum while I was fucking his ass. I told him he was my slut who wanted me to cum while I was fucking him so he could clean up all my delicious juices after I fucked him. I was so turned on I knew this wasn’t going to be just any cum, it was going to be a good cum and that’s exactly what it was. It was a long hard very wet cum.

Once I was able to catch my breath and come back down from my orgasm, I pulled out and told him to get his face in my pussy right then and start cleaning up the mess. He licked from bottom to top, slurping up all of my gooey warm cum. Once he had sufficiently cleaned up my sloppy wetness I told him it was time to clean the toys. I snuggled in bed waiting for him and we lay there cuddling and talking and getting in some very loving aftercare.

I had hoped to wake up this morning and be ready to post an ever so sexy detailed post about last night’s events. Somehow, with the little bit of a hangover I have, I doubt that is going to happen. I’m going to do my best!

We had planned all week to have a little date night and drinks at home after the kids went to bed. I had picked up a bottle of wine for me and some Jack Daniels for cagedmonkey. He’d never had it before and I think he really liked it! I’m pretty sure (I haven’t looked in the fridge) I drank a whole bottle of wine during the course of the night haha. We did enjoy our date night, watched some tv and even played some Super NES games. Gotta love retro gaming!


Stirring his drink with pussy juices on my finger

I knew I wanted to feel hubby’s caged cock so I had him take off his cage. I simply told him, “get that hard right now, I want to use it.” So he started to stroke himself. I thought it might be fun, and faster, to sloooooowly show him my ass. So I got on all fours on the floor in front of him and wiggled my round ass side to side while I slowly slid my yoga pants and panties down each side to bare my gorgeous cheeks. I pushed my hips toward the floor and presented my back end to him. The whole time he was saying “oh God” and “oh fuck.” Once he had himself good and hard I told him, “come fuck me.” And that he did, like a good boy! He pounded me from behind hard and deep. It felt so awesome. Sometimes you just need a good solid fucking. It’s a good thing there was a Mythbusters marathon on so cagedmonkey had something to do to keep him from cumming or edging himself too quickly.

After a little more tv and some more drinks we noticed it was nearly 2:30am and decided to head to the bedroom. I have been craving some ass play with hubby for a long while now but things just haven’t worked out, until last night. Before we got into bed I grabbed a couple of strap on attachments (Blue & Mr O) out of the toy box and the lube. I rolled him over on his belly and didn’t even really prep him. I squirted the lube on Blue and just stuffed it in his ass. Last night was not about me making love to my hubby at all, it was all about me fucking him like a little dirty slut.

I used and abused his tight little asshole over and over for about 45 mins. I wish I could describe it with some hot sexy details but it’s just so much. At one point after using Blue to fuck him good, I pulled his hips up and lubed up Mr O, which is a much thicker but tapered probe. I just rammed it in his slutty fuck hole and pounded away at him. The sounds coming out of him even from the beginning were so damn sexy. Knowing I was fucking those sounds out of him was fueling me and making me pound him harder and faster. He was whimpering and that whimpering turned into actual crying and begging me to stop, pleading with me to stop abusing his ass. Fuck, it was so hot and it wasn’t fake either, I could feel it in his voice he really wanted me to stop. I know deep down he was loving that I was doing what I wanted, continuing to take him like that after he was truly done enjoying it.

The moaning, whimpering, crying and pleading, all of it was so arousing, so hot it really just made me go harder and faster and deeper. I was so into it, so lost in fucking him, so deep in my own pleasure, dripping wet from ramming his ass, that I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop hearing the anguish in his pleading. So much so, in fact, that our night ended with cagedmonkey using his safeword. I think I can recall, very early on in our exploration only twice that he has used it and last night definitely warranted its use. I truly was taking advantage of his tight little sexy ass.

This morning my darling boy has woken up in an ever so humble submissive mood. I can’t say I’m not loving every minute of it either. <3