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For the past couple nights I’ve been enjoying myself with cagedmonkey. I haven’t felt overly horny or sexual really but I’ve had fun playing a little with hubby.

We didn’t actually christen our new place until the second night we were here because, after driving all day the first night, we were so tired. I don’t even know if you can consider the quickie we had as christening it but technically we did. It really was a quickie and, yes I allowed him to cum… After I made him ask my politely, and beg me a little. It was awfully cute. 🙂

The next night I really wasn’t feeling like sex because a lack of water made my bladder not feel so great. Cagedmonkey asked so sweetly if he could masturbate for me and he didn’t even expect to cum but I told him if I was going to watch him stroke himself, I was going to watch him cum for me. Stroking himself for pleasure and to an actual orgasm is something I don’t think he’s done in like a year. I really enjoyed listening to the moaning as he stroked his hard cock for me. I made sure to rub his balls and to lick, suck and bite his nipples while he was doing it and then just as he was about to cum, I leaned over him and looked deep into his eyes and basically stole his orgasm. I can only imagine how that must have felt for him.

Yesterday I made him lock back up after a few days free (lifting boxes and a steel cage don’t go so week together). Last night was even better as I feel my control and disregard coming back. What I mean is, cagedmonkey and I were sitting here last night watching some Netflix and I had this urge to rub my pussy in his face and ride his cock. Right in the middle of a show I walked over to him and did just that. I didn’t care that he was watching something, I didn’t care what he wanted or didn’t want. It was all about what I wanted, right then, and I took what I wanted.

As I was riding him, pretty hard and fast by the way, he kept telling me he was close, to slow down or he would cum. It felt as if he was almost begging me to not make him cum. Instead I rode harder and faster and took what I wanted from him. I’m not sure he even wanted to cum but I wanted sex and I wanted his orgasm.

I’ll get mine soon enough because when he locks back up today, I think we will keep him that way for a good bit and build up his horny and his volume. When I make him cum again I want to see a lot of it. In the meantime I’ll make him give me lots and lots of orgasms. And keep him extra extra horny.