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My Lady decided to give me a little uncaged time yesterday, mainly because she missed the feel of my hard cock in her pussy. My cock was more than happy to participate.

ML had a busy day at work and at home, so I decided to give her a nice sensual backrub before licking her pussy to a nice good orgasm. The massage got her really turned on and wet, and my face was covered with her juices by the time I was finished.

My cock slid right into her horny pussy so easily, she was so wet. It felt amazing and looked so damn sexy, too. I couldn’t help but take some pics, just because it was THAT good.

As you have have realized over the years from reading our blog, we kinda like to show off a little bit. 🙂 We’ve been saying to each other how we need to post MORE pics and videos on the blog to Twitter, just so all of you guys can see just how much fun we are having.

I experimented with some camera angles, because sometimes it’s nice to see us fucking in a different way. 🙂 Some didn’t work out so well, while others…. well, you tell me:

We realized last night that we really want to up our “porn quality.” 🙂 We will still post the sex selfies because in-the-moment pics are still incredibly hot, but we’d like to start doing some real photo sets. Dare we say we are hoping to become amateur porn stars?

Don’t worry… we will NEVER outgrow this blog, it’s just way too much fun!


With all of the craziness of the moving and the new job and all that stuff, I feel terrible that I haven’t had the opportunity to write all that much lately. I guess getting 3.5 hours sucked out of your day just by simply commuting to work doesn’t leave all that much time for horny thoughts.

But then again… when you’ve gone without an orgasm for 176 days, those thoughts find their own time. 🙂

Now that we are settled in our new home (or at least on the way to getting there) and my work schedule is a little more stable, there will be a hell of a lot more time for me to write… and plenty of time for me to dwell in my own crushing horniness.

Yesterday, ML and I completed a major goal for ourselves in making the apartment our own – we got the new bed fully put together, placed the box spring and mattress, and finally got it “sleep ready.” We’ve been waiting so long! We finally got it done. We also had to test out if “sleep ready” also meant “fuck ready.”

Any excuse, right? 🙂

Good news to report: it passed with flying colors. No crazy kinky sex, no bondage or restraints or anything (yet)… just the regular damn fucking good amazing sex that ML and I can’t seem to stop having.  🙂 It felt so damn good, I had to text a video to one of our good friends, just to share the joy.


Enjoy, my good friends.

I think that getting…

Oh God… fuck, my wife has an amazing ass….

Ok sorry, I got distracted… as I was saying….

There was a moment during last night’s sex where I really felt that I wanted to cum. So far, yeah I’ve wanted to cum, because almost a full half year since I’ve done so, duh… but I’ve also been enjoying the denial so much, and the novelty of a year without orgasms has always made it a “yeah, we’re gonna do it” thing. But last night… it was different.

Last night I really wanted it. I wanted to say “fuck it, getting this far is enough, I really need to cum.” I seriously contemplated just continuing fucking ML until I came inside her, and I’d come up with some sort of excuse later on why it wasn’t my fault (“I swear, honey, I tried to stop, but…. El Niño!”).

I think the whole “settling in” and actually having a place to live now is not just allowing me to get back to normal, but all of the feelings that have been put off for the past handful of weeks are rushing back in one big wave. ML and I had a little bit of “standing against the kitchen counter” sex this morning, and I whimpered when I had to stop. It hasn’t been this bad in a long time… ever? Possibly.

My Lady is worried that my horniness has plateaued… I think there’s still plenty of Mt. Horniest to climb. 🙂

My Lady and I really enjoy looking at our naughty pics and sex videos. ML gets turned on by my naked body, and I get horny as fuck when ML gets undressed. We even get turned on watching ourselves have sex in the mirror from time to time. It’s a damn sexy sight to see.

Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂


My whole body was sore after Sunday night. Cagedmonkey was only off one night this week due to some overtime at work so we made sure to make the best of it. Not to mention the illness and craziness of the past two weeks. We finally got a chance to try out the new Sneaky Pete sex machine. When I bought it, I made sure to purchase the Fleshlight and attachment so I could tease and torment the hell out of him whether he was locked in the stockade or just pinned against the couch.

So the other night (as I was live tweeting his teasing) I made him head to the store to get the White Lithium grease we needed to lubricate the machine. We got it set up – literally took 5 mins – and positioned correctly for optimal torture of the man parts. You absolutely need to make sure there is lube both in the Fleshlight and on the penis when using the machine and be prepared to add lube as you go along. It soaks in rather quickly since it must be water based and the machine is non-stop.

I swear cagedmonkey was just hard with anticipation of the torture that was to come. The fucking machine has a dial in which to adjust the speed. It can go from 0-200 thrusts per minute. I sure did test those out on hubby. It was so much fun to go really really fast and suddenly stop, which was something that impressed me about the machine. It responds well to the turn dial and that helped when I certainly didn’t want to accidentally push him over the edge. Since I wasn’t the one feeling his body reactions with my hand I had to rely on his sounds and facial expressions. It worked really well!
I noticed how wet my pussy was getting while having that dial in my hand, controlling whatever pleasure or torment I wanted cagedmonkey to feel. My pussy literally quivered every time he would moan and whimper as he got closer to the edge. Hehe damn I love the way that sounds! Anyway, as much as I would like to explain it with my words, I was not the one feeling it so you will have to ask cagedmonkey to write a hot sexy “tortured cock” post about how it felt to have that machine thrusting at him. I can just imagine the mindfuckery that was happening there.
The best I can do is post the video I took so you can watch a small portion of the torment cagedmonkey went through the other night. I truly look forward to many more nights of using this machine for more than just torturing his cock. I plan to use it while I force him to watch me get fucked. I plan to use a probe and restrain him in the doggystyle bondage stockade and violate him… endlessly because the machine will not tire. I cannot wait to hear him beg me to make it stop while I giggle at him enduring whatever torment I want to entertain myself with.