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So today is Valentine’s Day, and it’s been far from the best of days. ML and I woke up to some family drama – nothing too terrible and not involving our immediate family, but serious nonetheless. And it kinda went downhill from there, culminating in a burst water pipe thanks to a week of mega-freezing temperatures.


If the ceiling fell in, it wouldn't be a surprise.

It’s been a rough day. I’ve already started working on getting drunk, and I doubt ML will be far behind me. It’s just one of those days that you want to be over and move on from.

It’s funny, though… it’s still Valentine’s Day, and we both found time in our horrible day to show our love for each other. I am really blessed to be married to a woman like her: someone who can make me smile on even the worst days. Someone who I know is on my side, no matter how bad things get. Someone who is a partner in parenting, a partner in love, and a partner in life.

If this sounds like this post is turning into one of those “I love my wife so much,” corny, romantic, Valentine’s Day posts… well, you’re right. Got a problem with that? Didn’t think so.

Wishing a VERY Valentine’s Day to everyone out there – for the few hours that are left, anyway. I hope that no matter how bad things get, that you look ahead with open eyes, open arms, and an open heart.


Insert incredibly cute Valentine's Day photo here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


My kind of Valentine's Day!

I hope you lovely people get up to some fantastic fucking on this fine day for lovers!

Our day has just started since that’s how it is when your husband works midnights and sleeps during the day. I can’t report any kinky happenings here with our “total submission” day yet since it hasn’t really been much. I’m hoping it goes well and we will have some fun things to tell you about how I controlled and dominated every part of cagedmonkey’s weekend. I should have run by the store while I was out and picked up some wine for me… maybe it would help kick this cold. 🙂 oh well, I’ll have to be sober and naughty!

We do hope our wonderful readers get up to some naughty stuff and enjoy every bit of it. Even if you didn’t, we would love to hear about your day. So please feel free to share in the comments! 🙂

It’s funny to say that cagedmonkey planned a getaway for Valentine’s Day when we live a Wife Led Marriage. So how does it work when a husband wants to do something like that for his Lady in charge? Here’s how it goes for our WLM, perhaps others are different.

This year hubby and I are on a mission to create new memories, good memories and wonderful feelings around those certain times of the year that have been difficult in the past. I’ll admit I was a bit down about Valentine’s Day and didn’t want to plan anything but hubby asked that I give it a chance. I’m willing to do that because this is all about renewing and repairing and the past needs to stay just that. So I’m excited about creating new feelings with my wonderful, amazing guy. The difference here is that I didn’t want to be the one planning something to create those good feelings so I handed that over to hubby to figure out a nice time for us.

So the other day cagedmonkey came to me and asked how I felt about the kids having an overnight babysitter. This is something we’ve never done, not even when visiting grandma’s or anything. The kids have only recently started having a babysitter at all. So we talked a bit and I told him that I thought I was ready for it and that for us, our marriage we need to be able to do these things. With an overnight sitter comes working out our daughters medical needs and scheduling things and teaching the sitter what needs to be done in an emergency. No biggie though, I can handle that!

Anyway, hubby told me of the plans he thought of to make our Valentine’s Day a memorable one. He planned a getaway for the night to the same casino where we spent our anniversary day last month. Now when I say “planned” that means he told me what he wanted – an overnight babysitter, a night in the hotel, dinner, drinks, gambling and a night filled with loud orgasms. It then becomes my job as the Lady in charge to make it happen if it’s possible.

So I did just that, I first talked to the babysitter to see if her mom would allow her to do an overnight job and she’s ok with that if they go to their house. I’m perfectly fine with that myself, since our babysitter is our Pastor’s daughter and the kids will be in a loving, safe environment and will go to church with them the next morning! Woot, bonus! 🙂 After that was set I called up and made reservations for a room and dinner package at the casino hotel and we’re all set now to enjoy an overnight getaway for Valentine’s Day that cagedmonkey planned.

So in our Wife Led Marriage, hubby can certainly plan something like this to surprise me but I’m still in control of the financial and logistic sides of it! I love how we just work this way… to me, this is my idea of a surprise, a wonderful surprise and he knows that. I’m not one for having no control over a situation and really don’t do well with traditional surprises like that. I think he prefers to plan things this way and to not have to deal with talking to people, negotiating prices, dealing with credit cards and figuring out which money needs to go where and how much to cover everything. In our marriage it’s much easier to say what it is he wants to do and then I make it happen!

We hope that you and your love have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, chaste or otherwise.