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Usually I have about a week or so during the month (most of the time the week or so before I start my cycle) where I’m so crazy, mega horny that almost no amount of orgasms or sex can satisfy me. It’s that time during the month where I’m craving cagedmonkey’s nice big, thick, cock the most. I just want to feel him in my hand, my mouth, my tight wet pussy while in cumming good and hard on him, squeezing him.

For some reason this month my crazy horny time hasn’t stopped! Maybe my body is making up for the lull we had while packing and moving. I don’t know for sure but it started about two weeks ago and damn if I’m not super fucking horny STILL and I’m finishing up my cycle. It’s actually worse today than it has been. At times like these that I just love that I keep cagedmonkey denied of orgasm and “hair-trigger horny,” as I call it. When I keep him that way, it helps at times like this when I’m so fucking horny and am having a hard time being satisfied. I love having his cock stand at attention for me the moment I want to ride it and cum on it.

This morning is a perfect example of how horny I am and how I love having cagedmonkey ready on a whim. I had unlocked him Sunday night so I could tease him very intensely. I teased his cock for about an hour or so Sunday night and Monday night. I edged him over and over, stroked him until he was whimpering and begging me to stop. The first thing we did before I got out of bed this morning was make love. About an hour later I was dying to get some dick and how lucky that I have one here to use whenever I want. 🙂 I went to the bedroom with a dripping wet, horny pussy, slid my hand quietly under the blanket and woke hubby with a stroke of his cock. I love how his eyes get wide and he takes in a big breath when I startle him awake like that. It certainly didn’t take him long to get hard when I told him, “I need to fuck you right now.”

I climbed up, straddled him and rode his cock till I had a few orgasms. I’m so horny and sloppy wet this morning that we were both slippery, shiny, wet and gooey. I love seeing his cock glisten with my pussy juices. I was fucking him so hard, riding his cock, squeezing it with my intense orgasms that he began begging me to slow down and to be careful so he didn’t accidentally cum without permission. I have to admit, hearing him beg and whimper like that really got me going. It turned me on more, got me even hornier that I just HAD to twist myself off of him so I didn’t force an orgasm I’m not ready to give him yet. I love him like this way too much to give him an orgasm and have to start over building him up again.

So after I rolled off of him, I was laying there next to him for a second and realized how quivery and achy my pussy felt. I just NEEDED to cum again! I made him turn a bit sideways on the bed, while I laid on my back, and slide his cock in me so I could get myself off again on his big hard cock. I do love that position, it almost reminds me of the doggy style feeling and he can get in there nice and deep. I rubbed my clit good and fast and gave myself two fantastic back to back orgasms. The first one was so strong and intense and my whole body tensed, it surprised me and I kinda moaned out a “what the fuck?!” God damn that felt good. Ugh, I’m killing myself writing this right now haha. 🙂

About an hour after that (just as I started this post haha) I was getting myself all worked up again – it really didn’t take much. I just kept thinking about how, if my daughter wasn’t here, I would use the hell out of cagedmonkey. I have these strong feelings of wanting to use him to – try – satisfy my extreme horny. I was thinking about how I would love to straddle his face and make him lick me to a few messy, drippy orgasms. I want to make his face shine with my pussy juices from ear to ear. I thought about how I want to slide down his chest and right down onto his rock hard cock, riding him to even more orgasms. But, alas, our daughter is here doing her school work so, I’ll have to settle for sneaking in every so often and getting myself off using his body for my pleasure.

As I said when I started writing this post and got myself all worked up again I had to save it as a draft and go get myself more of his awesome cock in my pussy. I swear I’ve cum at least 8 times already in just the couple hours I’ve been awake. Ok I have to stop writing again and go get off more haha. Oh boy, I’m going to get nothing done today when I’m like this! 🙂