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Yes, that’s correct… I’ve been out of my cock cage for pretty much the whole day today! Going back to last night, actually, it’s just about 24 hours now. I had an appointment earlier today, and My Lady actually allowed me out of the house and not in her company without being locked up. I had to ask her if she was sure, I was surprised! Obviously I didn’t have permission to cum, but this was the most freedom I’ve had since ML and I started practicing male chastity.

And I’m not going to lie… it feels good.

Last night and early this morning in bed with ML, it felt really nice to just roll over and slide into her pussy on a whim. The spontaneity of ML grabbing me, squeezing me, stroking me through my clothing is so exciting. I really do like being unlocked!!

But, let’s not get carried away. This situation is just as frustrating as wearing the cage is. Those unexpected touches from ML are driving me mad, shooting my desire into the stratosphere and making me incredibly horny! All of the sex ML and I have been having since she unlocked me is great… but I need to cum. And each sexual encounter makes me need to cum even worse. Even walking around the house, I can feel my cock brushing against my clothing. I’m so sensitive after over a month of denial, it’s like I’m being constantly teased! Seems like the cock cage was doing me a favor. 🙂

And just because I say that I’m enjoying my (most likely temporary) freedom, that doesn’t mean I want to end our chastity play. Far from it! I do enjoy my freedom, but it is this freedom that makes being locked in chastity so intense and wonderful. And THAT is why ML and I do this – we have an intense sexual connection through denying me regular sexual outlets, allowing her to control all aspects of my pleasure, and having me serve and provide her with as much pleasure as she desires. A day or two of going “free range” is never going to change that.


Last night I had my first full erection in over two weeks. Oh… my…. GOD did it feel great! I never expected something as simple as my cock getting hard would be such a wonderful feeling, but I gotta admit that it was incredible. After being locked in the Jalbird for 24 hours a day for 17 days straight, just sitting there and seeing my hard cock was very fulfilling. I felt like a man again, sexually strong and powerful… at least, to a degree. My Lady still controlled my cock, allowed my cock to get hard, and also did not give me permission to cum. But I was willing to take what I could get!

And if just being able to get hard wasn’t enough, My Lady allowed me to feel the inside of her warm wet pussy with my cock. Holy fuck in heaven, it was so amazing. She was so fucking tight, she was squeezing me so hard. I warned ML that I couldn’t do much since I was basically on the edge of orgasm the moment my cock sank into her pussy. No problem for her, she was already cumming just from having my cock stretch her out for the first time in a long time. She also rubbed her clit to give herself an even bigger orgasm after that. I managed a few thrusts as she was cumming to help boost her high a little, but I still wasn’t able to do much.

It felt wonderful to finally be free and able to feel My Lady’s pussy with something other than my tongue, my fingers, or my caged cock. Flesh on flesh, there’s nothing like it. I am lucky that ML feels the same way, that she will always have a need to have me inside her and that no toy could ever take my place.

My freedom was short lived – I was back in the Jailbird within a half hour in order to get to work on time. My Lady plans on using the next month to tease me to the brink of insanity. She is very excited that she has now decided that she will be letting me out a lot more often during the month of May; without the protection of the cage, she can really let loose on teasing my cock. Will I be longing for the days that just passed, where I knew the limitations of ML’s teasing, and all I had to deal with was the crushing tightness of the steel around my throbbing shaft?


I couldn’t do it! I was trying to keep cagedmonkey locked 24/7 for a month. A month with no erections, no touching his penis, not feeling me… and ultimately me not feeling him either.

I made it 17 days! Haha it seriously felt like way longer than that. Especially that first moment I took off his cage and saw his cock instantly become erect. Cagedmonkey had no idea I was going to unlock him. I’d actually made the decision earlier today but we didn’t have a chance at alone time until almost 8 pm when the kids went to bed. After tucking them in I took off my necklace where the key hangs. I put it in the palm of my hand and only revealed it to hubby when we were in the middle of making out and dry humping like teenagers. 🙂

Once I got him unlocked, he turned the ring to put the post behind his balls. That helps with it poking me during playtime. Then slowly, very slowly he slid his raging hard cock into my pussy. Stretching me as he slowly filled me up. It wasn’t even a minute before my body reacted. It felt absolutely incredible to feel my pussy tighten around his big fat cock. Squeezing it so tight, my body shaking as I came so hard. The orgasm was so intense and long and I was unable to let out my screams that it ended with a headache. A headache well worth having!

So I’m sure we’ll try the zero time out again but for now I’ll be playing with my toy often until June. I’m still aiming at maybe day being in June – at least! I love feeling how much he wants me, how horny he is for me constantly. So, who knows, maybe I’ll want to keep him there a while! 🙂

Last weekend, My Lady allowed me to spend some time unlocked after getting a surprising orgasm on Friday night. It was a semi-honeymoon of sorts, our first one since starting this chastity lifestyle. It was very nice to have the ability to be free with my sexuality. I began to think that although being locked and being unlocked are two different situations (and honeymoon being a third completely opposite one), each situation has its own reasons for being enjoyable.

I enjoy being locked by ML mainly because of the feelings I get when I am controlled by her. The lock on my cage gives me no option but to bend to her wishes and to serve her desires. The fact that she chooses to keep me locked and to hold this control over me makes me feel valued, as if I am a prized possession of hers. She keeps me safe and secure so only she may play with me when she wishes. I also get a feeling of safety and security when locked, knowing and trusting that she will only use me in ways that please her. It may not be the best thing to satisfy my wants and needs, but because of the decision I’ve made to put ML before me, it is exactly what I want.

Being unlocked is a little different. And let me be clear – by “unlocked” I mean not kept in a device, but still under the sexual control of My Lady. For example, yesterday I was released from my cage and ML spent the day forcing erections on me, riding her cock when she saw fit, denying me orgasm all day long, and eventually giving me TWO back-to-back ruined orgasms before putting me back in my cage. At no time was ML not in control. I was unlocked, but still every bit the sub that I am when wearing my cage.

Anyway, as I was saying… being unlocked is different. The feelings of excitement come from different places. While I feel valued and treasured like a prized collectible when locked, I feel wanted and desired when unlocked, like ML’s well-worn favorite toy. And while being caged gives me a sense of security, being free gives me the exciting feeling of uncertainty, that anything can happen at any given moment (and often does). Sometimes the worst teases happen when I’m not in my cage, simply because ML can bring me so close to the orgasm I so desperately crave and desire, yet I have no idea when these moments may come and I have no way to prepare for or recover from them.

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying our lifestyle of enforced male chastity, I still do look forward to our honeymoon periods. It’s not that I don’t want to be controlled. It’s just nice to know that we can still be normal after being so kinky. It almost seems as if things have reversed – most couples use kink to spice up their sex lives and prevent things from getting boring, while we use our vanilla honeymoon time to do the same. Which is perfectly fine by me… I’m loving this “new normal” every exciting step of the way!