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Our Twitter followers were the first to get the scoop that I went to work uncaged yesterday. Although I have left for work uncaged before, this was almost always because my cock wouldn’t fit in the cage after fucking hot morning sex or teasing from ML. This time was different – this time there was a medical issue involved.

It was one of those “in the worst possible spot” things: I had an irritated hair follicle directly under my balls, pretty much right where the ring of my cage sits. Most of the time, I can deal with not being perfectly comfortable in my cage (case in point: dealing with a cock-crushing erection at two in the morning). This time, it just plain hurt. With the nature of what’s going on at my work right now, I wouldn’t be able to sit and ride it out. I was afraid this would become a bigger problem than it already was.

Thankfully, ML agreed and allowed me to go uncaged for the day. The plan was for me to lock myself later if I felt up to it. Luckily, I ended up having the opportunity to leave work early due to weather concerns, so I didn’t have to spend the day uncaged after all!

I’m very glad that my keyholder is very reasonable when it comes to my physical needs. My “wants” may go unfulfilled, but my needs are always taken care of.

No no no, I didn’t mean it THAT way! Still 100% straight here. Not that there’s anything wrong with people who are into different things, I just don’t want there to be any confusion.

(Ok, maybe I wanted a little confusion so you’d click on the link, but now that you’re here…)

What I mean to say is this: a good portion of guys who get deep into chastity start to say things like “I prefer to be locked than unlocked.” I can understand this feeling totally. I feel wonderful when I’m locked and controlled by My Lady. The cage is comfortable and has become part of my life now. It’s natural to me. In fact, the times (few and far between) than I’ve been able to be out and about in the world without the cage on (like this very moment), sometimes I forget that I’m not wearing the cage; I’m surprised when I go to use the restroom and my uncaged cock springs out of my underwear… “Oh yeah, I forgot!” 🙂

So, yes, I fully enjoy the fact that my cock is locked up and completely at the mercy of My Lady. However, I must admit that I also enjoy the times where I’m allowed to “roam free” as it were. ML has been letting me out quite often during the past week, getting her “fill” of my cock (pun intended) whenever she can. And it’s really hitting me just how much I enjoy having a big cock.

No, this isn’t just a “I’m packing some major dick meat” brag post in disguise. But it’s true – I love having a large penis. And the fact that I don’t get to see it fully hard very often, I find myself appreciating it more. I stepped out of the shower today, and as I toweled off I looked down at my semi-hardness and thought, Damn.

I’ve never “damn”ed myself before! WTF???? But yeah, I really liked how my cock looked. Thankfully, ML shares this opinion. 🙂

As you may have read in an earlier post, My Lady recently had shoulder surgery that has left her with pretty much only one functional arm for the next few weeks. I’ve been waiting on her hand and foot (and toes!) for a couple of days now; it has been rough working so hard for her, but thing are settling into a groove. She is starting to feel better, as well as slowly returning to her “insatiably horny and wet all day every day” status. 🙂

Over the past few days, I have realized that I truly am at peace when I am serving ML. Sexual service is obviously more exciting, however serving her in non-sexual ways also gives me an energy from within. Most importantly,  I thrive on her feedback; it was rough going when she was in pain and feeling terrible, but it is getting better as her mood is improving. I live to hear those words “such a good boy” escape those sexy lips.

I have spent most of the past week unlocked, however I have still been denied an orgasm (still cum-less in 2014!). As ML’s physical comfort has allowed, I have been pleasing her with my tongue, hands, and also with my cock. She has mentioned on quite a few occasions that I feel exceptionally large this week. While I’m not the type to figure out exactly why I’m receiving these AWESOME comments – what guy doesn’t want to hear they have a huge cock? – it may be due to the fact that the frequency of penetrative sex has been less leading up to now. All bragging aside, I have somehow managed to hold myself off from cumming during this time. I can’t count how many times I’ve WANTED to shoot my load of cum deep in her wet warm pussy, but so far I’ve been that “good boy” that I strive to be.

What exactly makes some of us sub males so dedicated to our keyholders that we are willing to be SO committed to our chastity and orgasm denial? Why do some men need anti-pullout features on their chastity devices, while others can fuck their KH without going over the edge?

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me it’s that I am fully focused on My Lady’s pleasure. She gets off on the control she has over me, and I get off on her controlling me. I know that she would be extremely disappointed if I were to cum without permission (unless she forced me to, but that’s a different story). For me, it’s about giving My Lady what she desires. And what she desires is a man who will allow himself to be denied indefinitely until she wants to please him, and who will serve her every need until that moment occurs.

She wants a good boy. And I want that to be me. 🙂