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After ML’s newfound passion for tickling me was discovered, I was worried that she might end up making that one of her true focuses while having me restrained. As she pointed out, I really REALLY do hate being tickled; the only problem is that it’s not really a danger to my safety, so I don’t allow myself to safeword out of it. This weekend, My Lady took advantage of some stockade time to show me that there is more than one way to “tickle.”

It’s my fault, of course; just like pretty much everything involving my fantasies, I gave ML the idea. I had told her I missed being in the stockade, and was hoping for some play time. We had also talked about ways she could tease my cock while it is caged, working together to find some sensitive spots she could stimulate with her fingers.

You can see where this is going.

Once ML had me securely locked in the stockade, she began to lightly brush her fingers over the shaft of my confined cock. After being locked 24/7 for two weeks straight, I got hard in my cage almost immediately. The only thing this accomplished was making it easier to torture me. With my cock bulging against the steel bars of the Jailbird, all of those sensitive areas were exposed for My Lady to toy with. Even the spot underneath my cockhead was right there, almost begging to be used to sexually torture me.

Over the course of the next hour or so, ML slowly and deliberate tickled and teased all over my cock and balls while I writhed in the stockade. The waistpad was rigged so tight that I couldn’t thrust or pull my hips away, and I had no choice but to endure her incessant teasing. She wouldn’t even give me a second to gather myself as she constantly tickled me, as her fingertips were always somewhere – teasing my twitching asshole, brushing over my full heavy balls, or poking and squeezing my shaft of my throbbing cock inside the cage.

It didn’t take long for me to begin moaning in frustration , and I was soon fighting a losing battle to stay quiet with the kids in the house. I wanted to thrust my hips so badly, but the stockade held me fast. It went on for far too long, much longer than I would have hoped or expected it to. But ML did not tire and showed no mercy.

On the contrary, as she noticed my anguish as time went on, she made it worse, whispering in my ear, “Why do you do this to yourself? Why do you tell me these fantasies, when you know I’m only going to make it worse than you ever imagined?”

“I don’t know,” I whimpered truthfully. I really don’t know why I tell her all of these fantasies about being sexually tortured for hours on end, longer than I could care to stand or endure. I guess part of me craves the intense experience, and I know she has the intensity to deliver those experiences.

ML finally stopped teasing me, but not for my benefit – she had apparently gotten extremely turned on by my reactions, and she decided to use me one last time before releasing me from the stockade. My Lady crawled in front of me so that her ass and soaking wet pussy was right in front of me face. She then backed up, forcing her horny holes directly into my face. She rubbed her pussy juices all over me, and she forced-fucked her asshole into my nose and tongue. She bounced her sexy round ass back against me, and for the first time that night I was in heaven.

You can see why.

In the end, my cock was left squeezed and sore in its cage and my face covered in ML’s horny pussy juices.