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Last night I decided to see how long Cagedmonkey could stand being in the bondage sack while being tortured in his cage. I got him in it and strapped down and I took the vibrating cock ring, stretched it around his cage and turned it on high speed.


He was almost instantly bulging out of his cage, I had to be careful putting the cock ring on so I didn’t pinch skin against the bars. I loved hearing him start moaning and I could see him trying to struggle in the sack but he really could not move while strapped in there.


I left him like that for a good hour, periodically unzipping the zippers on his chest to pinch and pull his nipples. Grabbing the post on his cage to pull and push it in all directions, moving rooty around. I’d even gotten to the point of snuggling in to go to sleep. I was totally prepared to go to sleep and leave the vibrator to wear itself out – I’d just fully charged it before that with my phone charger! 🙂

I made sure, before I got comfortable, that I could trust hubby to use his safeword if he had to. I wasn’t sure with his sensory and elbow issues if he could truly stay in the sack all night. Once he assured me, I was able to relax. A little while later, I’m not positive when because I know I had fallen asleep, I heard him calling me. I know he didn’t want to but he had to use his safeword. We found that restraining him with the bed straps is doable for him to sleep but keeping him long term confined in the bondage sack isn’t going to work for a couple of reasons.

I’m glad we tried this and I’m glad I got in at least a good hour of cock torture. It was fun and made my pussy so wet. It was amazing to see that look in his eye while I was leaned over him tightening the straps down. That “I’m completely helpless” look that turns me on so much!