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I spent a couple of days working some odd hours, which gave me some time to hang out at home by myself during the morning. While ML was at work, she made sure to keep me occupied during the day by giving me instructions. Her favorite task was to edge myself in the cage using her wand. It certainly wasn’t lost on me that the toy she normally uses to get herself off was now being used to frustrate me, and I think My Lady also enjoyed the irony.

It didn’t take very long to edge myself – after being locked for over two weeks, my cock was in desperate need for attention. My cock was throbbing and twitching within moments of applying the wand, and I definitely could have cum if I continued, even in spite of being caged.

My Lady finally allowed me to unlock for this weekend, but the teasing and edging hasn’t stopped. She had me stroke myself for my first edge out of the cage (and for my first erection in weeks). God, it felt so fucking good… and just putting this out there, but my cock seems like it’s bigger than usual! Maybe it’s a trick of the eye after being locked for so long and not seeing it’s full size, but I look (and feel) huge! Anyone who says chastity shrinks your cock doesn’t really know what they’re talking about.

ML can also vouch for my consistent size – she also allowed me in her pussy last night! I was very grateful, because it has been SOOOOOOO long since I felt her pussy on my cock. Even though I was well drunk and don’t remember everything from last night (apparently, ML had not one, but two intense orgasms), I made sure to keep the feeling of her riding my cock in my memory… mainly because I’m not sure how long it’ll be until the next time!

I always knew I liked bondage. I like the vulnerable, helplessness of it. I get so turned on knowing that I have someone so completely dependant on me. Which is likely why I enjoy the control of an FLR and chastity. I just never knew how much I enjoyed it, until cagedmonkey and I had some time to really play with rope on our anniversary weekend. I got to finally get him bound in such a sexy amazing way with his calves bound to his thighs and wrists bound behind his back.

I’m glad we had time to practice beforehand because I really think I did a good job getting him bound in the rope. The purple rope looks amazing on him too.

I feel like my rope tying skills can only get better from here. He certainly couldn’t move his legs apart from themselves but I wanted to make sure he was completely bound so I used another rope to bind his ankles and then his wrists.

I had so much fun with him tied up this way. One of cagedmonkey’s kinks is to be taken advantage of while completely vulnerable. So I spent a good amount of time tickling the living hell out of him. He hates tickling so much. I teased him verbally and just loved every single reaction that came out of him. My pussy got so incredibly wet during it all as well. It was dripping and I even climbed up and let him feel it as I rubbed it on his back and left him with a huge gooey wet spot.

After over an hour bound in the rope I felt he’d had enough. His face was beet red, his eyes were watering and I can just imagine how his muscles felt. The marks that were left from the ropes were exquisite. I admired them as I removed each loop.

I can’t wait to have another weekend where we can play with the rope again. I’d like to find some other awesome ways to get him bound. Of course, I also want to think of other fun things to do to him while he’s so completely helpless and vulnerable. We definitely want to get him into more predicament type stuff.

A couple of weeks ago cagedmonkey and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. We had a weekend to ourselves to celebrate, thanks to Grandma. My morning, on Saturday, started with a naked subby hubby cooking me a delicious breakfast. Then, we enjoyed relaxing together as I had planned a full day of control over him. I had decided our weekend together would be a complete, and I mean complete, control weekend. He was to ask for everything, eat when/if I allowed him to, drink whatever I told him to. I even enjoyed a snack while allowing him a snack as well.

A little while ago I picked up a new bondage item and wanted to try it out first. So I had cagedmonkey lay down on his stomach and put him in the new… harness, I guess I’ll call it. It forced him to have his legs up and his back arched and head up while his wrists were cuffed near his chest. The awesome part of this thing was that I could totally get on all fours in front of him and force him to eat my pussy and ass and there was nothing he could do about it.

Once I was sufficiently satisfied and he was covered in my pussy juices, I stood up and simply said, “I’ll be back.” I left him there, laying on the floor, bound in that position, smelling me while I took a long, hot, shower. He had no clue when I would be back or what was in store for him when I did return. I’m sure he was aching with anticipation. After my shower, I came back and laid my fresh, clean, shaved pussy in his face and made him lick me to orgasm.

I did finally allow him out of the harness and I told him we were going in the bedroom so he could please me where I was comfortable. I had him uncage my big thick cock, however he was still not allowed to feel inside my warm, very wet pussy. The only thing I allowed him to do was set his cock on my clit while I used the wand to have another orgasm.

Such a tease to be so close but still unable to feel my pussy squeeze around his cock.

While I was enjoying my orgasm, cagedmoney really didn’t enjoy that I left him with a ruined orgasm, all over my pussy lips.

The poor guy so desperately wanted to feel me. I loved seeing the anguish on his face. I love causing him so much frustration… So much that I can see it on his face. I love knowing he wants, so badly, what in in control of. All of the sexual pleasure he’s aching for and only I get to give it to him… or not!

I’ve decided to break this anniversary weekend, post into two, so please continue reading about what happened in the evening here in Part 2!

Cagedmonkey and I have our 15 year wedding anniversary coming up soon and the kids will be with grandma the whole weekend. I decided that would be the perfect time to get in lots of playtime but I wanted to get in some practice before beforehand. So last weekend we spent Saturday night playing with some rope. I didn’t get the book out this time, I just did it from memory and really liked how it turned out.

I tried a couple different ties, as you can see in the above picture. I really liked the one on his left leg holding his calf to his thigh. I did learn that when I do that tie again I will move it up his thigh so that it holds his leg a bit tighter and he’s really bound and can’t pull his lower leg away. I also liked how I had his wrist rope cuffs attached to his legs so he was kinda in a hog tie-ish position. 

I did like how his right ankle was tied as well but I think that would be better suited to tying him to something rather than to himself like that. Once I had him bound like this I had so much fun with him. He was in the best position to have his cock and balls tickled! I pulled his cock back behind him and used my hands and theft wand on his sensitive spot to tease, tickle and torture his cock… He was such a drippy mess and it was so fun to force the fluid out of him. I did edge him that way quite a few times too and allllllllllllllmost ruined him but I decided I was going to save that for another time hehe 🙂

On the first day of… Ok no, really, by the title I’m sure you get my point. Cagedmonkey and I were talking and I decided  It would be great to do the twelve days of edgemas. What that means is, starting 12 days before Christmas – the twelfth day being on Christmas Eve – that cagedmonkey would be edged each day. On the first day he’d be edged once, second day twice, third day three times, etc all the way until he’s being edged 12 times on Christmas Eve. If I’m feeling extra special nice on Christmas day, maybe all that edging will earn him with an exceptional orgasm!

Have any of you done this kind of thing? Would you like to do it with us? It sounds like it would be such a frustratingly fun time!

Today makes a total of five weeks that I have worn my chastity cage nonstop, 24/7. Five long weeks of not being able to fully get hard or erect, instead pushing and bulging against the steel in futile attempts at full arousal. I’m not going to break that down into days or hours or anything like that, because “five weeks” should illustrate how long it’s been without having to go deeper into it.

Seriously, though…. FIVE WEEKS! Most guys find it difficult to go one week without even jerking off, and I haven’t even been able to get my dick hard for five times that! It really seems almost ridiculous when I say it out loud.

Before this, my longest time of wearing the Jailbird 24/7 was a little bit over three weeks, and I remember feeling my skin on my cock stretch out for the first time… it almost hurt, it had been so long. This time around, I’m almost doubling the amount of time between erections… how much more is this going to hurt when I finally get fully hard?

Five fucking weeks… actually, I should say five “no-fucking” weeks, because that’s what it’s been. Five weeks since I’ve been able to feel My Lady’s pussy on my cock, her mouth or hands on me stroking me up and down… it’s been waaaaaay too long now. Not for her, of course; she’s been getting all of the sex she wants. Whether it’s my tongue, my fingers, or one of our toys when she really needs her pussy filled… she is having all of her needs attended to, while I get more and more desperate every day.

I don’t know if it’s just me noticing it more or if it’s true, but our Twitter timeline seems to be filled with pics and videos of couples fucking. Every day I’m bombarded by images of hard cocks thrusting deep into wet pussies, and all I wish for is being able to see my own do the same with My Lady. I will admit that part of me finds the “pseudo-cuckold” aspect of it all very hot – forced to see all of these people easily getting to do the one thing I can’t, no matter how badly I want to. And don’t even get me started on the gut punches that come in the form of cumshots; I’m way past the realm of fantasizing of having an orgasm any time soon. I just want to be able to get hard….

Next week is Thanksgiving, which is the earliest deadline ML has put on my current 24/7 lockup period; I’ve known for a while that I wouldn’t be getting out before then. I think it was this past weekend where I truly hit the point where I just wanted out, and it’s only gotten worse as the week progressed. I think I would seriously, honestly do anything just to be unlocked right about now, it’s that bad. But it’s not over yet…and, depending on ML’s mood, it might not even be close to being over.

On Friday I decided to send cagedmonkey a few pictures while he was at work. I wanted him ready for the weekend. I had already planned out some interesting tasks for him while at work and on his way home. So it started out in the morning as I was getting dressed. I sent him pictures of way I was wearing, I thought you all would love to see, as well.

I figured, since I had my nails done in a pretty pink that my outfit might as well match. First I sent him a picture to show him what panties I picked out.

Then I knew he would love to see my large breasts so I sent him a picture of the bra I decided to wear.

I knew if I kept sending him pictures of myself that he would get more and more horny for me. Seeing me in my bra and panties is such a tease for him. I sent one last picture to show him the shirt I was wearing. I knew this one would really get to him because… Well, you look and let me know what you think!

I also gave him a task to take a very specific picture for me while he was at work. Then on his way home he was to unlock – because I had plans to use him later – and he was to get my cock hard and take a picture. Then he was instructed to keep it hard the whole way home in the car, so that I could feel it (and tease it) when he got home. After sending him the pictures, and giving him task instructions, I knew he would have no problem whatsoever getting himself hard. When he got home I took a few moments to stroke him, edge him and tease him. It was a wonderful evening, teasing him and increasing his frustration by denying him any release. 

This morning… We dropped the kids off to spend the night at grandma’s house… I wonder what fun we be in store for cagedmonkey with no kids in the house for the night!?

You’ve probably already read the post from a few days ago where cagedmonkey mentioned I have him locked in the Steelworxx Revenge. So there is no need to get into all that. The Revenge is quite an interesting device because of the fact that it’s practically a fully enclosed device, keeping cagedmonkey from any sensation on his penis, be it clothing, bedsheets, or human touch, there is just no way to feel any of that through the Steel encasing his cock. 

I think it’s pretty amazing that I get to create this world where my hubby is virtually without his penis. I get to tease him and drive him crazy making him hornier and hornier and his cock feels nothing. Now that he’s locked in the Revenge… He’s going to have to try hard to remember the feeling of my tight wet pussy wrapped around his cock while he struggles against the steel. Even his “rooty” is different in the enclosed device, there really is no where for it to go, no bulging out between the bars. I’d imagine the pressure and aching must feel slightly different but that’s something for the experts and not my assumptions. Just wait until I torture him with sliding that cage into my hot wet pussy and he feels nothing, not even the warmth.

Now, I know he mentioned that we would be taking this round with the Revenge a little slower, kinda like when you get a new cage, we aren’t jumping right into the long term. So tonight, since it’s been pretty close to a week since I locked him in the Revenge, I had him remove the cage to make sure we had no redness or sore spots or anything that showed there were any issue. I did not see anything at all so now I will push him out about 10 days or so. I will remind anyone interested in an enclosed caged (not sure if this is just the case with steel or all enclosed) that there is a smell associated with the immediate removal of the cage, even after only a week, which included daily washing. Not a huge deal, just know you can’t take it out and play with your toy right away like you can with the Jail Bird. It definitely needs a quick wash. 

Tonight was a little rough on CM because even though he was temporarily out of the confines of the cage, I still refused to touch his cock. Just because we are doing inspections every so often certainly doesn’t mean the spirit of not feeling anything for a few weeks isn’t there. I loved hearing the frustration in his choice when he realized I wasn’t going to touch his cock, which immediately went from soft to rock hard within about a minute or so of removing the cage. I do love how it sounds when he’s so incredibly frustrated from the horniness and it’s all because of me. I know he loves it too. And maybe that’s what makes it even more exciting! 🙂

I used to have this whole thing about wanting to be the one who worked and my hubby would stay home and be the house husband. That has since changed and I’ve become a hell of a lot more realistic about my life. I realized I should be the mom, the one to stay home and be with the kids. That’s what I did for 12 years and I have loved every minute if it. I wouldn’t change it. It was what was supposed to be. 

However, let me tell you about a time when I was younger and I thought, the only way I could keep a guy was to be the one who worked and supported us and he got to do whatever he wanted. Staying home, getting sex, etc. I thought, how could I guy ever leave a woman who gives him such freedom? Well when I was young I thought, I’d just keep a guy locked up in my house, all for me, for when I wanted him. 

Well yesterday, was an interesting day, I had to work and hubby was off work. Normally on his days off I would be home and we’d play or have sex all day or something but not this time. This time I had a house husband who was working hard, cutting the lawn and completing a “Honey Do” list which included some cock stroking. I kept him nice and horny during all of his sweaty work for me. I was turning myself on quite a bit while I was at work. Just thinking about him at home working hard, doing as I asked if him and then when I got home… We had some lunch and some perfectly wonderful bent over the bed, fucked from behind sex. All because I wanted it and he had to give it to me. 

It really was a fun day, tiring for hubby and we didn’t get in much play at night but we did have some good during the day play and he got to cum on my big round ass in the afternoon before the kids got home from school. 🙂

Ugh… NO!!!

I recently got, yet another, email about locking up a guy. I get them pretty often but just about every time I get one, I need to respond with something along the lines of you can’t just lock up a guys cock and throw away the key. I do want to mention, I know there could be a guy or two out there that does actually want to be locked up, have the key thrown away and their dick completely unused and forgotten about. As a matter of fact, I have such a boy, who’s key I hold, that enjoys the fact that there is nothing he can do or say to get his key back or get his cock unlocked… ever. There is really no use for his puny little cock. That is something that is few and far between and even in his circumstance, I STILL keep him mentally teased and reminded of his predicament every so often.

Male chastity with a spouse or partner, however, is usually not about not having sex or not having to “deal” with your guy once he’s locked up. If anything, it might be more work when you’ve got someone under lock and key. I’ve written about this plenty of times and I’ve even done a podcast on it. When you get a guy to give up control of his most intimate parts, he’s also giving you an incredible amount of trust. He’s trusting that you won’t lock up his dick and forget about it. He needs to know that you enjoy having him locked up as much as he enjoys being locked up for you. He may have a constant physical reminder of who owns his cock but there definitely needs to be some consistent mental reminders. Especially those amazing mindfucks that cause him to press and struggle against the cage, aching to be released. 

I really can’t stress enough about how important it is to give attention to the one you control. Your words, alone, can have a huge impact on how their time in chastity will be. When I say you need to give attention, I’m not necessarily talking about constant physical attention. I do think there needs to be some of that as well but, more than that, the mental side of things will certainly keep your guy from getting lonely. One of the most important things to remember, when locking up a guy, is that it’s going to be work. You do not want them getting lonely and feeling sexually forgotten about. I’m pretty sure I even have a blog post here with lots of ideas of how to keep your guy mentally mindfucked and well teased while locked up. Look around a bit.