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As I said the other day I got cagedmonkey locked back up in the Steelworxx Revenge.
While in the Revenge I decided he would have to be maintained. He was going to need to be let out for shaving and cleaning because, I don’t know about others, but those fully enclosed devices get so stinky. I also figured while he would be locked in the nearly enclosed device we would do a “No look, No touch” thing. So tonight I decided to schedule in some maintenance for my darling boy.

After the kids went to bed I had him get everything I needed to give him a shave, including the hood and cuffs. I got him situated on the floor in the living room and cuffed him to the table leg. I removed his cage and base ring and took care of getting him shaved.
While shaving him he had gotten a huge boner so I decided to take advantage of it and give him a fantastic teasing. My hand was already pretty lubed up with water and shave lotion so I just began to slide it up and down his entire pelvic area. I rubbed his hard cock and his balls in one sweep. I then started stroking him, fast, edging him and he quickly was bucking his hips and moaning. I used one of my favorite techniques, where I tease the head of his cock and oversensitize him and he just started whimpering and moaning and writhing around. It turns me on so much seeing him that way. Putty in my hands while I stroke, tease and torture his cock.

Now, cagedmonkey has no clue at all that I took this short video during the teasing and this is the first he is seeing it, right along with all of you. Since he is doing no look, no touch, he will only see the same pictures and videos I show on here and all of you will see before he even gets to! Hehe so much fun, so much torment!

After he was sufficiently teased I waiting until he was soft enough and put his cage back on him. Then I sent him off to take shower and clean the rest of his sexy body.

Sometimes it amazes me that his big cock even fits in there. Granted he wasn’t fully soft in these pics but it’s not much different. I did manage to squeeze him back in there myself without stabbing him with my fingernail or pinching him with the posts! 🙂

Hope you enjoy the video!