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Tonight is the start of our 12 Days of Edge-mas fun, and ML has already added a few wrinkles into the mix. ML wants to have me wear the Revenge for the entire thing, and also plans on blindfolding me whenever I’m being edged. It’s not quite “no look, no touch” but it results in me not seeing my hard cock until Christmas… at least, not in person. I’m sure My Lady plans to get plenty of pics and video of my cock during this time, although wouldn’t it be crazy if she were to post the pics here or on Twitter and not allow me to even see them? All of our readers and followers would be seeing more of my cock than I would!

Second wrinkle: ML has hinted that she might not necessarily be in a “gift giving” mood on Christmas. In other words, I may not get to cum, even after all the edging. I doubt that she would try to continue adding edges every day, that would begin to get a little crazy. Then again, crazy has never stopped her before…

Very recently Cagedmonkey and I have gotten a crap load of questions, lol and while some we answered specifically to those that asked already we thought the majority could be answered in a post in case any of your were interested in this stuff too. We always encourage people to ask questions and love taking the time to answer either privately or publicly so thanks to those who have asked. We appreciate your interaction and look forward to hearing from you again!! 🙂

Q: Do you see a time in your relationship when you’ll stop chastity?

A: Interesting question… NO! haha Cagedmonkey and I have actually talked about this a lot over the years and it’s comforting to both of us, I think, that neither of us want us to quit this or ever be done with the chastity. We have talked about, even as we age and may not be able to do some of the more hardcore things , we will continue and always have the chastity part of it all.

Q: Would you ever cuckold your husband while he is in chastity or is that something you are not into?

A: This is actually something we’ve talked about a bit. As far as the traditional (is it really traditional at all?) way of cuckolding, no, that is not something I would be willing to do. I am not really looking to have actual sex with other men. However, as we wrote in this post about, what we call, Pseudo-Cuckolding the whole idea of it is kinda hot and the little bit of jealousy of flirting with other men is a hot thing but neither of us have a desire for me to have sex with other men. Women on the other hand, that’s another story…

Q: What are your thoughts of ruined orgasm’s? do you do them, like them, hate them?

Lady M – Oh I LOVE ruined orgasms and, of course, we do them! 🙂 They are really some of my favorite things in tease and denial. I absolutely LOVE when I can get CM right to the point of a ruined orgasm yet NOT give him one. That is a spot where I say I “broke it.” What that means is that I didn’t fully ruin his orgasm but his dick is all confused wondering what the fuck just happened and then I can practically use it as much as I want and he wont cum for a bit until his penis figures out it really didn’t cum! I’m totally smiling writing this and describing it!
CM – Yes, like ML said we do them and I hate them and hate how frustrating they are. I also try very hard not to have them but My Lady is extremely good at forcing them to happen whether I like it or not.

Q: Do you think chastity would work for anyone or does it take a certain relationship dynamic to make it work?

A: I think CM and I both agree on this that it takes a certain kind of person and relationship to actually enjoy chastity play. There has to be the right frame of mind, as we have said, chastity is not a lock it and leave it thing. There is work involved on both sides… unless of course being locked up and forgotten about is your thing. There is a LOT of emotional well being that needs to be considered when getting into chastity. It’s not just a steel (or plastic or resin) cage locked on your cock – there is a shit ton of mindfuckery that HAS to go along with it.

Q: “I just recently found your blog, and was wondering what your experience with the mature metal cage has been. Back in the day, we had a CB2000, but found it difficult to maintain long term chastity due to nighttime erections and swelling. Wondering if you have encountered these issues and how you dealt with it. Thanks.”

A: Mature Metal is really great, no buts about it (and, no, that’s not a paid advertisement, lol). It sounds like the problems you were having weren’t device related; nighttime erections are a pretty normal thing. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I need to do math in my head to get myself under control!

Swelling could be another issue – it could be normal attempted erections, but it also could be a sign that you need to adjust your cage measurements. If your cage is comfortable, it’s probably just that your cock wants to get hard but it can’t.

Q:  I noticed you have a long list of kinks that I absolutely love and a lot I’m curious about. Do you and your husband have any particular favorites?

A: I think our main kinks are tease, orgasm control, chastity, spanking and bondage… I mean we touch on a lot of different fetishes and kinks but those are probably most often.

Q: How is cagedmonkey enjoying his freedom since you let him cum after 10 months?

A: Oh, I’m sorry, were you under the assumption that I let cagemonkey out of his cage and left him unlocked after he got his long awaited orgasm? HAHAHA NOOOOOOO!!!!!! He was unlocked and I got what I needed, I did allow him to sleep uncaged that night but he was locked back up in the morning just like he is everyday. 🙂


Thank you all so much for the questions again! I love when we get a big rush of questions come in from all over the place, it’s so much fun to write about them but also it gets CM and I talking about all this stuff and keeps our communication open! Please, email, Twitter, Fetlife, where ever you contact us, please keep them coming. It’s extremely therapeutic!! 🙂

I was lucky enough to get a day off from work today (although I’m working Saturday, so I’m not that lucky). ML let me sleep a little later than usual, but under one condition – she was going to make things a little “uncomfortable” for me.

My Lady started by applying the leather cuffs to my wrists. She then got a segment of bondage rope and started to wrap it around the base of my cock cage (which was starting to fill up very quickly as she continued to tie me up). Then came the uncomfortable part.

ML ran the rope down below my legs and up between my ass cheeks, all the way up my back and over my shoulders.  She gave it a quick tug, pulling it deep between my ass cheeks, before tying the ends of the rope to my cuffs. She positioned my hands at just above forehead level – not the most comfortable place for them, but any attempt to lower them would cause the rope to dig deeper into my ass.


Quite the "predicament"!

ML then tucked a small egg vibrator underneath my balls and held it in place with the rope; I began to moan right away. ML quieted me with a deep tongue kiss.

“Get some rest,” she said, “I’ll be back in a bit.”

Get some rest? That wasn’t really possible. It was bad enough just getting in a spot where I was decently comfortable. I’d have no choice but to move my arms when they got tired, but the rope tugged against me and made the base of my cock throb. Add in the fact that I had to endure the constant vibration, and I was dying to be released pretty quickly.

My Lady returned a little while later. She stood over me for a moment, smiling as she enjoyed the torment she arranged for me. Her eyes were locked onto mine as she removed her panties. My entire body shuddered as she climbed up, straddled my face towards my feet, and sat her soaking wet pussy right down on my face.

My face was instantly covered in her juices as she rubbed her pussy all over me. She rode my tongue, pushing it inside her and forcing me to tongue fuck her. I heard her moaning as she adjusted her hips and my tongue slid into her tight asshole. She spread her cheeks apart and pushed down harder to take my tongue deeper in her ass, all while her bouncing pulled the rope deeper into mine. It was really starting to hurt; between my movements and ML’s thrusting against my body, the rope had really started to tighten up on me. I started to whimper, but my cries were muffled by ML’s sexy ass and delicious  pussy. I’m sure she could still hear me, though, because she went faster each time I cried out.

After my face was thoroughly covered in her pussy juice, ML slid her body down until her pussy was right on top of my caged cock. She began rubbing herself against me, grinding her horny pussy right into my cage. I could feel her warmth and wetness between the bars of the Jailbird, and I was getting very desperate to be inside her. I got my wish, but not exactly as I’d hoped; ML took my caged cock and pulled it into her pussy. I tried to stay quiet, but I couldn’t; I moaned loudly as her pussy took my poor tortured cock inside. My Lady grabbed the base of my cock and fucked herself with the cage, effectively jerking my cock at the root as it throbbed helplessly against the steel. She pulled on the rope with each thrust, but this time in a different direction. By the time she got off of me, the rope was fully dug into my sensitive asscrack.

My Lady seemed to be finished tormenting me, but she wasn’t finished pleasing herself. She took her wand and laid down beside me on the bed, head by my feet and vice versa. I had a beautiful view as she spread her legs across my chest and began to rub the wand on her clit. She was moaning and writhing within seconds.

“Ooooh baby,” she moaned, “I bet you wish you could cum like this.” I was too desperate to respond with words. “Finger my pussy while I cum,” she said.

Her pussy was down by my hips, there was no way I could reach that far the way I was tied up. But before I could protest, ML made it clear what had to do.

“Finger my pussy and make my cum, now,” she demanded. “I don’t care if it hurts right now, I just need your fingers inside me.”

I pulled on my cuffs hard, tugging the rope up my ass, but I only made it about 3/4 of the way to her. “Come on,” she wiggled her hips, “make me cum.” I tried harder this time; I pulled the rope as hard as I could, and I yelped in pain as my fingers slid inside her.

“Ohhhh God, yes,” ML moaned. “Deeper, baby, I want it as deep as you can.”

Fuck, what terrible torture this was. ML knows how much I love to make her cum, and she knows how much more I love being her good boy and obeying her demands. But here I was, being forced to pull a bondage rope up between my asscheeks as hard as I possibly could just so I could reach her pussy. I won’t lie, it hurt. It felt like the rope was going to pull right up into my ass, I was tugging so hard. But I had to; I had no choice but to do it because ML wanted it.

It was an amazing feeling – the pain of the rope digging into me, the soft sexy feeling of ML’s pussy squeezing my fingers, the joy of listening to ML get closer and closer to cumming, all mixed together into one moment. Add to that the crushing helplessness of the cage still locked on my desperate cock… It was truly indescribable.

ML came hard, as she usually does when using the wand – her pussy clamped down on my fingers and her legs stiffened as her orgasm exploded though her body. Her legs were pushing me down onto the bed, adding even more pain from the rope. It was all moot though; feeling ML’s intense cum helped me push through the increasing pain with extra threshold to spare.

ML undid the restraints after she came down from her massive orgasm, and now we are back to our normal “parenting” lives… at least on the outside, for me. Inside, my horniness is brewing; there is a semi-subspace feeling fueling this desire more attention from My Lady, whether it be more torture or teasing… whatever she desires. I’m home all day with her today. I wonder if this morning’s amazing experience has filled her appetite, or if it was only an appetizer.

I have the rest of the day to find out.

ML has decided that she will be using the “no look, no touch” rules for at least the next two weeks whenever I am unlocked. This involves restraining me any time I am out of the cage so that I cannot touch myself, and blindfolding me so that I cannot see my cock. This means that by the time mid-August rolls around, it will be six long weeks since I saw my fully erect cock last. As a little extra mental dig, she has mentioned that she plans to take many pics and vids of my cock as she teases me. She may or may not let me see them, which means that readers of our blog as well as our Twitter followers may see my cock a lot more than I will get to.

This apparently won’t be the first thing our followers know more about than I do. But I’ll get to that soon enough.

ML started tonight off by having me lay on the floor, cuffing my hands above my head around the leg of the side table, and blindfolding me. She then began attending to the task of freeing my cock from its steel prison for the first time in a month. I could feel myself get hard almost instantly after I was unlocked. It felt so wonderful just to be able to get full and hard; the simple things are the most pleasant when you’ve been denied of them for so long. ML began gently cleaning my cock with a wet towel, giving me playful strokes and teases as she cleaned me. I was moaning and rolling on the floor within seconds. Her touch was absolutely incredible. Once I was well cleaned, she applied some lotion to my shaft – “to make sure the skin stays in good condition while it’s locked up,” ML explained. I didn’t give a fuck what excuse she made up, mainly because she was stroking my cock for the first time in weeks. She was edging me with almost no effort at all as I thrusted up into her hand, unable to control my body as my lust and need burned hotter by the moment.

My Lady stopped stroking me abruptly; she needed to give me enough time to get soft so she could get me locked up again. It took quite a while for my erection to subside… apparently, after nearly a month of not being able to get hard, my cock didn’t want to give up on it so quickly! Eventually, my cock softened enough to allow ML to stuff me into the cage.

I felt ML put the cage back on, fighting the rapidly swelling flesh as she got the security screw in place. She took the blindfold off of me and told me to look. I peeked down at my cock, and as sure as I expected, I was locked up again – my first of many missed chances to see myself hard.

“Well?” My Lady asked. I shrugged and was about to tell her that I wished I could have seen myself hard before getting locked up again, but she interrupted me. “Look again,” she said.

I looked down again at my caged cock, same as it was…. only this time, I saw it.
It wasn’t the Jailbird!

I should be more accurate and say “it wasn’t the Jailbird I’m used to wearing,” because it was a Jailbird, except it was different. This one had a second crossbar about midway down the shaft, and the base ring was a double instead of the usual single. My Lady surprised me with a new cage! My Lady explained that this JB was also smalled width-wise, so my cock would have even less room than I’ve been used to in the past. She also hopes that the double ring will help alleviate some of the “pulling away” issues I have when I am extremely aroused while wearing the cage.


Surprise! Although I suspect most readers/followers aren’t THAT surprised, as ML mentioned that she’s been talking about ordering this new cage on Twitter for a while now, unbeknownst to me. So, screw all of you for hiding it from me.  🙂

As far as the cage goes, comfort-wise… it’s different. It’s not bad or anything, but I can definitely sense a difference between the two models. I can feel that the cage section is narrower, and I think I can feel the double ring when I walk. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m aware of it. It’s not like the old JB, which on occasions I forgot whether or not I was wearing it (I usually was). Adjusting myself is also a slight challenge, as the new crossbar is right where I would normall grab for leverage.

With all of that said, I am the person who can’t continue walking if I have a fuzzy in my sock, so I’m pretty sure I will asjust to the new cage as time passes.

There are times when I really wish I wasn’t being denied my orgasm. Like when I’m balls deep in my wife’s tight wet pussy at quarter to four in the morning, for example.

My Lady and I had just finished a night off really great sex that ended with me standing by the side of the bed,  struggling to hold off my orgasm while ML’s pussy squeezed and quivered around my cock as she enjoyed her own wand-assisted orgasm. (Damn, our sex is seriously fucking great.) ML went to sleep with a soaked but satisfied pussy; I fell asleep hard, throbbing, and frustrated.

I rolled over in bed around 3:30 or so – yes, check the post time, this happened about a half hour ago – and my cock was so hard it was aching. I decided to take advantage of the situation because I usually don’t get this opportunity, due to the fact that a) I’m usually alone in bed, and b) my cock is usually locked in a steel cage that prevents me from getting hard. ML was sound asleep next to me, but that wasn’t a problem.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is to have a wife that is pretty much up for sex at any time, even in the middle of the night. There was a time when I wouldn’t even think about it, but after our communication/sexual revival ML told me that she would love it if I did. Knowing that I was so horny for her that I couldn’t even wait for the morning to fuck her would turn her on so much.

I pulled the blanket back off of her naked body, rolled her over, and spread her legs. I rubbed the head of my cock between her still-wet pussy lips, and slid myself all the way into her pussy in one thrust. She moaned as my cock woke her up from the inside out.

It wasn’t even about cumming – obviously for me (I asked after about two minutes of deep thrusting, ML had the presence of mind to say no even when she was half awake), but also for ML. It was just about me needing to feel her pussy on my cock again. In fact, I think I’m going to do it again and write the rest of this post with my cock in ML’s pussy.


Seriously, this is happening RIGHT FUCKING NOW, you guys.

The opportunities are few and far between for these types of things at the moment, due to my work schedule and all that. Hopefully, that will all be changing soon and there will be more middle-of-the-night sex in the future. Of course, that is when ML allows it, when I’m not locked in my cage. At those times, I’ll just have to use my tongue, won’t I? :)~

One of the most important rules that My Lady and I follow is the concept of “Maybe Day.” We usually set a target date for my next orgasm, but ML is under no obligation to allow my next orgasm to occur on that day. She can make me wait longer if she desires, or have me cum earlier if she wishes. Basically, every day is a Maybe Day. What’s important is that ML is in charge and she gets what she wants.

This weekend, My Lady wanted to give me an orgasm. After 105 days of being teased, made to wait while my wife enjoyed orgasm after orgasm, it was finally my turn on Saturday night.

I had the feeling that this moment was sneaking closer and closer. My Lady had been making comments for about two weeks about how good it would feel for me to cum and how badly she wanted to feel it. With three months of denial in the rearview mirror, I was in no condition to argue with her. Then, last week she mentioned how she might let me cum over the weekend. I was excited (of course!!!), but I did my best to not get my hopes up too much. After all, ML truly an expert in mindfuckery, and this could have been a ploy to make me that much more crazy horny.

Contrary to what you would have expected, there was not a big deal made out of it. There wasn’t a hot scene prepared with bondage and teasing and all that, we were both craving the simple closeness of being with each other. ML instructed me to remove my cage and we began having sex. Just like the many times before, I was close to orgasm before even a minute passed. Slowing my pace, I held on for a little while, thrusting my hard cock into tight wetness. I looked into her eyes and I told her that I needed to stop.

“Wait,” she told me, and patted the bed next to her. “Lay behind me, I wanna spoon with you for a little.”

I laid beside her on the bed and cuddled up behind her as I felt her hand guiding my cock into her pussy again. It’s such a different feeling, entering her from behind. It gets to me so much quicker. I only had enough time to slide my hand up from her hip to cup her tit before I felt my orgasm rushing towards me.

“Please can I cum?” I whispered in her ear. She paused for just a moment, then let out a soft moan.

“Yes,” she answered, “do it.”

I didn’t expect it to happen so fast; I thought maybe I would have another few thrusts before I came. But almost exactly when she said yes, I felt my entire body shudder as I had my first orgasm in over one hundred days.

My body shook and I squeezed her titty hard as my hand clenched involuntarily, but my hips kept thrusting my cock into her pussy, filling her with long stored load of cum. After a few moments, I could feel my cock get really sensitive, especially the head as it parted her pussy lips and drove deeper inside her. The sensitivity was almost too much to handle, but I couldn’t stop thrusting, nor did I want to. It felt just too damn good to stop.

Instead of stopping, I started to laugh. It felt like the most natural thing to do; everything just felt so good at that moment, that was the only thing I could do. Even when I was finished with my orgasm, I was laughing softly as noticed my body was as tight against ML’s body as it could be. Afterwards, I found out that she too had an orgasm, triggered mostly from the intensity of the situation and feeling my reaction to what was happening. I was happy to hear that, only because I couldn’t really control much of what I was doing once I started cumming.

We made love once again in the early morning, before the kids woke up, and ML allowed me to have an orgasm once again. This time I was a little more under control, and was able to enjoy the feeling of her pussy squeezing me as she came herself. We haven’t had sex since, because of events with the children or due to me being caged – the steel tends to be quite the deterrent when it comes to PIV sex, but sometimes the children can be even more effective!

So now the big question that is probably on your mind – and is CERTAINLY on my mind – is how long am I going to be waiting this time around? Well, it’s probably not going to be anywhere near as long as my last few stints: My Lady has already mentioned that we may take a break from the denial portion of our play for a bit.

Now don’t get worried like I did when I first heard this! I thought she meant she wanted a break from everything we have been doing. Not so, she explained. She just wants a break from doing things long term. She may tease me from day to day, and make me wait a few days here or there, but she misses being able to have me whenever she wants and not be holding off for a certain amount of time. And she DEFINITELY wants to keep up the chastity! I completely understand what she is feeling, and I agree. I miss not having to stop less than a minute into sex day after day. I have a feeling I’m still going to be kept extremely horny by ML’s sexiness and nonstop teasing. I’ll just be getting my pleasure a little earlier than I’ve grown accustomed to. And when we are ready for another long term go at it, we will know it. We are having waaaaaaaaay too much fun to stop what we’re doing now!

So don’t get TOO jealous when you read about me having orgasm after orgasm. After 105 days of denial, I’ve think I’ve earned a little bragging rights!!!  😉

That familiar squeak, as I turn the knob to the bedroom door, wakes him just the slightest bit. One eye peeking open to see me standing there in only a tank top. I know he’s notices the look in my eye as I walk slowly to the side of the bed. He rolls to his back, as if to assume the position. He knows exactly what’s coming. Kneeling on the bed, first with my left leg, I swing my right leg over top of him and straddle his face.

My pussy is already soaking wet because I’ve just finished reading what he wrote about the amazing sex we had the day before. His tongue parts my moist lips and he finds the soft treasure in my warmth. His lips kissing, his tongue flicking and licking, sucking my clit as I move myself up and down slowly on his face. I can feel the heat inside me as I grow closer and closer to orgasm. My muscles tightening, pressing harder down onto his face, rubbing myself from his nose to his chin, covering his face in my gooey wetness. Closer and closer, my moaning gets slightly louder but still soft enough not to alarm the children. My thighs squeeze against the side of his head, my breathing quickens, I moan and ride his face harder. Pressing myself down onto him as I gush my warm juices into his mouth.

“That’s right baby,” I whisper, “lick up all of my delicious cum.”

It used to be that every morning was a facesitting one for cagedmonkey. Every morning he would come home from work, I’d “tuck him in” and I’d sit on his face, just like that. I got to start my day with an orgasm or two and he’d go to bed, frustrated as hell, covered in my juices. It was wonderful to feel that yesterday, ass I started my day. It made me remember the powerful feelings I’d get from being the one in control of how he eats my pussy. Controlling when I lift up just enough so he can get a breath.

We don’t often do the facesitting thing anymore but I really should get back to doing it more. Facesitting is one of those “make him feel very submissive” things. It’s also something that makes me feel powerful and controlling, two things I love to feel.

It’s been a little while since I posted; with all of the drama over the past couple of weeks, it’s been difficult for me to get the time to post, much less the motivation. All of this craziness, along with ML’s cycle had thrown a wet blanket over our libidos. This is precisely why it felt nice to finally get back to some sexy fun teasing games last night.

After some kissing and hot and heavy touching following the kids’ bedtime, My Lady suggested that we move to the bedroom and find something on TV to watch. “I’m going to tease your cock for a little bit,” she said with a wicked smile. Not much longer after that, we were in the bedroom and ML was attaching the cuffs from under the mattress to my ankles and wrists.

My Lady began by touching me everywhere on my body except my cock. She lightly dragged her fingernails up my stomach and chest, my body rising up to meet her touch. She then caressed my hips, sliding her fingertips up the sides of my body, making me shudder in the process. It felt wonderful how she was loving every part of my body, not just the parts that were desperate for her attention. Soon I was moaning from just a touch of her fingers.

Her hands surrounded the base of my cock and balls and she squeezed gently, drawing a sharp gasp from me as my hips thrusted upwards. This was not acceptable to My Lady, and she sat with her legs across my midsection, holding me down as she stroked my cock. I tried to thrust up again without success; I was cuffed and held down by ML, unable to move.

My Lady continued stroking my cock constantly and steadily as my body began to shake and shudder. The stimulation of her hands felt amazing, yet the frustration began to build as her stroking continued. My inability to get any more stimulation only added to the frustration. Soon I was pulling on the cuffs that held my hands and feed immobile, but ML still didn’t break her rhythmic teasing.

Once my frustration led to my whimpers of need, My Lady decided to make things worse for me. She stroked me hard and fast, right to the edge of orgasm before letting go of my cock, leaving it to twitch and pulse on my stomach. She edged me four or five times, the last of which she brought me as close as she possibly could to the edge without giving me a ruined orgasm. We both watched as my cock spasmed, waiting for the telltale ooze of cum that signals a ruined orgasm… but after about ten seconds of twitching, my cock stopped its not-quite-orgasmic dance and laid still on my stomach.

“Wow, that was hot!” ML said, obviously excited over how far she had pushed me. I looked at her with pleading eyes as she took my cock in her hands once again. “Let’s see if there’s any cum in there that didn’t make it out,” she said as she squeezed my cock with both hands. She wrapped her hands around the shaft and rubbed my cock between them – ML called it her “start the fire” move, I’m guessing you can imagine why. My cock began to leak gooey precum as she did this, dripping down the shaft of my cock and lubricating her teasing hands. Cuffs or not, I couldn’t lay still during this, and I pulled against the restraints as she mercilessly tortured my oversensitive cock. She continued rubbing my cock until the flow of precum slowed, then she stroked me hard and fast to the edge once again. I was moaning loudly by this time, unable to even think about staying quiet. I begged her not to stop, cried out to her… but of course she didn’t let me cum. She released my cock from her grip at the perfect moment, once again leaving me hanging on the edge of cumming without pushing me over.

I was completely drained of energy; I barely even noticed when she undid the cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I was still trying to catch my breath as she rolled over, saying, “Time for bed honey, turn off the TV and come snuggle with me.” I did as I was told, pressing my body up close to hers, my teased and tormented cock pressing against her back. I couldn’t help but grind against her a couple of times, making ML giggle. “Goodnight, my sweet boy,” she whispered. I drifted off to sleep smiling, grateful for the opportunity to please My Lady by enduring her teasing.

“No look, no touch” is always a heady experience for me. Having my erections taken away from me is pretty intense, but completely isolating me from my penis takes it to another level. It’s frustrating because , in all honesty, I like my penis. I think it’s a nice looking penis, and it looks sexy both in it’s cage and out. When it’s locked away in solitary confinement, I don’t even get to enjoy that.

The other night was an even crazier experience – My Lady’s teasing was rough and intense, but posting a secret video of it was devious! ML knows I have an exhibitionist streak in me (hence, the blog), but this was something else. She pressed both my exhibitionist and my denial buttons at once!

I would like to say I’m slightly embarassed by my whimpers and moans in the video, but ML says that she LOVES it when I do that, so I guess it’s not all that bad. And yes, those are genuine reactions to ML’s teasing. If you don’t believe me, try rubbing just the head of your cock until it’s super sensitive and you need to stop, then keep on rubbing it for another 10-15 seconds… if you can. You’ll see why I couldn’t lie still no matter how I tried.

I’m not sure how long My Lady plans to go with the “no look, no touch” game this time around. The last time, she kept me in the Revenge pretty much 24/7 for about a week (if memory serves me right?), but I couldn’t go much longer than that due to hygeine and cleanliness. But if ML is taking me out for teasing on a regular basis, it could pretty much go on for as long as she wants it to.

My Lady and I spent last night together in our favorite way. She got up before I did in order to get the kids ready for school. I woke up to ML halfway through getting dressed, her fabulous fucking ass tempting me from just inches away.


Yes, THAT fabulous fucking ass.

My uncaged cock wasted no time in getting hard. ML turned around and smiled when she saw me checking her out; she loves knowing how turned on I get just from looking at her sexiness. My cock wanted attention so badly, I asked ML if I was allowed to stroke myself as I watched her get dressed.

“You may,” she replied with a smirk, as she reached back and unhooked her bra.

Her perfect tits spilled out of her bra (which she very graciously removed after putting it on just moments before). I moaned loudly, gripping my cock tight as she cupped and massaged her breasts right in front of my face. Before I had the chance to fully enjoy the feeling of stroking my cock – a sensation I don’t get to experience all that often anymore – ML bent forward and squeezed my cock in between her tits.

“Oh, fuuuuuuuuck,” I moaned as I leaned back on the bed. The feeling of her soft titties surrounding my cock, stroking up and down the shaft was absolutely heavenly. She looked up at me with a sweet smile, her eyes locking into mine as she continued to tease me cock with her cleavage. I could only hold eye contact for just a moment, because my cock between her tits just looked so damn good.



Of course I wanted nothing more than to shoot my cum all over those pretty titties, but My Lady wouldn’t allow that. She left me hard and needy as she got dressed the rest of the way and went about her day.

I felt very tense after, my legs were shaking and I couldn’t help squeezing my fists over and over. Yes, part of it was the frustration of going 6 weeks without an orgasm, but there was something else. I was just so excited that this what my life is now: I have a wife who loves me, who is everything I could ever want and need physically, and she teases me and keeps me in chastity just the way I always fantasized. I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting the orgasm I so badly wanted, but I was excited that I was getting the sex life I so badly needed.