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The other night cagedmonkey and I had an unexpected Switch night. I’m sure you want me to get into and describe all the forced cock sucking till my eyes watered, hair pulling, spanking, deep ass fucking till I was thanking him and asking for it harder, deeper and faster but really I’m going to gloss over that. 🙂 Awww, sorry, don’t cry too much. Maybe cagedmonkey will post again later with more thoughts and descriptions of how he bent me over and fucked me like a little slut. However, I’m just going to mention what a fantastic boy I have who, even in a switch, ultimately followed his Lady’s rules and did NOT have an orgasm. Ahhh, such a good boy!

Our switch happened only a very short time before hubby had to head out the door to work. When I say a short time, it actually means he left about 5 mins late because he was busy with his dick shoved deep in my ass instead of getting dressed. What that means is that I got fucked and called a slut and then he got up, got dressed and left. No time for aftercare – which neither one of us thought about what-so-ever.

About 30 mins after he left… I felt it. I felt that familiar, “oh fuck I’m sinking” feeling. My shoulders dropped and rolled forward, my head tilted down and my smile faded. I could feel my body and my emotions slipping. The amazing amount of horny I had in me was flowing right out of me. Awwww crap! I texted him and told him what was happening. The exchange went like this:

Me: I can feel myself slipping. I can feel that I’m getting emotional.

Him: I’m sorry baby, I’m here when you need to talk.

Me: I’ll be ok, I can just feel it happening, starting to feel that depression feeling. I feel like I could just cry at any second. Keep thinking about my dad and I’m lonely.

**a few minutes pass – he is at work after all*

Him: I’m such an asshole
Him: I’m so sorry baby!

Me: WTF? Are you sorry for, what did you do now?

Him: I didn’t give you aftercare

BOOM! There it was… I didn’t get my aftercare. Mind you it was never a thought in my mind to have it. I’m a big bad dominant woman, I don’t need that shit! HA! I found out that even the big bad dominant needs, even just a little, aftercare sometimes. Especially after a switch when the roles are touching on the emotions and pains from childhood. I never even realized I would need that. Like I said, I’m me, I’m the one in control… yeah, sometimes my emotions have control over me.

The past few days have been a bit down, a bit off, a bit depressed and a lot NOT horny. I’ve been crying off an on, thinking about the fact that I lost 6 members of my family in the past 6 months. It would have been my father’s birthday on Tuesday, my Aunt’s was a few days ago, the holidays are coming up. I got feeling of worthlessness, sadness, loneliness and a bunch of other ‘ness’s. It hasn’t been a fun couple days.

This morning I was feeling a bit better and gave myself a boost by giving cagedmonkey some delicious nipple torture and got my pussy quivering. 🙂 Yeah… it’s that easy. A little nipple pain, some yummy whimpering and it kicks my horny back in. I’m by no means back where I was but, tonight is date night… haha I’m sure I’ll get my fill of making his nipples good and sore tonight.

Last night was amazing! I don’t think I’ve posted lately describing playtime so for those looking to get off, here you go, here’s a little word porn for ya haha 🙂

The evening started out lovely as cagedmonkey sent me out by myself to get my fingers and toes done at the nail salon. He took care of getting the kids showered and into bed while I got myself some wonderful, pampering, me time. What an amazing hubby man! I now have pretty purple fingernails and bright blue toenails. Hubby’s favorite color is purple so I picked it out just for him.


Once I got home we took care of the business side of things and I unlocked him, shaved him and we took a shower together. After we showered we had a couple drinks, watched some How I Met Your Mother on Netflix and things got frisky! I guess it doesn’t take long to go from watching tv to face-in-the-pussy when I’m sitting across from cagedmonkey on the couch, legs spread, mindlessly petting my pussy lips. He got very worked up and asked if he could please taste me. As if I’d say no to a little face time. 🙂

I let him get his little taste and back to his side of the couch he went. As we sat there talking and I was sipping my wine, I started rubbing my wet pussy lips. Since I never finger myself (only one other time), I told hubby I wondered what I felt like inside and gently slid my middle finger just inside my pussy. It felt so warm and soft and spongy. I could actually feel my g spot and started rubbing it. I told cagedmonkey I wondered what it would feel like in there if I came on my own fingers. He sat there eyes wide, watching as I slid my finger back and forth inside me. I rubbed my clit with my other hand and brought myself to orgasm. It felt so neat as my pussy squeezed and throbbed around my fingers.

After I came on my fingers I told cagedmonkey I wondered what I taste like. I asked him if I tasted good, should I taste myself? He looked at me with big eyes and said, “WHAT?!?!” I smiled my wicked little smirk and slowly put my cum covered fingers to my lips. He just gasped, “oh my God!” as I licked and sucked my fingers clean. It was driving him absolutely mad that I was doing the one thing he loves to do above all else, I was tasting my own pussy juices. I told him he should be stroking his cock and then I reached down with my whole hand and scooped up more of my gooey yummy cum. It was spreading between my fingers. I held it up and showed hubby and slowly brought it to my tongue. I looked hubby right in the eye as he was stroking and, again, licked and sucked each of my fingers clean.

Cagedmonkey sat there extremely turned on, edging himself as I teased him and I got up, walked over in front of him and sat my wet horny pussy right down on his cock. Just as quickly as I slid his cock in my pussy, I slid it out and knelt down to suck myself off of his slicked up cock. I think hubby may have stopped breathing as I did that. I was completely doing things out of my norm and he was astonished. I coated his cock a few more times like that and kept kneeling in front of him sucking his cock as if I were starving for it.

That’s when I told hubby that I would love to cum on his cock and have him shove his cock in my mouth and make me clean it off. He got up, laid me on the couch and before sticking his cock in me he brought me to a fantastic orgasm with his mouth. I guess he really wanted a taste too! With my pussy full of my fresh cum he slid his cock inside deep and thrust a few times to get it covered good with my juices. He pulled out his sopping wet cum covered cock, moved up to my face, grabbed the back of my head, tilted it slightly and shoved his cock deep, past my lips. I could feel his balls hit my chin as the tip of his cock opened my throat. He again thrust into my pussy while I rubbed my clit and came all over his cock and then forced his cock into my mouth. He did this repeatedly making me cum and then suck him clean. My eyes watered and I gagged on his big thick rock hard cock. I tasted different on his cock than my fingers.

When I’d had enough, I told him to stop but my body was not ready to stop having orgasms. I was so incredibly turned on by the whole situation I just HAD to cum… not once, not twice but three more times. I laid there breathing heavy on the couch, loving every bit of what just happened. Loving that I made him dominate me and directed him how to do it. It was just all so incredibly hot!

Hubby is home from work again tonight… I wonder if we’ll get up to some naked naughty fun stuff again.

A few nights ago, My Lady and I were laying on the couch together, and things started to get sexual… as they very often do nowadays. 🙂 We began kissing and touching each other; things started to get really hot, really quick. I rolled over on top of ML and began thrusting my hips towards her as I kissed her deeply. All of a sudden, both of us felt it at the same time: we flipped the “power switch.” All of a sudden, I felt very dominant and powerful over ML.

When I get dominant, I tend to talk dirty a lot. I rubbed up on her, and I started asking her if she wanted to get fucked. If she missed taking my hard cock deep inside her slutty wet pussy. ML was getting turned on, too, pushing back up against me as I pushed my hips down against her. I pounded my hips down on her, doing everything I would be doing if I was fucking her pussy as hard as I could… except for the fact that my cock was still locked in its steel cage, of course.

Afterwards, I started to get a little down. All of the simulating of the dominant, forceful sex kinda made me miss it a bit. I realized that I really do miss my cock. I miss being able to fuck My Lady hard and deep. I miss the way ML’s warm pussy feels when it’s squeezing my cock. I miss being able to fuck ML more than three thrusts at a time. Hell, right now I just miss my cock getting hard!!!

I didn’t expect these feelings to show up so strong and so soon into the 24/7 month. I’ve gone 24/7 longer than this, but not with the pretense that I would be waiting an entire month for my next full erection. It’s really getting to me this time around. I’m not really having second thoughts about all of this – chastity is still the most amazing thing that has happened to our sex life, and I wouldn’t change it a bit. But still, I can’t deny that right now a decent part of me truly feels like a prisoner locked away against his will. This is when chastity truly becomes “enforced chastity.”

cagedmonkey: A few days ago, My Lady was laying on the couch with me, teasing the cock with her talented mouth, when she began to partake in one of her newfound pleasures – deepthroating me and making herself gag. She looked up at me as she did it, and was she ever beautiful. I reached out to pull her closer to me, and then all of a sudden we both felt the mood change.

At almost the same moment that I began to move my hand up, My Lady guided my hand to the top of her head. I began to slowly push her farther down, forcing her to gag harder on me. She looked up at me and nodded. I needed no further invitation.

The Power Switch had taken effect.

My Lady and I are almost always in an FLR situation, however we do both like to switch every so often; I like to feel what it is like to be in control while she enjoys the feeling of not being responsible for her own actions. Oddly, these urges seem to coincide, as they did on this particular night.

I started my lifting my hips off the couch, sliding my cock deeper into her throat – and it was MY COCK this time. 🙂 She choked and gagged on my thick cock, trying hard not to back off of it but failing to subdue her reflexes. I pushed her down with my hand further, forcing her to take it. When I pulled her mouth off of me, her eyes were watering and drool was pouring out of her mouth onto my cock.

I lifted her up and told her to lie on the couch. Then I got on top of her and shoved my cock inside her tight horny pussy. I fucked her hard; “pounded her pussy” would be a good way to describe it. I talked dirty to her – I called her my fucking slut, asked her how much she loved to be fucked by my big cock, told her to beg for it harder. And she did. When I told her I was going to make her suck her pussy juices off of my cock, she whimpered, “no, please, no Sir.” And so….

(During past attempts at dominating ML, I’ve had trouble with this part – doing something that I want to do that ML says no to. There are some things we’ve talked about that are ABSOLUTELY NO’s that we both agree on, but there are also soft no’s. This was one of them.)

… I pulled out of her dripping wet pussy and, without hesitation, pushed my shiny cock right into her slutty little mouth. I fucked her mouth like she was my whore, because at that moment, she was. I was not her sub, her plaything. She was my fucktoy, to use as I wished.

I continued to fuck her hard, pounding her deep, spanking her ass as I pushed her face into the couch cushions. From the sounds she was making, I could tell she loved every minute of it. And afterwards, I gave My Lady the aftercare that she so badly needed, telling her that I loved her, and that I was so proud of her for letting me use her like that and trusting me to do so. I held her close to me, kissed her softly… and again, she came while we laid there together.

(It’s so awesome when she cums sponatneously like that!!!!)

I was very surprised and proud of myself afterwards. I had never been so dominating with her before. Previously, I was always like, “Yeah, I’m gonna use you… um, if it’s okay with you.” This time I was like, “You’re mine, and I’m fucking you the way I want to… the way I would fuck a dirty little slut, because that is what you are to me right now.” And, even more incredible…. I managed not to cum!!! I so badly wanted to – ML would have looked SOOOO nice with a load of hot cum dripping down her chin onto her tits – but, deep down, I always will be My Lady’s good boy. ML allows me to take control of her in this way, and to show gratitude I will never take advantage of that control to violate our core principles of chastity.

Lady: I’m naturally a dominant person so letting someone have the control over me that I allowed cagedmonkey to have takes an extreme amount of trust. The point is, is that we can have these times of Switching because I, in fact, do trust him. In 14 years he’s learned my limits and knows what is ok and not ok. He knows I know my safe word and trusts me that I will use them.

So the other night when we switched I certainly felt like I was a dirty naughty little slut. I gave him complete control, he forced his cock in my throat and made me gag on it. Grabbed my hair and my head and pulled me on to his cock and I felt like I was being used. Just a hole to be fucked. That night he took more control and forced me to do things he knew I really thought were gross and didn’t want to do… but I did them because he was in control. Making me clean off my own pussy juices and cum from his cock… so dirty. He was in control so I did as I was told, I said “yes, sir” like I was supposed to and took the hard fucking he gave me over and over because he was in control. 🙂

I was extremely proud of myself for giving up my control even for that time and super proud of my hubby for taking it and trusting that I would only take what I could truly handle.

I’m most proud of the fact that my cagedmonkey deep down is so devoted to me and my control over him that he continued to deny himself orgasm. He knew I didn’t want him to cum yet and even in the Dominant role when he could have he didn’t want to disappoint me.

These are some of the reasons I love this man more and more every day! Such a good boy, a respectful, wonderful, amazing, committed boy! My boy! <3