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ML has decided that she will be using the “no look, no touch” rules for at least the next two weeks whenever I am unlocked. This involves restraining me any time I am out of the cage so that I cannot touch myself, and blindfolding me so that I cannot see my cock. This means that by the time mid-August rolls around, it will be six long weeks since I saw my fully erect cock last. As a little extra mental dig, she has mentioned that she plans to take many pics and vids of my cock as she teases me. She may or may not let me see them, which means that readers of our blog as well as our Twitter followers may see my cock a lot more than I will get to.

This apparently won’t be the first thing our followers know more about than I do. But I’ll get to that soon enough.

ML started tonight off by having me lay on the floor, cuffing my hands above my head around the leg of the side table, and blindfolding me. She then began attending to the task of freeing my cock from its steel prison for the first time in a month. I could feel myself get hard almost instantly after I was unlocked. It felt so wonderful just to be able to get full and hard; the simple things are the most pleasant when you’ve been denied of them for so long. ML began gently cleaning my cock with a wet towel, giving me playful strokes and teases as she cleaned me. I was moaning and rolling on the floor within seconds. Her touch was absolutely incredible. Once I was well cleaned, she applied some lotion to my shaft – “to make sure the skin stays in good condition while it’s locked up,” ML explained. I didn’t give a fuck what excuse she made up, mainly because she was stroking my cock for the first time in weeks. She was edging me with almost no effort at all as I thrusted up into her hand, unable to control my body as my lust and need burned hotter by the moment.

My Lady stopped stroking me abruptly; she needed to give me enough time to get soft so she could get me locked up again. It took quite a while for my erection to subside… apparently, after nearly a month of not being able to get hard, my cock didn’t want to give up on it so quickly! Eventually, my cock softened enough to allow ML to stuff me into the cage.

I felt ML put the cage back on, fighting the rapidly swelling flesh as she got the security screw in place. She took the blindfold off of me and told me to look. I peeked down at my cock, and as sure as I expected, I was locked up again – my first of many missed chances to see myself hard.

“Well?” My Lady asked. I shrugged and was about to tell her that I wished I could have seen myself hard before getting locked up again, but she interrupted me. “Look again,” she said.

I looked down again at my caged cock, same as it was…. only this time, I saw it.
It wasn’t the Jailbird!

I should be more accurate and say “it wasn’t the Jailbird I’m used to wearing,” because it was a Jailbird, except it was different. This one had a second crossbar about midway down the shaft, and the base ring was a double instead of the usual single. My Lady surprised me with a new cage! My Lady explained that this JB was also smalled width-wise, so my cock would have even less room than I’ve been used to in the past. She also hopes that the double ring will help alleviate some of the “pulling away” issues I have when I am extremely aroused while wearing the cage.


Surprise! Although I suspect most readers/followers aren’t THAT surprised, as ML mentioned that she’s been talking about ordering this new cage on Twitter for a while now, unbeknownst to me. So, screw all of you for hiding it from me.  🙂

As far as the cage goes, comfort-wise… it’s different. It’s not bad or anything, but I can definitely sense a difference between the two models. I can feel that the cage section is narrower, and I think I can feel the double ring when I walk. It doesn’t hurt, but I’m aware of it. It’s not like the old JB, which on occasions I forgot whether or not I was wearing it (I usually was). Adjusting myself is also a slight challenge, as the new crossbar is right where I would normall grab for leverage.

With all of that said, I am the person who can’t continue walking if I have a fuzzy in my sock, so I’m pretty sure I will asjust to the new cage as time passes.

Pretty much every night, I pack up dinner for cagedmonkey to take to work. A few nights out of the week I will sneak in little love notes for him to find while at work. Most times they are in his lunch, sometimes I can sneak one in his work bag or coat pocket. I do love hearing that he found them and that he loves knowing that I’m thinking about him during the night. It really does come down to the little things in a relationship. Those sweet little surprises to let your love know you are thinking of them and love them.


It doesn’t take a lot of money or actual gifts, though those are nice too. Just a simple note hidden where they’ll find it or even that phone call or text everyday at the same time to ask if they need anything. The fact that you thought of your love is such a huge little thing. 🙂

Like I said, I usually leave these little notes and I know cagedmonkey enjoys them. Well it just so happened that I had on a pair of panties yesterday that hubby just loved and couldn’t stop touching or talking about. He loved them so much that he asked if he could make me cum a couple times, right in the panties, before work instead of the usual panties off pussy eating. Of course I said yes, I do like to please my subby hubby and this was such a sweet thing he asked for. How could I not say yes to my sweet sexy boy?


He made me cum 3 times, I do believe, before work so my panties were soaked. Just after he had to rush a bit to get ready to leave so I was helping him. I packed his dinner (slid off my panties in the kitchen) and helped him get his work bag together (and snuck said panties in a pocket I knew he would go into at work) and did our good bye routine. Yes, we do the same thing and say the same thing each night as he leaves and any time he leaves. It’s ritualistic and comforting for both of us.

Later in the night as, he and I were chatting during his break – which it actually closer to 2am – he messaged me how he found the panties. He was in heaven! He said he instantly filled his Jail Bird when he saw them. I just love knowing a simple little thing like my wet yummy cummy panties could give him such enjoyment and turn him on!

Of course I didn’t just leave it at that. I instructed him to smell my panties and rub his hand in the wet gooey crotch so he had to spend the rest of the night continuing to smell my lovely scent.

I really do love everything about being a cocktease.