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Wow! What an awesome weekend!! If you’d have asked me 5 years ago if I thought we would be doing what we’re doing right now I would have called you fucking crazy… actually even 3 years ago!! Cagedmonkey and I had a chance to get to our local munch again this past weekend and it was so much fun. We always love getting there to see friends and just laugh and enjoy some time with other people who we feel comfortable being ourselves with. We met this really great couple a month or so ago when we were still pretty new to going to the munch and they happen to have private dungeon. They’ve invited us over before but we just haven’t had a chance to make it. Well, on Saturday, they invited us and some other people from the munch over to their place for a kind of little after party. It really was just a continuation of the munch, except for the fact that there was a bit more going on than what could ever happen in a public restaurant! Hehe I know we mentioned some of this in our last podcast so you get the picture. I do want to say that even though people might think if you go to a private dungeon party or get invited over their house it’s going to be some kind of crazy sex party – it’s really not! I’m sure that may happen but I’m going to guess most of the time it’s just certain types of play. It was so much fun hanging out and some of the time I was kind of reminded of high school when you’d go hang out at in a friend’s basement sneaking beer!

Let me back up a bit though before I go on with the dungeon party. Earlier in the day grandma had come to get the kids for the night so cagedmonkey and I had the entire afternoon to spend time together. You know that meant we got in some good intense playtime. 🙂 I decided to take advantage of the time we had and I locked cagedmonkey in our steel doggy style Stockade. This time I actually used the locking collar attachment since I’d recently lined the collar with a thin layer of neoprene foam.

I really wanted him bound well and unable to move so I could try our a few of my paddles and things on him. He was so trusting and wonderful to take everything I had to give him. And trust me I gave it to him hard and non-stop for almost an hour. I used a few different paddles and the flogger and I also spent some time tickling him while he was locked up and immobile. It was so fun to watch him squirm! I took a picture in the beginning when his sexy butt was nice and red and you could just start to see the marks.

I was also giving his balls a little paddling as well, during it all. I do wish I would have gotten a picture at the end. I had decided to push him harder and in fact I decided to push him past harder to too hard. I wanted to trust that he would use his safeword and so I beat him extremely hard to see where it was that he would, in fact, ask me to stop. I really wanted to get him to his ultimate breaking point. My man took a hell of a lot of me that day… And then we ended up at the dungeon party where, well, he got beat more! At the end of our daytime session I did have to show him just how dripping wet my pussy was and have him clean it up afterwards.

The dungeon party was a ton of fun. There were about 6 couples there total but I to believe we were the only couple with a male submissive. It was all good and we got to see some others using the equipment and the different toys available and some even shared and gave us all a chance to spank their sub. That was fun! 🙂

When it was our turn, I had cagedmonkey get on the spanking bench so I could try out a few of their toys. They had floggers of many styles, paddles, whips, canes, you name it and I also brought my new wooden paddle that my friend got for me. Since I’d already worked hubby over earlier I was really just interested in trying a couple things. I was able to use a cane and then I ended his night with an extremely hard swat with my wooden paddle. 

I will say, they left some pretty spectacular marks on his ass… That stayed for days. I personally think they looked so incredibly awesome the next day…

The lines are from the cane and the big red mark there on his left cheek is from the paddle. I will say that even two days later those marks remained. It truly was a spectacular feeling letting that out and using those different things on him. It felt exhilarating! 

I told hubby next time I need to get him up on their cross… It’s a good thing we already got invited to the next party! 🙂

Thanks to some schedule quirks, I’ve had the past few Fridays off from work. With the kids at school, the adults have time to play. Last week was somewhat mellow, but this past Friday was pretty damn intense.
ML informed me on Thursday night that she wanted to have me under “total submission” rules – I would pretty much be hers to do whatever she wanted to. After getting the kids off to school, My Lady put my collar on and gave me my first instruction – cooking breakfast while wearing nothing but my chastity cage.

Gotta be careful with that knife…

Breakfast was delicious and My Lady was very pleased. After a short while, ML led me to the bedroom, where I was to serve her in a much different way.

ML instructed me to take the stockade out from underneath the bed and put it together. She also asked me to get the fucking machine ready for use. My skin tingled, thoughts of what may lie ahead ran though my brain as I prepared the instruments of torture ML would soon be using on me. I finished putting together the steel bondage contraption just as My Lady stepped out of the closet with the leather hood in her hands.

It was only moments later when I was locked into position on my hands and knees, hooded tightly, with the fucking machine positioned ominously behind me.

ML started the way she usually does when she has me restrained in a vulnerable position – by paddling my ass until it was red and sore. This was just an appetizer, though; it wasn’t long before she set up the fucking machine to take me from behind.

Mercifully, she didn’t choose one of our larger attachments.

My Lady kept me on my toes (knees?) by changing the settings on the fucking machine often. At times it was thrusting into me with quick shallow strokes; other times it fucked me deep and incredibly slow. Each unique setting tortured me in its own special way: the fast strokes pounded my poor ass, while the slow strokes forced me to suffer through each inch as it stretched me out.

It didn’t take long for ML’s desire to spank me returned, and she began paddling me once again. At this point I really began to whimper and cry out with each swat – having my ass spanked while being mechanically raped was enough to make me start losing my composure. The whimpers soon turned to moans as ML increased the stroke length; the machine fucked me deeper, bumping my prostate with each thrust and causing my caged cock to drool uncontrollably.

An action shot of dripping precum.

The sound of my hood-muffled moans was apparently music to ML’s ears, because she decided to make me moan even more. She took her wand and used it to vibrate my balls. I couldn’t stay quiet as I felt the precum building, leaking, and escaping. It was twice as frustrating as it was pleasurable, which is to say it was pretty fucking frustrating.

ML left me there for countless minutes, balls and cock vibrated by a high-intensity wand and asshole being violated by an uncaring contraption. I couldn’t move even if I wanted to… and after a short while of suffering through this torture, I certainly did want to!

Now, our regular readers know that ML is an expert mind-fucker. She knows what buttons to push in order to drive me absolutely insane, and she knows exactly when to push them. ML pressed that button by talking dirty to me, making my predicament clear and undeniable. It made enduring the torture ten times worse, at least.

I was in agony, as you could probably tell by the noises I was making in that video clip. But ML still wasn’t finished; she was ready to put the cherry on top of my sundae of suffering.
I felt ML loosening the hood, and she removed it from my head. As I blinked my eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness, My Lady sat down in front of me and looked directly into my eyes. After all of the bondage, spanking, ass fucking, and vibrating… THIS was the most intense moment of all – My Lady’s eyes piercing into my mind as I continued to suffer for her enjoyment.

ML began to tell me how much it turned her on to hear me whimper, to hear me beg for it to stop, to have the control to continue well past the point that I want it to end. I could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes – she was loving it. Just as I started to break down, she leaned forward and kissed me passionately. On one end I was being endlessly ass fucked beyond my control, and at the other I was being treated to a loving gesture by the woman responsible for my current situation.

My mind was sufficiently blown.

ML released me shortly after that, stopping the fucking machine and releasing me from the stockade. Despite the intense mind fucking and humiliation-like flavors of the scene, neither of us felt a major need for aftercare… yet, we did it anyway, of course. We talked about it, and we assured each other that it was goooooooooooooooood. 🙂 It was an amazing, intense scene; I couldn’t really believe it had actually happened a few hours later when the kids were home and we were back to our normal life.

My sore, worn out asshole wouldn’t let me forget. 🙂

Grandma took the kids to her place for a sleepover last night, which gave ML and I the chance the relax and hang out around the house without any kids around.

Much nakedness ensued.

When the kids are away…

And also, much sex ensued.

Once ML had me unlock, she instructed me to put the small plug in. Then she decided that filling one hole wasn’t good enough – ML bent over the edge of the bed and wiggled her ass at me, telling me to fill up her pussy with my cock. I didn’t waste any time doing so, and I was moaning within seconds of entering her.

Two holes filled, and ML still wasn’t done. After getting my cock nice and lubed up with her pussy juice, ML told me that she wanted my cock in her ass. But first, she went to get “Adam” from the bedside drawer. ML pushed the big thick dildo into her pussy as I slowly slid my cock into her tight ass.

It was such an erotic moment – fucking ML with both of her holes filled, and having my ass plugged at the same time. I was working hard to fight the urge to cum as ML pushed her ass back against me.

Three holes filled? Still not enough for My Lady; luckily, her wand was within reach. I took over thrusting Adam into ML’s pussy as she used the wand on her clit. My Lady’s ass and pussy were being fucked balls deep by two thick cocks (one fake, one real), and the wand was vibrating her clit just the way she loves it. ML went absolutely crazy, screaming loudly as her sexual stimulation went into overdrive.

Her orgasm hit her hard and fast, making her entire body shudder. She tucked the wand between her legs just so she could hold herself up on the bed. I had to hold on tight just to make sure her pulsing pussy and ass didn’t squeeze me or Adam out. It was a hard, long, intense orgasm, and we both loved every minute of it.

Once we cleaned up and ML recovered from her orgasm, it was time to get a little more intense. With the kids out of the house and unable to interrupt, ML had me put the Bitch Tamer stockade together and get into position. I was locked into it on my hands and knees within moments.

My Lady started with her new favorite pasttime: spanking my ass until it’s red and stinging. ML sat on my back facing my ass and paddled hard, using a very effective overhand method, making me cry out and flinch in the stocks (as much as I could, of course). I could feel her warm pussy soaking my back with her juices. She rubbed herself against me as she spanked me harder, and I could tell she was getting more turned on with each swat.

I felt ML stand up and I watched as she walked over to the bed to grab Adam; her pussy apparently wasn’t fully satisfied earlier! She walked back around behind me and straddled me once again.

Then I felt an odd sensation: My Lady was pressing the base of the dildo down on me, doing her best to suction-cup it to my back. Then she began riding Adam on my back, bouncing her pussy up and down on the big fake cock as she paddled my ass.

Did I mention I was still plugged? Yeah, that, too…

I’m not sure if she came while fucking herself with Adam, mainly because I was dealing with the increasing pain from the spanking I was receiving. I was happy for the break when My Lady stood up and walked to the bed in front of me. She laid back on the bed and began fucking herself hard and deep with Adam, using the wand to get herself off quickly. There was no question about whether or not she came this time; I could clearly see her juices flowing around Adam and down her pussy to the bed below.

ML sat up with with Adam in her hand. Looking into my eyes and bringing Adam to my mouth, she said, “Be my good little slut and clean my pussy off of this cock.” I didn’t have much choice as she shoved the dildo into my mouth. I tasted her pussy juice all over it, and for a moment I got lost in enjoying her taste. Then she pushed Adam further down my throat – I gagged uncontrollably and she virtually fucked my mouth with the huge fake dick.

“Oooooh, you sound so slutty,” she moaned as she continued assaulting my mouth. “I bet you love tasting my pussy off of Adam, don’t you?” She reached down and began to stroke my rock hard cock. “See, I knew you loved it.” She stroked my cock to the same rhythm as she fucked my mouth. Despite choking repeatedly on Adam, I couldn’t fight my orgasm from approaching.

Each time ML edged me, she pushed Adam just the littlest bit farther down my throat before pulling him out, forcing me to gag even stronger. I couldn’t deny that deep down I was loving it – my cock was dripping precum almost constantly. Over and over ML edged me and choked me, and I couldn’t figure out whether I wanted her to continue and make me cum or stop and give me mercy.

My Lady stroked me hard and fast, so closer to the edge this time. I moaned loudly – well, as loudly as possible with a big fake cock down my throat – as I felt my orgasm approaching. But, as she always does, ML stopped at the last moment, leaving me throbbing and twitching on the edge or cumming.

For a moment, I felt as though a ruined orgasm was inevitable. I couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything but hold on. Just as I felt I might avoid the frustration of a ruined orgasm, ML spanked my ass hard, causing my body to tense up. That one swat was enough to break my concentration, jolting my body into an unsatisfying ruined orgasm. Cum poured lazily out of my cock as I could only look down and watch. I must have looked pathetic, with my cock dribbling cum and my chin covered with drool. Pathetic, perhaps, but My Lady was loving it all. How could I tell? It was pretty obvious to me when she shoved her dripping wet pussy in my face, painting me with her delicious juices.

The kids have since returned from Grandma’s, and everything is back to normal… except for the fact that my cock still remembers every moment of this morning, and is so frustrated that it is almost painful. Bedtime is in just a few minutes, and ML is giving me that look. Is it possible that she’s STILL not done with me?


ML and I have been enjoying my days off during the week. Not having the kids around has allowed us to have some fun that is edgier than what we can normally do (even with the kids sleeping). This last day off, ML took the opportunity to give me some time locked in the Bitch Tamer stockade.

I got into position, and ML cuffed and locked my wrists and ankles to the steel frame. Then she took a belt and used it to strap my hips down tight to the waist pad so that I couldn’t move at all. It was very exhilarating to have no control over what My Lady could do to me, no way to move to avoid (or get more of) any sensations ML wanted me to feel.


ML began by getting her paddle from the dresser and giving me a good spanking. She started off with some semi-gentle swats, but soon her excitement drove her to spank me harder. The paddle was hitting me with a loud smack, and I felt the sting beginning to build. Each swat hurt just a little more than the last, and I was soon wishing that I could move even just the littlest bit to react to the pain. The waist pad and belt held fast, holding me still and giving ML a nice easy target to aim for.

Only after I began to yelp after each swat did ML finally show me some mercy. I could feel the heat from my nicely reddened ass as she walked around me, dragging her fingers across my back and making me shiver. ML reached into our “bondage bin” and took out some rope and walked around to the back of the stockade. I had only a moment to wonder what she was doing, then I felt her hands on my cock and balls. She wrapped the rope around the base of my balls and cock, looped it around the tip of my cock just under the head, and then pulled the rope up my back and tied it to the belt strapped across my back. This pulled my cock backwards between my legs, providing a little extra ache to my already frustrated and desperate cock.


Once she had me tied up, ML sat on the edge of the bed, just barely within reach of my face. She spread her legs, showing me her extremely wet pussy. I instinctively tried to lunge forward, but restrained as I was, I could barely move. The only thing I succeeded in doing was causing the rope to tug on my cock and balls. ML looked down at me with a knowing smile. “Come on,” she said, giving her pussy a pat, obviously instructing me to try my best to lick her.

I strained as hard as I could, pulling my cock backwards even farther in the process. I was just barely able to reach her pussy, licking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I could tell ML was enjoying teasing me in this way because I could feel her pussy pulsing from just this little amount of contact I was able to manage. After a minute or two, ML leaned back, moving her pussy just out of range. She rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm just inches away from my face, forcing me to watch every moment of her orgasm.

When ML had satisfied herself, she turned her attention back to torturing me. She untied the rope and began to stroke my cock, which was already dripping with precum. She stroked me hard and fast, and I tried with all of my might to thrust down towards her. It was God awful frustrating to not be able to thrust into her hand; after two and a half months without an orgasm, I needed a good hard fast cum. Not being able to move, I was completely depending on ML to deliver that badly needed orgasm… I knew deep down, however, that it wouldn’t likely be the case.

ML continued stroking me, taking me right to the edge of orgasm… and she continued stroking me until juuuuuuuust before my cock began to spasm. She let go at the perfect moment, before my orgasm started but too late for it to stop. I groaned and my body shuddered as I suffered through an intense ruined orgasm, trying to move even an inch just to get some sort of touch to make the orgasm a little more pleasurable. But the cum just poured out of me with no orgasm whatsoever.


ML still wasn’t done with me; she was going to get her money’s worth with her monkey locked up. When my cock was finished with its ruined cum, she began to stroke me again. This time I was even more desperate to thrust into her hand, because now I knew what was coming… ML was going to ruin me again. I couldn’t thrust towards her, I couldn’t shy away… I was just there, subject to the ruined orgasm that I knew was only seconds away.

The second ruined one was worse. Once ML realized that I knew it was coming, she dragged it out even longer; she slowed her strokes, pushing me right up to the edge and holding me there for a few moments before slowly pushing me enough to just barely start my orgasm. Then she gently released my cock from her grip; the absence of touch was excruciating! I tried as hard as I could to thrust anywhere, rub my cock against anything… all I could manage was to shake the stockade a little bit. When my cock began to throb, I hung my head in defeat, and I had no choice but to watch as the cum dribbled out of my cock once again.

I think ML was interested in playing more, but unfortunately “real life problems” began to kick in – my elbow began to feel stiff and painful. It’s going to be so great when I don’t have to worry about my elbow hurting during extended bondage sessions! Although, maybe it was a blessing… who knows how many more ruined orgasms I would have had to endure before ML was through with me!

Yesterday, Cagedmonkey and I were chatting while he was at work and, of course, I was teasing him and getting him all kinds of excited and turned on. One of the things I love most is teasing him with pics and video while he is not with me – usually that means he’s at work – and getting him all tight in his cage. It’s such an incredible turn on for me to know that even being 40 miles apart I can still make his dick (attempt to be) hard and get him horny for me.

Yesterday was lots of fun as I sent him some hot pics and video of me all soapy in the shower. He really loved it. Just to share a little of what I sent him, I was sending him pictures like this, today:
And this…
Not only was I sending him pictures but we started talking about the things we were wanting. A little bit of fantasizing together, which is something I absolutely love about our communication. We both know it’s not our responsibility to force things to make fantasies happen but the fact that we talk about sex with each other gives us the opportunity to make those fantasies real if we want!

If you’ve followed along on our journey you we have the doggy style Stockade and recently got a new hood. Well, CM and I started talking about how much we miss the extreme side of bondage and having the time (and space!) to do it. I mentioned to him that I was wearing his pants yesterday without panties. I told him I was sure that they were going to smell like my pussy and how I was going to make him wear them when he got home, which I did. 🙂 That kinda kicked things into gear and we started talking about how wet my panties get and how hot it would be if I was to gag him with my potent panties and lock him in the new hood. To make things worse I could have him locked in the stockade, with the vibrating buttplug in, leaving it until his prostate milked all over the floor. We talked about how incredibly frustrating it would be if I were to remove the hood (while he thinks I’m giving him a break) and I cover his face with more of my juices by cumming on him and then putting the hood right back on and leaving him like that longer. Not knowing when it would truly end because I’d just tell him I didn’t think he’d been milked enough. Maybe he wasn’t empty so we had to keep going until I felt like he was done. We talked about adding white noise headphones to completely take away his senses… Except the ones being forced to smell and taste my pussy.

Shortly after, he told me about how he was getting tight in his cage and sent me a picture to prove it. Of course all the squeezing from the cage and the horny talk gave him some nice wet with precum underwear! Yuuummmmmmy!
I really do love seeing that bulge and knowing that I’m the one that caused it. I really do get off on being a cocktease! 🙂

After a nice little period of “casual chastity” as I would call it, My Lady feels as though it is time for us to get back into the more intense schedules that we have gottten used to. Not surprisingly, I agree with her. Although I’ve certainly been horny over the past few weeks, but it doesn’t compare to the intense need I feel when it’s been months since my last orgasm… or, perhaps even weeks since my last erection.

That’s exactly where My Lady plans to start – I’ll be wearing the chastity cage 24/7 for a good amount of time, perhaps as long as July 4th, which is over 3 weeks away. ML also set July 31st as Maybe Day, although I’m pretty sure that will be extended.

As ML and I were talking about me wearing the chastity cage, I realized that we haven’t used the Revenge in quite a while. I was about to suggest that she use the Revenge during my long lockup, but we haven’t had the best results with that in the past, hygeine-wise. So the Revenge will have to wait its turn until after the holiday at the very least.

The Revenge is very useful when we are playing the “no look, no touch” game. ML enjoys the idea of denying me the ability to even see my cock, but the reality of it can become a real chore. Having to cuff me to the bed and blindfold me whenever the cage needs to be removed can eventually feel like a hassle. However, there has been one addition to our toy inventory that might avoid this annoyance: the stockade.

So, obviously, I’ve been fantasizing over the past few days about My Lady locking me in the stockade, removing the Revenge, and calmly going about her business as I struggle just to get a glimpse of my cock. She wouldn’t even need to blindfold me; the locking collar would prevent me from turning my head to see my penis. Of course, if she wanted to blindfold me, she could make it that much worse. Throw in the potential for stroking and edging me while I am harshly restrained, and it gets my heart beating heavy in my chest. She could even force me to watch her to get off inches in front of me as my cock twitches helplessly out of sight and out of reach.

Depending on how things go with some of the recent complications, it still could be a while before My Lady and I can try out a good “no look, no touch” run. If she’s going to deny me well past the end of July, as I suspect she will, then there will be plenty of time as the year goes on for her to mindfuck me.

Today was absolutely hilarious! Last week I saw a mouse in the apartment so I called the office and they said they’d send over the pest control guy. Awesome, but since I saw the mouse in our bedroom closet cagedmonkey and I knew we really needed to put away the sex toys and bondage equipment. We had the doggystyle stockade and accessories and stuff all on the floor on the other side of the bed so the kids wouldn’t see it. We kept reminding each other we needed to put it away but things kept coming up and we kept pushing it off.

I didn’t even think about it today until the guy knocked on the door. Oh Shit! I said to myself and I was hoping to make it to the bedroom to wake up hubby and quickly throw the little stuff in the drawer. But, no! The dude was right at my heels going down the hall. He practically walked in the bedroom while I was trying to tell hubby he needed to come in to set some traps.

I was dying as he walked to the other side of the bed and there was the stockade, the fleshlight, the leather wrist and ankle cuffs and a few other things. As he’s stepping over the stockade he makes the comment, “got a little bit of a 50 Shades of gray thing going on here, huh?” Bahahaha I almost crapped myself! All I could do was laugh out loud but in my head I heard myself say, “50 Shades ain’t got nothin’ on me, baby!” If he only knew! I’m pretty sure he was thinking that I was the one that that those handcuffs and things got used on.

I bet I turned 50 shades of red, I was pretty embarrassed and cagedmonkey, I’m sure wanted to hide under the blanket, but hey, whatever! Shit happens and it honestly wasn’t that big of a deal but really it was quite a laugh. I just apologized for not putting it away and him having to step over it. He assured me he’s seen plenty of stuff when doing his job and it was no big deal. I’m so sure we’ll be laughing about this for a long time. It’ll be a great memory! Monday, when he comes back to check the traps, should be interesting! Haha

Friday night was “date night,” our chance to get the kids out of our hair and either go out somewhere for dinner or even just go home and enjoy a house empty of children. With the kids gone, My Lady and I were excited to give our new toys from KTM a try, seeing as it’s hard to set up and use either the stockade or the fucking machine without worrying about the kids coming out of their bedroom and into the living room. With the house to ourselves, there were no such concerns, so ML and I aimed to try them out before I would be out of commission due to my elbow sugery next week (maybe….).

We fetched the toys from the bedroom closet and brought them out to the spacious living room floor. Along with the stockade and the fucking machine, we brought out the fleshlight attachment and the vac-u-lock dildo ML had purchased earlier in the week.

(Side note: I’m not completely oblivious; when the vac-u-lock dildo arrived in the mail, I was a little confused as to why it was only five inches long. Knowing that ML enjoys my significantly larger cock, I wondered why she ordered one so small. I even asked her if it was for me; she said that she didn’t want to go too big for her first try with the machine. I just wanted to point out that I’m not totally in the dark all the time.)

Since I already had a trial run with the machine, it was My Lady’s turn to give it a test drive. She laid down on her back while I positioned the machine between her legs (we really need a name for this thing, other than “the machine”… I’m going with Pete, considering that the name of the model is Sneaky Pete). I began at a slow pace, moving the dildo into and out of ML’s pussy while being careful to watch her to make sure there were no “aiming incidents.”

I was worried that ML might react in a “meh, it’s ok but no big deal” way, but my concerns quickly vanished when she started moaning and reached down to rub her clit. I quickened the pace a little bit, and she started to roll her hips just the tiniest bit. She was starting to enjoy it, rubbing her clit faster, pushing herself to her first machine-induced orgasm. She moaned louder as her orgasm hit, and I let the machine continue fucking her as the pleasure pulsed through her body. As her body continued to tremble, her pussy gushed and squirted as the dildo continued to drive into her pussy. I slowed down Pete as she came down from her orgasm. The smile on her face told me all I needed to know about her opinion of the using the machine.

Next, it was time to try out the stockade. ML and I adjusted the bars to fit my height, setting the waist pad to a position where I could not move my hips and locking the collar so I couldn’t move or even turn my head. It felt amazing to be locked onto it, completely unable to move or adjust my body even the slightest bit. ML had me right where she wanted me, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent her from doing what she wanted to me.

My Lady took a moment to spank my exposed ass until I yelped in pain. Then I heard movement behind me. I tried to turn my head, but the collar prevented me from seeing anything behind me. ML and I had talked about my fantasy of using the fleshlight on me in the stocks, and for a moment I wondered what was taking her so long to get set up. Then, as it slowly dawned on me that ML was able to do ANYTHING, I felt the rubber cock brush against my ass cheek. “Oh God,” I thought, as it became obvious what ML was going to do.

Before I had a chance to beg ML not to, she slid the well lubed dildo into my ass. “Relax,” she said, “it’s going in whether you want it to or not. Just relax.” What choice did I have? I tried my best to relax as she pushed the cock in further, unable to hold back a moan as it slid in deeper. After a pause, with ML graciously allowing me a chance to prepare for what was going to happen, I heard the machine’s drive shaft come to life.

The fake cock slowly pulled back almost all the way out of my ass, then just as slowly stroked back into me. I grunted as I took the full length of the dildo in my ass. In and out, Pete did not stop filling my ass over and over. ML varied the pace, speeding up and slowing down randomly, preventing me from completely adjusting to what was happening. She gave me fast strokes, using the machine to pound my ass. She also gave me incredibly slow strokes, forcing me to feel every inch of the dildo as it slowly violated me.

It was a very intense experience; I had so many thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head and my body. It’s hard for me to keep the thoughts in a particular order, so I decided to just make a list of the things I remember. In no particular order, here are the things I felt and thought about as I was slowly pegged over the better part of an hour:

– I felt completely powerless. The stockade prevented me from moving or even wiggling away from the machine, and it took no rest while it was fucking me.

– I knew we had to pick up the kids at some point, but I had no idea what time it was, as the stockade’s prevented me from turning my head to see the clock. I had no idea how long I would have to endure what was happening to me.

– I felt humiliated. I will admit that when ML used a slower pace, the stimulation on my prostate felt very good. I started moaning because of the pressure building up, and ML started to chuckle, saying that I was “moaning like a little bitch wanting to be fucked.” And, to be honest, that’s how I felt. She was right.

– My cock was dripping precum non-stop. The prodding of my prostate caused my cock to leak like crazy, and I wanted to be stroked so fucking bad. But during the whole ordeal, ML only touched my cock once, squeezing a big gob of precum out of it. The rest of the time, my cock bobbed and twitched, and my hips kept trying to push forward to search for some kind of stimulation. Of course, I couldn’t even move an inch because of the waist pad.

– There was one point where I just kinda gave up and let the machine fuck me. I’m not sure if ML sensed this in me, but she turned up the machine to fuck me faster. The dildo pushed against me, and I felt my body rocking back and forth in the stocks the slightest bit. I immediately pictured what the women look like in porn movies when guys fuck them from behind, rocking them forward with their thrusts. At that moment, I realized the machine was turning me into it’s little slut, and ML was controlling all of it.

– ML came around to the front of the stocks to use my face to please her pussy, but the collar prevented her from getting a good angle. She even got on all fours in front of me and shoved her ass in my face. My mental image of this was fucking insane: Pete pegging me from behind, pushing my face forward into ML’s ass and pussy as she used me like an object. Fuck, I got so turned on. But the collar still prevented ML from getting exactly what she wanted. She ended up unlocking the collar so she could move my head around more freely.

– ML sat on the couch and put her feet up on my back as she watched tv… OMGWTF???? That was when it hit me that this wasn’t going to be some quickie fun play… ML was going to leave me there for as long as she wanted to. It was at this point that I started to beg her to please stop. She said, “No way… I suggest you start liking it because it’s going to be a while before you’re done.” I nearly began to cry after that comment. That’s when it really started to feel like I was being raped. The slow deliberate pace of the thrusting was an even bigger mindfuck.

– I came very close to safewording, but not because of the pegging… my hands were starting to go numb! That, plus I was concerned about my elbow being stressed for so long… rightly concerned, as it turned out, because my elbow was stiff and sore for quite some time after being let out. After my recovery, we need to work on finding a better position for me in the stockade, one that I can be put in for as long as ML wants me there so there.

All in all, it was quite an amazing experience. It’s one of those “I’d definitely do it again… Just not this weekend” things. My ass is still sore from the rough treatment I received, but I’ll admit it’s a type of sore that turns me on. The next time (who knows if/when that will be), I wonder if My Lady will take her turn in pegging me in the stocks!

So, just a quick post because I’m really not in the mood to do anything more (you’ll understand why in a moment).

Today was my elbow surgery… or i should say i was scheduled to have elbow surgery. That’s an important distinction, because I ended up not having the surgery after my blood pressure went nuts. For a more detailed description of what happened, check out this TIFU post I wrote on Reddit.

So yeah… I’m pissed off, annoyed, disappointed… Just about any negative emotion you can mention, I’m feeling it right now. Today was supposed to be the first step in being pain free for the first time in over ten years. Instead, now I’m looking forward to more time gutting though elbow pain at work, inability to play certain bondage games with ML because of my arm strength limitations (forget hearing about how it feels to be locked in the stockade for quite some time)… oh, and bye bye to that month off of work that I was looking forward to spending time with my wife and family.

I’ll admit, I’ve been a little bit obsessed over our new fucking machine toy. There are just so many possibilities with this thing, my mind is flooded with possibilities! The idea of being slowly tortured by a machine that will never get tired, never feel bad for me, and I’m just forced to take what it gives me.

My Lady already touched on some of these fantasies in her previous post, such as being restrained and forced to watch her get fucked good and hard by the machine. I’m also very interested in how it will feel being slowly and deliberately pegged while locked in the stockade. Even the thought of being pegged by ML while the machine takes my mouth is really hot.

But, without a doubt, my strongest fantasy involves being slowly stroked by the machine for a long, LONG time. I’ve watched the video from ML’s last post quite a few times, and it really gets me going.

I imagine ML locking me in the stockade nice and tight, the waist pad set high enough so I can’t move my hips even the slightest inch. She then sets up the machine to stroke my cock at a maddeningly slow pace, enough to keep me hovering right near my orgasm but never enough to push me over; constant, unyielding teasing that i cannot escape from. My body tries to get the friction and speed it so badly needs to cum by thrusting forward, but the stockade prevents any movement at all. I have no way of getting what I need. I can only wait as the machine slowly breaks me.

As I slowly and inevitably lose my mind from sexual torture, ML goes about her day, often stopping by to rub my face in her pussy or to simply masturbate to orgasm right in front of me, tempting me with the pleasure that is dangling right out of reach.

Keeping me well lubed, My Lady uses the machine to torture me for hours and hours, perhaps even giving herself a nice good cum before drifting off to sleep. The machine doesn’t let me rest for a moment, continuously stroking me as ML sleeps soundly in the bed above me. How long would it take me to completely break down, sobbing and crying in desperate need for the torment to end one way or another? And how much longer would I be forced to endure it?

This fantasy sounds like it could end up feeling like pure hell by the end of it, yet it is something I know that I must experience. I need to feel what it’s like to be in that situation – completely powerless to stop the sexual torture that is being done to me. I wonder if ML has any plans to make this a reality for me.