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ML and I have been enjoying my days off during the week. Not having the kids around has allowed us to have some fun that is edgier than what we can normally do (even with the kids sleeping). This last day off, ML took the opportunity to give me some time locked in the Bitch Tamer stockade.

I got into position, and ML cuffed and locked my wrists and ankles to the steel frame. Then she took a belt and used it to strap my hips down tight to the waist pad so that I couldn’t move at all. It was very exhilarating to have no control over what My Lady could do to me, no way to move to avoid (or get more of) any sensations ML wanted me to feel.


ML began by getting her paddle from the dresser and giving me a good spanking. She started off with some semi-gentle swats, but soon her excitement drove her to spank me harder. The paddle was hitting me with a loud smack, and I felt the sting beginning to build. Each swat hurt just a little more than the last, and I was soon wishing that I could move even just the littlest bit to react to the pain. The waist pad and belt held fast, holding me still and giving ML a nice easy target to aim for.

Only after I began to yelp after each swat did ML finally show me some mercy. I could feel the heat from my nicely reddened ass as she walked around me, dragging her fingers across my back and making me shiver. ML reached into our “bondage bin” and took out some rope and walked around to the back of the stockade. I had only a moment to wonder what she was doing, then I felt her hands on my cock and balls. She wrapped the rope around the base of my balls and cock, looped it around the tip of my cock just under the head, and then pulled the rope up my back and tied it to the belt strapped across my back. This pulled my cock backwards between my legs, providing a little extra ache to my already frustrated and desperate cock.


Once she had me tied up, ML sat on the edge of the bed, just barely within reach of my face. She spread her legs, showing me her extremely wet pussy. I instinctively tried to lunge forward, but restrained as I was, I could barely move. The only thing I succeeded in doing was causing the rope to tug on my cock and balls. ML looked down at me with a knowing smile. “Come on,” she said, giving her pussy a pat, obviously instructing me to try my best to lick her.

I strained as hard as I could, pulling my cock backwards even farther in the process. I was just barely able to reach her pussy, licking her clit with the tip of my tongue. I could tell ML was enjoying teasing me in this way because I could feel her pussy pulsing from just this little amount of contact I was able to manage. After a minute or two, ML leaned back, moving her pussy just out of range. She rubbed her clit, bringing herself to orgasm just inches away from my face, forcing me to watch every moment of her orgasm.

When ML had satisfied herself, she turned her attention back to torturing me. She untied the rope and began to stroke my cock, which was already dripping with precum. She stroked me hard and fast, and I tried with all of my might to thrust down towards her. It was God awful frustrating to not be able to thrust into her hand; after two and a half months without an orgasm, I needed a good hard fast cum. Not being able to move, I was completely depending on ML to deliver that badly needed orgasm… I knew deep down, however, that it wouldn’t likely be the case.

ML continued stroking me, taking me right to the edge of orgasm… and she continued stroking me until juuuuuuuust before my cock began to spasm. She let go at the perfect moment, before my orgasm started but too late for it to stop. I groaned and my body shuddered as I suffered through an intense ruined orgasm, trying to move even an inch just to get some sort of touch to make the orgasm a little more pleasurable. But the cum just poured out of me with no orgasm whatsoever.


ML still wasn’t done with me; she was going to get her money’s worth with her monkey locked up. When my cock was finished with its ruined cum, she began to stroke me again. This time I was even more desperate to thrust into her hand, because now I knew what was coming… ML was going to ruin me again. I couldn’t thrust towards her, I couldn’t shy away… I was just there, subject to the ruined orgasm that I knew was only seconds away.

The second ruined one was worse. Once ML realized that I knew it was coming, she dragged it out even longer; she slowed her strokes, pushing me right up to the edge and holding me there for a few moments before slowly pushing me enough to just barely start my orgasm. Then she gently released my cock from her grip; the absence of touch was excruciating! I tried as hard as I could to thrust anywhere, rub my cock against anything… all I could manage was to shake the stockade a little bit. When my cock began to throb, I hung my head in defeat, and I had no choice but to watch as the cum dribbled out of my cock once again.

I think ML was interested in playing more, but unfortunately “real life problems” began to kick in – my elbow began to feel stiff and painful. It’s going to be so great when I don’t have to worry about my elbow hurting during extended bondage sessions! Although, maybe it was a blessing… who knows how many more ruined orgasms I would have had to endure before ML was through with me!

It’s one thing to be interested in Male Chastity and its quite another to buy a device and start wearing it.

Back in June cagedmonkey introduced the idea of male chastity (that’s for another post!). I looked it up for a few months and got info before I had really made any decisions. Then in September I started to actually research (I’m one of those ladies that goes full on into research when I’m interested in something) different chastity devices. The three main types are Silicone, Plastic and, of course Steel. By the beginning of October I had decided there was no way I could see hubby in anything other than silicone because plastic was just hard and, ewwwww, steel? Who the hell wears steel on their cock?

Haha lmao, yes, I laugh now! Mainly because I went through things the hard way but it was necessary to realize 1. What we needed for hubby’s specific size and 2. What I really did like!


The first device we ordered was a CB6000s style in silicone and we very soon found out that this size was in no way a size that would fit hubby. He couldn’t even get into it and when we did manage to squeeze him kinda in (it was not pretty) once he even began to get an erection he completely pulled the entire device apart lol. This led me to do more research!

I really wish I had found thumpers blog before all this and his post with device reviews! I think it might have helped a bit in getting some real world experience with the different devices.

After pushing apart the silicone device I realized I needed to do some extra research on device fit and how to measure. I managed to get some rough measurements on hubby and found that there were only two types of off-the-shelf devices that came in a size that would fit him. One was a plastic device called The Curve and the other was a steel device called a Bird Cage. This is where my dilemma came to be. I was not ready for a steel device because I still thought penises looked so damn ugly locked up in steel. In reading about the plastic and hearing about injury due to them breaking, I couldn’t help but lean towards a steel device. Especially after watching hubby’s strength and what happened to the silicone one. I just had trouble justifying the cost if he ended up breaking it!


So I broke down and ordered the Bird Cage and figured if I hated it we would deal with it. It only took a couple of days for it to be delivered and we were so excited to finally get the monkey boy locked up and start this journey properly. Once the Bird Cage was out of the box we started with the largest base ring and got the cage on and the lock clicked.

Something happened in me that I never expected! I immediately saw how incredibly sexy MY boy looked in his steel device. It was a beautiful sight and I got extremely aroused at seeing him locked up for me in his device. He put on a steel cage and clicked that lock for me. It was a very emotional moment and the butterflies in my stomach were outrageous. Once I saw his penis through the cage I knew we made an awesome decision. The other thing I find outstanding is when little man in the cage does try to get an erection he presses and squishes against the bars so hard. I love seeing it and knowing that he’s so turned on by me and that he’s dying to get out. After seeing how strong he is to push through the steel bars, there is no doubt in my mind that steel was the way to go for us.

It was October 12th the first time cagedmonkey was locked up and it was not long after that he was wearing it for much longer periods. At this point he was still holding the keys and I did not officially become the Keyholder.

Currently, cagedmonkey is still locked in the steel Bird Cage.