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ML’s last post was about the search for balance. Recently, I’ve been wanting to search for something else: intensity.

Don’t get me wrong at all – our sex life is pretty damn intense as it is. In fact, ML and I often joke about how, when other guys say that they wish they could be as lucky as I am, that they might have second thoughts once they realize just how passionate My Lady is when it comes to dominating me. Sometimes it’s a miracle that I can handle it!

So, there’s no shortage of awesome sex in our household. But there are certain things that I miss, particularly about when we first started our “rekindling.” Some examples:

– squirting: ML’s ability to squirt is still pretty impressive, but there were times where ML’s pussy would squirt like a fountain and soak the seat of my car on our date nights.

– ML’s spontaneous orgasms: I remember making eye contact with ML from across the room and watching her as she made herself cum without touching her pussy or anything, just using her imagination to get herself off. I was so turned on by that… and jealous, too!

ML and I talked about these things the other night, and we realized that yes, those were very intense times for our relationship. Things were new, fun, and exciting… dare I say, could it be that things have gotten… STALE?

Okay, it’s not THAT bad… sex with ML is still pretty fucking amazing. But yeah, things are less intense than they were.

After some more talking (communication, people, it works, hehe), we realized what has changed: we aren’t doing the “little lovey” things we used to do. Things like leave each other tiny love notes here and there, the “non-sexual” hugs and kisses (that eventually lead to sex, but weren’t intended for that), and other tiny gestures that feed the emotional connection of our marriage.

You see, My Lady has an interesting mental/physical connection – when she feels emotionally in tune with me, she gets really really horny… and unbelievably wet. Like, seriously, it’s like a flood in her panties. And it’s this connection that leads to those intense moments. So, we’ve decided to try to bring those feelings and those moments back… not just for more squirting and orgasms-on-demand, but because our marriage and our love truly flourishes when we focus on those things.

Of course, those other pussy-related results would be great perks, as well. 🙂

My Lady wasn’t done with just one stint of kinky bondage while the kids were FINALLY at school. She also wasn’t done wetting me down with her squirt, either!

ML tied me down with my wrists down by the foot of the bed, with my head right at the edge of the mattress. When she had me restrained to her liking, she began to tease my into a frenzy.

My Lady straddled my hips and began rubbing her body up and down my chest. I could feel my cock rub against her warm pussy lips as she rubbed her huge tits all over me. She teased the head of my cock by sliding her pussy across the head of my cock, making me thrust up in a vain attempt to get inside her. She looked right into my eyes and slid my hard cock deep into her pussy, and I moaned loudly as she took me in all the way.

Once my cock was buried in My Lady’s horny pussy, she leaned back on the bed so that she was laying between my legs with her head at the opposite end of the bed. She kept my cock inside her pussy; by the time she laid back completely, my cock was being bent nearly horizontally to the mattress. I was hard enough to stay inside her, but I knew it would be nearly impossible for me to cum like that.

ML reached over and grabbed her wand, turned it on and began rubbing it on her clit. I could feel her pussy pulsing around me, squeezing my cock and frustrating me further. She moved the wand down, vibrating my shaft and causing me to cry out. ML laughed softly as she moved the wand back to her clit and began rolling her hips, pulling my shaft deeper into her pussy. I could feel her pussy squeezing my stronger as her orgasm approached.

My Lady cried out as she came, her pussy squeezing me so hard that I slipped out of her pussy. Due to our position, my cock slipped upwards on the way out of her pussy, dragging the head of my cock across her g-spot. When she squeezed me out, I felt a huge gush of warmth all over my balls – ML was squirting all over me, and my cock slipping out of her pussy triggered it! ML continued to work her clit over with the wand, riding her orgasm even further as her pussy soaked me even more. I looked down, and I saw ML’s pussy sprinkling the head of my cock with her squirt juices. I was being drenched by her pussy, and it was equally awesome and frustrating for me.


Yet another wet spot on our mattress. 🙂

ML still wasn’t finished covering me with her juices, yet. She got up and walked towards the foot of the bed and stood over my face. I could see her pussy was almost dripping, literally. ML lowered her sopping wet pussy right down onto my face, nearly drowning me with her fresh pussy squirt.

ML didn’t let up until my face was completely coated. When she stood up, my face was absolutely drenched. Mercifully, My Lady got me a towel and helped clean my face off after just a few moments… although I swear that I can still smell her pussy on me, as if it has soaked into my skin somehow.

I love it when My Lady squirts for me, it’s so damn fucking hot I swear! We haven’t had much opportunity to have some fun with it – ML often gets a little loud when “letting go” like that, and we don’t want to risk waking the kids up or anything like that. But with the better weather ahead and some days off from work during the week for me, we might have more chances soon.

Cagedmonkey and I finally had a day together, alone in the house all day. Since mid January, our daughter has gone back to school full days which means there should be so much time during the day for play. It just so happens that this area we live in is very “snow day” happy. Every time we’ve had a day come up where cagedmonkey was going to be home some crazy weather anomaly would happen and they would cancel school. It was extremely nice to finally get a day to spend together doing whatever we wanted.

The very first thing I made him do was get the lotion and give me a leg and foot massage right after the kids left on the bus. It was so nice to sit back and get pampered by my subby hubby. Something as easy as a little leg rub felt so good and made me feel so special. After that I instructed him to get the rope from our toy bin and I proceeded to tie him up in a kneeling hog tie rope thing. I’m by no means perfect with my rope skills but I did the best I could and he was bound pretty securely.

While kneeling there, bound, I stroked his cock and teased and edged him. Over and over stroking as he whimpered. Pinching his nipples asking him if he was my good boy? Asking if he was my slutty boy? Asking if he was so horny he would humiliate himself by humping my hand? I made him kneel there and tell me “yes, ma’am, I’m your horny slutty good boy” while he rocked back and forth humping my hand. Hehe it turns me on right now thinking about it.

I took control, once again, of what kind of stroking his cock was going to get. I edged him a couple more times and well, had myself going so much that I accidentally edged him one stroke too much and out dribbled a little cum. It wasn’t a full on ruined orgasm, there really was no twitching or anything, but it was enough that a few drips slowly fell to the floor below.

Of course we couldn’t have an un-punished ruined orgasm so I made him hobble his way over on his knees to the side of the couch, he laid across it and I used my paddle to spank a nice red into his ass cheeks. Since his hands were so nicely tied behind his back, I straddled his back and used his fingers on my wet pussy while spanking him. I was so fucking turned on by the noises he was making I came good and hard on his hands and back and squirted a little puddle onto him as well. It was quite a hot moment. I love the sounds he makes when I spank him, it just soaks my pussy!

So that was the way our morning started the other day. We had a few things to go and do during the day so we did pick up again later in the afternoon… You’ll have to wait to hear about that from Cagedmonkey. 🙂

Friday night was “date night,” our chance to get the kids out of our hair and either go out somewhere for dinner or even just go home and enjoy a house empty of children. With the kids gone, My Lady and I were excited to give our new toys from KTM a try, seeing as it’s hard to set up and use either the stockade or the fucking machine without worrying about the kids coming out of their bedroom and into the living room. With the house to ourselves, there were no such concerns, so ML and I aimed to try them out before I would be out of commission due to my elbow sugery next week (maybe….).

We fetched the toys from the bedroom closet and brought them out to the spacious living room floor. Along with the stockade and the fucking machine, we brought out the fleshlight attachment and the vac-u-lock dildo ML had purchased earlier in the week.

(Side note: I’m not completely oblivious; when the vac-u-lock dildo arrived in the mail, I was a little confused as to why it was only five inches long. Knowing that ML enjoys my significantly larger cock, I wondered why she ordered one so small. I even asked her if it was for me; she said that she didn’t want to go too big for her first try with the machine. I just wanted to point out that I’m not totally in the dark all the time.)

Since I already had a trial run with the machine, it was My Lady’s turn to give it a test drive. She laid down on her back while I positioned the machine between her legs (we really need a name for this thing, other than “the machine”… I’m going with Pete, considering that the name of the model is Sneaky Pete). I began at a slow pace, moving the dildo into and out of ML’s pussy while being careful to watch her to make sure there were no “aiming incidents.”

I was worried that ML might react in a “meh, it’s ok but no big deal” way, but my concerns quickly vanished when she started moaning and reached down to rub her clit. I quickened the pace a little bit, and she started to roll her hips just the tiniest bit. She was starting to enjoy it, rubbing her clit faster, pushing herself to her first machine-induced orgasm. She moaned louder as her orgasm hit, and I let the machine continue fucking her as the pleasure pulsed through her body. As her body continued to tremble, her pussy gushed and squirted as the dildo continued to drive into her pussy. I slowed down Pete as she came down from her orgasm. The smile on her face told me all I needed to know about her opinion of the using the machine.

Next, it was time to try out the stockade. ML and I adjusted the bars to fit my height, setting the waist pad to a position where I could not move my hips and locking the collar so I couldn’t move or even turn my head. It felt amazing to be locked onto it, completely unable to move or adjust my body even the slightest bit. ML had me right where she wanted me, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent her from doing what she wanted to me.

My Lady took a moment to spank my exposed ass until I yelped in pain. Then I heard movement behind me. I tried to turn my head, but the collar prevented me from seeing anything behind me. ML and I had talked about my fantasy of using the fleshlight on me in the stocks, and for a moment I wondered what was taking her so long to get set up. Then, as it slowly dawned on me that ML was able to do ANYTHING, I felt the rubber cock brush against my ass cheek. “Oh God,” I thought, as it became obvious what ML was going to do.

Before I had a chance to beg ML not to, she slid the well lubed dildo into my ass. “Relax,” she said, “it’s going in whether you want it to or not. Just relax.” What choice did I have? I tried my best to relax as she pushed the cock in further, unable to hold back a moan as it slid in deeper. After a pause, with ML graciously allowing me a chance to prepare for what was going to happen, I heard the machine’s drive shaft come to life.

The fake cock slowly pulled back almost all the way out of my ass, then just as slowly stroked back into me. I grunted as I took the full length of the dildo in my ass. In and out, Pete did not stop filling my ass over and over. ML varied the pace, speeding up and slowing down randomly, preventing me from completely adjusting to what was happening. She gave me fast strokes, using the machine to pound my ass. She also gave me incredibly slow strokes, forcing me to feel every inch of the dildo as it slowly violated me.

It was a very intense experience; I had so many thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head and my body. It’s hard for me to keep the thoughts in a particular order, so I decided to just make a list of the things I remember. In no particular order, here are the things I felt and thought about as I was slowly pegged over the better part of an hour:

– I felt completely powerless. The stockade prevented me from moving or even wiggling away from the machine, and it took no rest while it was fucking me.

– I knew we had to pick up the kids at some point, but I had no idea what time it was, as the stockade’s prevented me from turning my head to see the clock. I had no idea how long I would have to endure what was happening to me.

– I felt humiliated. I will admit that when ML used a slower pace, the stimulation on my prostate felt very good. I started moaning because of the pressure building up, and ML started to chuckle, saying that I was “moaning like a little bitch wanting to be fucked.” And, to be honest, that’s how I felt. She was right.

– My cock was dripping precum non-stop. The prodding of my prostate caused my cock to leak like crazy, and I wanted to be stroked so fucking bad. But during the whole ordeal, ML only touched my cock once, squeezing a big gob of precum out of it. The rest of the time, my cock bobbed and twitched, and my hips kept trying to push forward to search for some kind of stimulation. Of course, I couldn’t even move an inch because of the waist pad.

– There was one point where I just kinda gave up and let the machine fuck me. I’m not sure if ML sensed this in me, but she turned up the machine to fuck me faster. The dildo pushed against me, and I felt my body rocking back and forth in the stocks the slightest bit. I immediately pictured what the women look like in porn movies when guys fuck them from behind, rocking them forward with their thrusts. At that moment, I realized the machine was turning me into it’s little slut, and ML was controlling all of it.

– ML came around to the front of the stocks to use my face to please her pussy, but the collar prevented her from getting a good angle. She even got on all fours in front of me and shoved her ass in my face. My mental image of this was fucking insane: Pete pegging me from behind, pushing my face forward into ML’s ass and pussy as she used me like an object. Fuck, I got so turned on. But the collar still prevented ML from getting exactly what she wanted. She ended up unlocking the collar so she could move my head around more freely.

– ML sat on the couch and put her feet up on my back as she watched tv… OMGWTF???? That was when it hit me that this wasn’t going to be some quickie fun play… ML was going to leave me there for as long as she wanted to. It was at this point that I started to beg her to please stop. She said, “No way… I suggest you start liking it because it’s going to be a while before you’re done.” I nearly began to cry after that comment. That’s when it really started to feel like I was being raped. The slow deliberate pace of the thrusting was an even bigger mindfuck.

– I came very close to safewording, but not because of the pegging… my hands were starting to go numb! That, plus I was concerned about my elbow being stressed for so long… rightly concerned, as it turned out, because my elbow was stiff and sore for quite some time after being let out. After my recovery, we need to work on finding a better position for me in the stockade, one that I can be put in for as long as ML wants me there so there.

All in all, it was quite an amazing experience. It’s one of those “I’d definitely do it again… Just not this weekend” things. My ass is still sore from the rough treatment I received, but I’ll admit it’s a type of sore that turns me on. The next time (who knows if/when that will be), I wonder if My Lady will take her turn in pegging me in the stocks!

(The events in this post occurred on Friday night; I’m late writing this post mainly because I’ve been dodging sick family germs for the past two days.)

I never really expected orgasm denial to get “easier” with each successive denial period, but I’ve found that it certainly is the case. It’s been almost a month since my last orgasm and it feels like the time has flown by.

Up until now.

Perhaps it has been the lack of available play time together, but I hadn’t really felt the growing need of my horny before Friday night. My Lady and I finally had some alone time as well as the energy to put that time to good use.

We started our night by watching a couple of episodes of The Americans on Amazon Prime – I highly recommend it, it’s a great show. But I digress… we sat with each other, cuddling and touching and feeling very lovey towards each other. After the show, I really wanted to make love to my wife, even though my cage was still on. As I told her, “I can make love to you without my cock, you know.” I kissed her body everywhere, licking and caressing her stomach all the way up to the sensitive skin on her neck. She was moaning and whimpering the way she does when she is experiencing intense emotions connected to our sex play. I love hearing that, because I know I’m doing something good. 🙂

I moved up her body and began kissing her as I ground my hips between her legs. I could feel her body responding to me, pushing up against me, the energy flowing between us. We locked eyes as the energy peaked and something amazing happened – ML had a strong orgasm right as our lips met. I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply as she came, her body shuddering underneath mine on the couch.

It felt wonderful to make love to her like that. I felt so close to her. It was a wonderful tender moment between the two of us.

Then, the hungry animal inside My Lady took over, and she pushed my down to the floor and straddled my head. She shoved her warm wetness all over my face, soaking me in her delicious juices. I dutifully stuck my tongue out and she immediately began fucking herself with it. Her clit rubbed against my nose as I tongue fucked her, and I felt her pussy pulse as she came again on my face. I couldn’t hear much as her thighs were squeezing my ears tight, but I could feel the waves of pleasure throughout her entire body.

ML lifted her hips and allowed me to slide out from underneath her. I turned around and looked at her, and that feeling hit me: the feeling of furious hunger. I looked at her, on all fours, resting her head on her hands after an amazing orgasm, her beautiful ass and delicious pussy spread wide due to her relaxed posture. I wanted to take her. I needed to fuck her. It wasn’t a choice; I couldn’t resist. The only thing holding me back was the steel cage that was still locked on my cock.

So I did the next best thing to slamming my cock in her pussy and fucking her as hard as I could – I did it with my fingers instead. I shoved two fingers into her pussy, and she gasped in surprise pleasure. She began to moan again and pushed her hips back into me. Her body shook with pleasure again, and again I was overcome by an urge I couldn’t resist. Her twitching asshole just looked so goddamn sexy, I shoved my tongue as deep as I could while I fingerfucked her harder and deeper. ML moaned even louder as I attacked both of her holes in a sexual frenzy.

It only took her a few minutes to come again, this time she was unable to hold back her screams as her pussy gushed all over my hand and dripped down to the floor below. She was completely spent, as was I. The only difference was that I had to get up and go to work while she was able to lounge on the couch and enjoy her post-orgasm haze.

Since that night, I’ve felt the level of my horniness increase. When the sexual frenzy inside me flares up, it’s difficult to put out the fire. It’s especially difficult when I’ve been denied for a while. It’s almost impossible when ML is deliberately trying to make those flare ups happen. But to be honest, I love how it feels to need her that badly. I love the hunger that comes with needing her that much, feeding off of her sexual pleasure, and wanting nothing more than to give her that pleasure. It drives me insane, and I love it.

So I was completely unaware of this, but all of those times in the past that My Lady has squirted during sex with me she was really just pissing on me.

At least, that’s what the wonderful people over at the clickbait website Vice would have you believe.

A recent article was brought to my attention, titled, “Squirting is Just Peeing, Say Scientists.” I gave it a read, and I have issues with claims that are made in the article. To be honest, I wasn’t surpised at the level of investigative journalism from a site that features a link to an article titled “Brazil Is Grieving Over a Beauty Queen’s Rotting Ass” on its sidebar.

The article at least has the conscience to provide a link to the study abstract. My first question is: who exactly are these scientists? They got a nice gig going on here. “No, we aren’t watching these women orgasm over and over because we’re creeps… this is SCIENCE!!!” You can’t tell me that these pervs didn’t go home every day and jerk off as hard as they possibly could.

With that out of the way, reading through the abstract exposes a lot of problems with the study. They went about observing seven women (also known in the scientific community as an absurdly small sample size) who reported massive fluid release during sex (the article specifically mentions a cupfull of liquid, which, yeah, I would consider massive). So not only do we have a small sample size, but we also have selection bias going on. BAD SCIENCE ALERT!!!

They basically picked women who would give them the best chance to prove their theory (if you’re squirting a cup full of liquid when you cum, there’s a decent chance some of it might be urine, because duh, that’s a lot of goddamn fluid) and stopped when the data supported them.

Let me tell you what I know, from firsthand (and firstcock) knowledge. I’m pretty sure when ML squirts that it isn’t pee. There are a few reasons I believe this. First, ML can feel the difference between when I’m stimulating her in a squirty way and when I’m starting to hit her bladder, and so can I. Second, the fluid that comes out does not look, smell, or taste like pee. It has a very potent musky scent, and it turns me on like fucking crazy. Piss doesn’t do that for me. Third (and this is the best evidence, in my opinion), just about every time ML squirts, she feels the need to go pee after, and she pees A LOT. It’s enough to be like , “okay, if that squirt was piss, where is all this coming from?” The study claims that the women had empty bladders after orgasm; ML’s bladder is anything but.

So why is there such a disagreement? I’m guessing that the women in the study already had some sort of incontinence issue already. I mean, how else are you going to squirt a cup full of fluid? It’s actually not that big of a deal to me. Whether it’s piss or not, I still think it’s fucking sexy when M Lady’s pussy squirts. It’s mindblowing to think that her pussy squirts a lot more often than my cock does. I love it when she squirts all over me, soaks my body in her juices, and even forces me to drink it down. If it’s pee, then so be it. What’s most important is that it makes both ML and me horny, and it certainly does that!


I think it’s so damn hot that My Lady can squirt. It is such an extreme, visual expression of ML’s reaction to my touch. Also, her orgasms that follow it are usually very strong, and she gets very vocal when she cums. The smell of her juices is amazing and turns me on like nothing else.

During the past week, My Lady has had a strong craving to have my cock as often as she can. This works well for me, because after having my cock locked up for almost 3 weeks, I am definitely in the mood to give it to her in as many was as possible. One thing that surprises me is that I am able to actually perform for a decent amount of time before I get close to cumming. It’s not a crazy long amount of time, but I manage to please My Lady while denying myself at the same time (brag). I’ve gotten better at recognizing the feelings that come with the approach of my orgasm, and I’m learning to manage those sensations to keep myself from going too far. However, sometimes I still need to perform “emergency exit procedures” (a.k.a. pulling my cock out of her pussy as fast as possible).

The most frustrating thing about the deliberate pace I must use is that I always sometimes want to pound her pussy hard and fast. In my state, I can’t do that for more than a few seconds before I’m in big trouble. So I take what I can get and fuck ML as hard as I can for 2-3 seconds at a time. Can ya blame me? 🙂

The other night, ML unlocked me and both of us were pretty needy for some hot sex. I startes off by licking her pussy as she lounged on the couch, legs spread wide open so my tongue could reach her warm wetness. I took my time, kissing and licking her pussy lips all over as well as pushing my tongue inside her. She moaned as she petted the back of my head, complimenting my tongue techniques as she enjoyed the feelings. A few moments later, she instructed me to use my fingers on her. I slid two fingers inside her, fucking her pussy with them as I sucked her cilt softly into my mouth and swirled my tongue over and around the sensitve flesh. It wasn’t long before I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers as her orgasm hit her.

My fingers were only an appetizer for her, apparently. ML pulled me up to her, nearly sliding my cock into her slippery wet pussy in the process. After just a bit of aiming, my cock was inside her pussy. God, it felt soooooooo fucking good. It always does! I couldn’t hold back and I wanted to fuck her hard so I started my off-and-on pounding; ML gasped in surprised pleasure, only to let out a disappointed groan when I had to stop.

“More,” she told me. “Fuck me hard more, pound my pussy!”

Since I am not one to disobey, I started fucking her hard again. Then I quickly realized a prolem – I didn’t give myself enough “down time” between hard thrusts. That, combined with the hot sexy noises that ML was making, started getting me excited very fast. I was very close to cumming a lot quicker than I expected At just about the last moment, I pulled my cock out of ML’s pussy and practically jumped off the couch…

… just in time to get a good view of My Lady’s pussy gushing onto our brand new couch! (It was going to happen eventually, hehe)

There was a pretty good amount of squirt, and neither ML nor I were trying to make it happen. We both had the exactl same reaction: “We gotta try that again!”

After flipping the cushion, grabbing a towel, and moving to the floor – we are trying to put off soaking all of our furniture with our sex juices for as long as possible – we were at it once again. I fucked her pussy nice and deep for a few thrusts then quickly pulled out again, and ML drenched the towel with her squirting pussy!

I helped ML to her feet, and I immediately had another idea… I turned ML around and slid my cock into her pussy from behind in a standing semi-doggy position. A couple of quick hard thrusts had ML squealing in pleasure, until I abruptly pulled out once again; my cock was followed by a river of pussy juice running down her legs. God damn, I love making her squirt. I did it another two times, each time more pussy juice was just pouring out of her. Of course, i was a good sub and I cleaned up the mess I made, licking the juices off of her legs from heel to pussy, covering my face with her musky scent.

ML and I talked afterwards, and I confessed to her that I find it really sexy that she can squirt and that I’d like to see her do it more often. Some of my bondage/domination fantasies would be absolutely fucking killer hot if she were to squirt all over my body with her pussy while she cums over and over. She seemed to like that idea, as well.

Yes, that is what would have been overheard during the moans from some fantastic sex last night. Nevermind me being on my period, I was too damn horny to care about that. I demanded my cagedmonkey get out of the mighty steel I keep wrapped around his cock and fuck me like I needed.

It was actually a very exciting and funny moment. It started out with some intense making out on the couch. We were pretty much simulating sex and dry humping each other like a couple of horny teenagers. Since our parents (aka the kids lol) were sleeping, it gave us a lovely opportunity to play. All the groping and kissing and licking and giggling had us eventually rolling off the couch onto the floor. I got so turned on by it all that I rolled hubby right over onto his back and started roughly grinding down on his caged cock. It was right about then when I said get out of that cage and fuck me. He kinda looked stunned but didn’t hesitate. He unscrewed the security screw, slid the cage off of his quickly hardening cock and quickly slid off the ring before his cock was raging. I love the grunting noise he makes as his dick slips out from the grip of the steel bars. It gets me deep in my core and sends tingles down into my pussy.

Once he was out of the cage he slipped his rock hard erection into my tight pussy. I have to be thankful that he likes football because while he was pounding my pussy the only thing he could do was watch tv and keep his mind off the fact that he was thrusting his cock into my warm pink slippery cunt. He knows he does not have permission to cum so he had to do whatever he could to please me like I wanted without having an unauthorized orgasm. He was marvelous, as always. He held off like a champ.

I certainly wasn’t done with him there. I turned myself over, pushed up onto all fours and told him to fuck me good and hard. He pounded me from behind fast, deep and hard over and over. I’m so glad my moaning didn’t wake up the kids! I know it wasn’t long that he was slamming his cock into from behind but it was so fucking good and I came so hard, as he pulled out I felt that familiar squirt and looked down between my legs just as it was spraying the carpet below. It really was a very hot moment and I just kinda giggled out loud and said, “I just squirted on the Floor.” To which my lovely husband stated, “yes you did.”

There seems to be one particular subject that is gripping the minds of many of the followers out there.

Melly’shubby writes:

I’m interested in trying to get my wife to squirt. Could you describe how you do it?

Kiwi writes:

Your bride complemented you on your squirting stimulation technique. Do you have any pointers for a newbie?

Ah, yes, the magical squirting pussy. It really is an amazing sight, especially the first time it happens for you. First off, a little technical knowledge:

To all the naysayers out there, I say to you with a loudly tuned bullhorn – female ejaculate is not urine! Believe it or not, there have been serious medical studies performed that prove this. My Lady and I are under the impression that almost every woman has the capacity to squirt, they just need to be open to the idea. ML has mentioned to me that, before squirting became a thing for us, that she would sometimes feel the urge to pee during an orgasm. She would hold it in, because who wants to get pissed on during sex, right? Okay, maybe some people do, but that’s a subject for a whole different post. Turns out that is wasn’t an urge to pee, it was an urge to release her juices.

The two most important things to remember when attempting to “make it rain” as it were, are:

1) relaxation – the woman needs be completely relaxed. She also needs to know that no matter what happens you are going to be cool with it, not turned off or grossed out. It’s a lot like anal sex, now that I think about it.  🙂

2) practice – although it took some trial and error to get there, I can pretty much make ML squirt on command. 🙂 Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work 100% of the time right out of the gate.

Before I explain my technique, I want to make it clear that I am not some all-knowing, squirt master guru. I only know what I know, and I know that this technique works for us. You may find a better way that works for you. If so, go with that. I’m not writing up instructions on how to build an IKEA cabinet here.  🙂

The first time my wife squirted, I was playing with her pussy and for some unexplained reason, I decided to try to go for it make it happen. I was aware of the possibility of squirting and knew the fact that it wasn’t urine but something else entirely – I honestly don’t know what it is, but I don’t care really.  🙂  So, while I was doing it and I could feel her pussy reacting (I will explain the technique I use later, but it involves paying attention to how the woman’s vagina is squeezing), I kept telling her things like “it’s okay, baby” and “just let it go” and “just let it happen.” Basically, I didn’t want her to be shy and pull back, I wanted her to let loose. And she did! I made her squirt twice that time, and we both were amazed at how much she soaked the carpet! Since that first time, we’ve learned some stuff and now it’s very easy for me to make it happen. Often times she will be squirting within seconds of me starting! It’s pretty awesome.

Ok, now for the important stuff – how to make it happen. I find it works best when using 1 finger only, I use my middle finger most often, but any one you are comfortable with would work. You aren’t looking for depth here, you are looking for precision. Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT want to aim for the G-spot; the G-spot is actually too far in. You need to back out just the tiniest bit to hit the correct spot. To visualize the exact location, you are pretty much aiming for where the woman’s clitoris would be if it went straight through into her vagina. Once you are at the proper spot, you want to curl your finger towards yourself (assuming the woman is facing you). This is commonly referred to as the “come hither” motion. I would rather call it the “come hither” position – a small distinction, but very important, as you will see.

Another misconception is that once you find the spot, you should start thrusting or rubbing against the target spot in the vagina. This may work from time to time, but I have found a technique that is much more reliable. Imagine that your middle finger is placed where it needs to be, curled slightly inside the vagina, pressing against the inner front wall. Your palm should be resting pretty much flat against her pussy. The motion you need is to move you hand back and forth at the elbow and forearm, you should hold your wrist in its position. To get the motion right, try to focus on rubbing her clit with the heel of your palm while your finger stays in the right spot inside her.

After a while, you will be able to feel the walls of your woman’s vagina start squeezing you finger. She may also be moaning quite a bit by now.  🙂  When you start to feel the squeezing, you need to add the slightest bit of upward motion to your hand movement. Press just a little harder on her pussy when you are moving back and less when you move forward, almost moving your hand in a slight oval. You will feel your wife’s pussy begin to contract even more, it may even feel as if the walls are pushing against your finger in waves. This is good. When you feel this, keep the hand motion up, but use your finger to massage the walls that are squeezing against you (you will most likely have to move upwards a little more, to where the G-spot actually is). Keep pushing as the walls push back. Soon (hopefully), you’ll feel a warm, wet liquid flow over your palm. Success!  🙂

My Lady and I have found that she tends to squirt more when she can use the muscles in her thighs to push. For example, it is easier to make her squirt when she is standing up or squatting (over my face, usually), than when she is lying down. However, she has been learning how to squeeze just the right way while laying down to get a nice spray going; the distance she squirts often surprises me! Also, make sure you prepare for “the worst” when trying this out – double layer some towels underneath her. My Lady has soaked the couch/carpet/mattress many times because we thought that one towel would be enough! Just something to think about.

Hopefully this technique will work for you, and pretty soon the comments section will be filled with stories from readers who have soaked themselves silly with pussy juices. Just don’t come after me looking to take care of your laundry bill!

Good luck!

cagedmonkey: My Lady has really begun to enjoy the practice of queening. She sits atop me, covering my face with her pussy and asshole. On prior occasions, she uses this as a way to play with breath control, limiting my oxygen as she forces me to tongue fuck her pussy. The other day was a little different – she sat facing my feet, her pussy covering the top half of my face while my mouth was free to breathe… although I was using it mostly to lick her swollen clit .

She was getting into it, enjoying herself very much as she rubbed her pussy up and down on my face. My nose was pressing between her pussy lips as I sucked and licked her clit. I love it when she takes charge like this and basically fucks my face the way she wants it. 🙂

Then I notice her reaching for one of her new favorite toys – the magic wand. 🙂 She turned in on, and soon I felt the vibrations of the wand pulsing through her pussy right down to my mouth. It didn’t take her very long to begin to moan and her hips to writhe against my face. Another few moments and she was cumming hard; I felt her pussy quiver on my face, and her hips press down onto my face. I was frantically licking her clit, trying to push her farther through her orgasm. Then, suddenly… My Lady was squirting pussy juice RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH!! I could hear her moaning loudly, and my mouth was quickly filling up with her warm pussy juice! I had no choice but to swallow it all, but the squirting did not stop. As I swallowed, she continued squirting on my face, her juices running down my face and neck, soaking my pillow in the process.

All in all, I had to swallow three times until My Lady was finished hosing me down with her pussy! She was shaking as she lifted herself off of me, and was amazed by how much she had squirted.

It was SOOOOO FUCKING HOT!!! I absolutely love it when My Lady squirts. For one, I know she is in the middle of an intense orgasm when she does, and I very often have a sympathetic orgasm/body spasm when it happens. Secondly, it is a huge mindfuck – My Lady is squirting cum from her pussy, meanwhile I can’t squirt cum from my cock while I am locked in my cage! It’s almost as if she’s taunting me as she’s cumming her brains out!

Lady M:

I just love taking a few minutes our of the day to go up and sit on cagedmonkey’s face. It feels so good to be in control of how and when my pussy will be licked. It feels incredible to grind down on his face and fuck myself with his tongue. The one thing that makes me moan the most is when he sticks out and firms up his tongue and I push down hard to penetrate my asshole. I love to pull my cheeks apart to make more room to get him in deeper.

The other day wasn’t meant to be any different other than I sent the kids outside to play in the snow so I was hoping to get a bit loud. I guess I got what I wanted! I went up, woke him up as I situated myself on his face and started to slide my pussy up and down on his face. I was rubbing his nose from my asshole to my clit over and over. Pretty much everyday my pussy is very sloppy wet and horny so he was already getting a good slathering. 🙂

While I was up there I sat up and leaned back so I was sitting upright on his face which pushed my ass a little more toward his forehead. I thought, “oooo it would be great to rub my clit right now and force him feel me cum without him doing it!” So I did just that… I had my clit just above his mouth and started rubbing it as I was grinding down on his nose. It felt so good and I loved being able to moan out loud, but I just wasn’t getting to climax as quickly as I wanted to in that position. I figured I might as well try to push it along faster by using my rather new Magic Wand. So far it hadn’t been super productive but I figured it can’t hurt to try. I reached under my pillow next to him (that’s where I keep my wand plugged in for whenever I want to use it) and pulled out the wand. I’m sure he had no clue what I was doing until he felt the vibrations! I placed the end of the wand just at the top of my clit so he could continue to lick as frantically as he already was.

It really did not take too long, as I was so aroused and half way to orgasm as it was, for me to hit my peak. I was already moaning so loud from riding his face but wow, did it feel good to push through that orgasm and be able to let it out. It was an amazing, hard, long cum too and I felt myself squirt a little. Once I squirt a little, you might as well get a bucket and a mop because there go the gushes! My thighs tightened against the sides of his head and shook as my entire body tensed up and convulsed. My back pressed against the wall as I felt my pussy tightening and relaxing over and over like waves coming from the inside out. I felt the muscles push and the big gush of pussy juice… and then again and again. I was overflowing cagedmonkey’s mouth with my warm juices.

From the moment I switched on that wand all I could hear was the muffled “fuck, oh fuck” coming from hubby’s mouth. I suspect he knew he was about to be swallowing a lot of my sweet yummy squirts. Talk about HOT! I just loved hearing him moan and gasp like that and trying to talk while his mouth is buried between my pussy lips.

It seemed like my orgasm went on for like 5 mins, moaning so loud and breathing so hard. My body seemed to tense up more and more with each contraction. After what felt like forever my shoulder started to hurt to the point of me not being able to handle it. I had to pull the wand away and I just kinda fell forward onto cagedmonkey’s chest and stomach. I laid there breathing heavy knowing that if my shoulder didn’t hurt I could have kept going and feeling that amazing orgasm even longer. I certainly wasn’t done and it lingered the rest of the day.

Life had other plans than me enjoying that orgasm any longer. I’m kinda glad God has a hand in it because as soon as I regained my composure we heard little boots thumping on the floor downstairs. It was the kids coming in from playing in the snow! 🙂 I climbed off cagedmonkey, slid my pants back on, walked down the stairs and asked the kids if they had fun… as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, left upstairs breathing heavy on the bed, was my husband trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. 🙂

Talk about good timing!