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Nothing all that out of the ordinary happened during the day Monday, unless you count constantly being teased by My Lady out of the ordinary (which I don’t). She was extra-secretive about it, however, sending me texts across the room or sometimes even a silent head nod when she wanted to take me into another room and tease my cock.
ML started the day early, meeting me in the kitchen before I was even able to make my breakfast. She squeezed and massaged my balls through my shorts while my daughter was watching TV before her homeschooling started. I was nervous about being found out, but ML used her eagle ears to keep us safe while she made my knees nearly buckle underneath me. I was already semi-erect after waking up, but her touch had me hard and throbbing within moments. She kissed me and left me there trembling as she went into the other room to start her day.
Later on in the morning, ML set up our daughter with an assignment and signaled for me to meet her in the kitchen again. I was two steps behind her. Once safely in the other room, she spun around and slid her finger inside my mouth; it was already wet with her delicious pussy juices. As I sucked her finger clean, she reached into my shorts and began to stroke my stiffening cock. My hips began to move against her hand, but she stopped before I was able to start enjoying it too much. She exited the kitchen to continue her work as I stood there with the taste of her pussy in my mouth and my cock dripping precum into my underwear.
My Lady’s sneakiness didn’t end there.

That afternoon, ML sent me a text while the kids were playing video games:

Meet me in the bedroom in 3 minutes.

When I walked in the bedroom, the first thing I saw was my wife’s perfect sexy ass, naked and bent over the side of the bed. “Come here and give it to me,” she said. I was rock hard in seconds, and my cock was in her pussy just a few seconds later. I was pulling her hips back against mine, driving my cock deeper into her with each thrust. I was only able to go for a few seconds before I felt my orgasm sneaking up on me and I had to pull out to avoid cumming.

ML turned around and began to squeeze and rub my slick cock with her hand. Her touch felt so nice after being in her pussy, I began to moan; I wanted to cum so badly. Then I heard My Lady’s voice in my ear, urging me to stay quiet. She hushed me as she put a finger to my lips. “Shhhhh,” she whispered, “not so loud. You don’t want the kids to hear, do you?”


I struggled to stay quiet as ML teased my aching cock. She took me right to the edge before releasing her grip and walking to the bedroom door. “Edge one more time, then put your cage back on before you come out,” she instructed. The edge came quickly, and I was overflowing with precum by the time I was soft enough to wear the cage again.  Back in the living room, My Lady gave me a wicked smile, knowing exactly what was going on in my mind and body and knowing that she was the one causing it.