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ML and I haven’t really had a lot of time to write lately… no, we aren’t occupied with incredible horny sex games or anything like that. It’s a much more mundane reason – we are both sick.

Kinda sucks, but we are actual people and it happens from time to time. Right now, we are just focusing on trying to feel better before Christmas and avoid getting the kids too sick in the process.

It was brought to my attention that, after my cliffhanger of a revelation about my health status, I never posted a follow up on the blog. I did send out some updates on Twitter, but not all of our blog readers follow us on Twitter, so some people were left in the dark.

So, shoot me.

There… all better now?

So, the good news is that after that post I found out that things weren’t as serious as they could have been: some labs test results I received were looking really bad, so it’s not like I went completely overboard over something small – it was a legitimate concern. However, follow up tests showed that I must have grabbed an invincibility powerup at some point – despite the really bad looking lab results, my organs were in pretty good shape with no major damage showing.

At that point, good news was good news, but I wasn’t out if the woods yet: I still needed to go through some treatment in order to prevent any further damage…

I’m about halfway through the treatment/meds process, and things are going very well so far… great news!

I know, I’ve been kinda secretive with some details, and I’m not quite sure why… none of the details would be particularly identifying or anything. I guess I don’t want to get TOO deep into this stuff on a chastity/orgasm denial/sex blog. But it’s important to show that we are real people who deal with real life problems, and who enjoy real life successes and real life happiness, aside from all the kinky sex stuff we write about.

So, um, yeah… not really sure how to approach this subject on a sex/chastity/orgasm denial blog, but I promised to be real and talk about everything, so….

I found out today that I’m sick. Not just “cough and cold” sick; I’m talking about “there’s a not-so-small chance I may end up needing an organ transplant” sick.

Yeah, no, seriously.

Now, don’t go freaking out – I did enough of that this afternoon for all of us put together. I haven’t even talked to my doctor yet, although I know enough about lab tests to understand the situation I’m in. It’s not really worth going into the details, except to say that:

  1. It’s serious.
  2. It needs to be addressed right away.
  3. I’m not dead yet. πŸ™‚

That’s the thing… I’m not “symptomatic” sick, which is a blessing. I have a chance to handle this and, while not getting myself back to perfect health, keep myself at the decent level of health I’m currently at. Although, not being symptomatic keeps my horniness from not cumming for three months from going away… which is another blessing, I guess.

So, seriously… relax. I’m not going anywhere just yet. I’m still the horny, desperate, orgasm denied monkey I’ve been for the last few years. And My Lady and I are going to do everything we can to keep it that way.

I’ve had a few people contact me asking where I’ve been. I haven’t been making my normal rounds on the websites, haven’t been commenting as much or anywhere near Twitter. I want to let you all know that I am sick and not feeling well at all right now. I, once again, have drug resistant E Coli which takes a little bit to get rid of. The doctors are checking everything out to see what the cause is (hopefully) and today I had a CT scan done. I won’t know results for a few days and then I have some other testing and procedures to go through.

Anyway, I am on antibiotics now and hopefully I will be feeling a bit more myself shortly. Don’t get into to much trouble without me lol! 

Man, this cold has really been kicking my ass. As My Lady mentioned in earlier posts, I missed a couple days of work, which is fairly rare for me. Even over the weekend, I was feeling like crap. I’m much better now, although I’ve still got some sinus congestion; it’s a major mood killer when I have to pull back from a passionate kiss to sniff some snot dribbles back into my nose.

The one thing I have noticed is that the “horn” has definitely started coming back. When ML is near me, I feel a surge of desire that drives me closer to her. The last two nights while leaving for work, I haven’t been able to resist kissing her fiercely. Tonight, I even pushed her up against the wall and kissed her, causing her to moan and grind her body against me. It’s been a while since I’ve been inside her pussy with anything (thanks to her cycle), and I think she’s starting to feel the frustration of that, as well.

I also have some good news on the horizon to report – very soon, I will be having surgery to help fix my elbow. It’s been a pain for quite some time now, and to be quite honest, it interferes with our sex life. Missionary is sometimes a challenge of finding the best way to take weight off of my arm, and you can imagine how difficult certain bondage positions can be for me. After the surgery and recovery, I should be in much better shape. I seriously cannot wait! I’ve been wanting to get this done for years now, and I finally found a doctor who was willing to consider surgery an option.

So, here’s to getting healthy and hopefully staying that way!


Thanks to the moving preparations and also my current coming-down-with-a-cold-ness, there hasn’t been all that much horny play between My Lady and me during the past week. I mean, sure, I wake up with my cock pressing hard against the bars of my cage, but I haven’t had that “I’ll run through a concrete wall to fuck you” feeling for a couple days now. I guess that’s what getting sick will do to you. Understandably, I’m just not feeling the horniness right now.

But then again, I am. The desire for my wife certainly is there, no doubt about it. In fact, even with my sinuses all stuffy and gross, I still feel a sexual connection with ML that is stronger than even before we started chastity play. We are still touching and squeezing each other whenever we can (when the eyes of children are more upon us), and when we cuddle together we both have the inescapable urge to grind together. I still feel the electricity coming off of her skin when I touch her, and I still have to take a moment and recollect my thoughts when I see that sexy ass of hers.

Could it be that the intensity of my sexual desire has been recalibrated? It seems as though even when I’m at my lowest horny point – sick, distracted, preoccupied – things are still more intense than they ever were before we started this adventure. And now when things get really intense, it’s completely off the charts crazy!

Yup… I could get used to living like this. πŸ™‚

My Lady and I have been fighting off a very severe cold/flu for almost a week now, but things are finally starting to turn the corner towards healthy. Finally! Perfect timing, too, since ML’s cycle is just about finishing up as well. What does this mean? It means that we are back to being the crazy horny fucking perverts that we have come to be!

Tonight after I put the kids to bed upstairs, My Lady and I shared a wonderful shower together. She soaped up my back (yum!) and I dutifully soaped up her entire body (double yum!). It was nice to hold her close to me and kiss her under the warm water, especially with winter hanging out just a little too long around here. I even washed ML’s hair, giving her a nice shampoo and conditioner treatment. I couldn’t resist giving her hair a slight playful pull as I massaged the conditioner in; this led to her bending over just the tiniest bit, and shortly after I slid a finger inside her nicely cleaned asshole. She moaned as I softly thrusted in and out; ML sounds so sexy when she moans in the shower.Β  πŸ™‚

When we were out of the shower, her naked body was too much for me to resist. I began kissing her soft skin, moving my way down until I was on my knees in front of her. I began licking her clit and My Lady wasted no time in pushing me down on the floor and straddling my face, shoving her pussy down onto my mouth. I greedily licked her pussy, glad to finally be able to taste My Lady’s juices once again. She pulled my hands up to her tits, making me squeeze them as she came all over my face. Both of us were smiling as I picked myself up off of the floor; we’ve BOTH been missing this so badly!!!

Before I left for work, we once again took a moment to get a little frisky (kissing, rubbing My Lady’s clit, making her cum standing next to me as I held her close). Taking that moment started pushing me into “gonna be late” territory, so I asked ML if she would help get my dinner together. We both went to the kitchen; I went to the cupboard for snacks and she went to the fridge for the leftovers set aside for me. I turned around and saw her amazing, jaw-droppingly perfect, round, naked ass as she was bent over looking in the fridge. On instinct, I dropped to my knees behind her and shoved my tongue into her asshole.

Oh God, the sounds she made were just fucking OOOOOOH! She was breathing very heavy, and she pushed her ass back into my face, wanting more of my tongue. I stood up and saw her, grasping the door handle of the fridge, shuddering because she was so turned on. I couldn’t possibly just let it end there, could I? Of course not!

I pushed her down to bend her over just a little more, rubbed her beautiful ass with my hand, and gave her a nice hard spank on her right ass cheek. My Lady gasped and moaned, wriggling her ass back and forth. I spanked her again, and she moaned even louder. Then, My Lady started ordering me, “Spank me again, harder.” And I did, each time giving her a harder slap and she would moan even louder after each one. Then I slid a finger inside her pussy, spanking her ass as I thrusted deep inside her. Her legs began to tremble and her moans crept closer to becoming screams of pleasure/pain.

I could tell she was on the verge of another orgasm. I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “You know I’m going to spank you HARD right when you cum, right?” All My Lady could do was nod as her orgasm rushed towards her. I felt her body stiffen and her moans of impending orgasm began. At the moment I could feel her passion reach it’s highest point, I shoved my finger as deep as I could and gave her the hardest slap possible. My Lady arched her back and let out a loud, passionate moan; I could feel her pussy clenching hard on my finger. She came hard! It must have been triggered by the spank on her ass, but I could tell it was very intense. And DAMN was her ass so red when I was finished with her.Β  πŸ™‚

It was so nice to have this time with My Lady, finally after so much time away from her. The horny definitely has come back for both of us, and I’m sure ML is going to use me to satisfy herself as much as possible to make up for the week we missed. I, on the other hand, will be waiting a much longer time for my satisfaction….

It’s unlike us not to update often but we’ve been dealing with what’s felt like death over here. All four of us got hit with the worst flu ever! It started Thursday night with our youngest who was doing alright by Saturday morning. We thought we made it through missing something horrible. Boy were we wrong, Saturday evening our daughter was throwing up, later in the evening cagedmonkey was hit and down for the count and last came me.
This was one of the worst rounds of illness to hit our house. I can’t remember a time when all four of us went down! The bad part was by yesterday morning the kids were feeling better but mommy and daddy couldn’t even move without vomiting. So the kids were basically taking care of themselves for an entire day. Thank God for Oscar Mayer Lunchables! We were all so sick the kids missed their gymnastics recital yesterday too. We even had to call up a friend and ask if they could bring over some ginger ale and saltines. It really was bad but I’m happy that by yesterday evening cagedmonkey was feeling well enough to get the kids ready for bed.

Today we are all on the mend other than some body aches, congestion and all that. Our bellies are getting themselves sorted out. I can also tell we’re starting to feel better when cagedmonkey and I have started to grope each other and actually feeling a little horny again.

I’ll be posting later to tell you all how freaking exciting and awesome it was having 5 whole hours to ourselves kid free on Saturday morning before the evil illness kicked in. πŸ™‚

Stay tuned!

I’m really tired of being sick, how is it possible that I feel worse this morning?!

That doesn’t really stop me for the most part. When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling particularly horny or anything because I felt like shit. However, cagedmonkey and I have a communication notebook and I was writing in it and got myself worked up anyway. I decided to pay him a visit upstairs while he was sleeping. I did just snuggle with him for a bit, until he put his knee between my legs and I started grinding on his thigh. I rubbed myself to a soft orgasm, it was nice, but it only made matters worse. I ended up sitting on his face and getting myself a good pussy licking. I love him being in the Jail Bird because I get to lick him and play with him while his face is shoved in my pussy. I came a few times and then another by my own hand before I headed back downstairs.

I don’t know if it’s me being sick, going to start my cycle or what but I’m emotionally sensitive today too. I feel like everything is a criticism. Maybe its just me because I’m sick, haven’t cleaned my house, folded the laundry or anything all week and I feel bad about it. Maybe I’m the one being over critical about myself so I’m putting it on others as them thinking that. I feel like I’ll never live up to expectations today. Like I’m not good enough for anything.

What a fantastic way for a Dominant woman & Keyholder to be, huh? Ugh!


Wanna know how desperate I am to cum? I got sick with a cold, and I’m still fucking horny as hell!

I spent a good part of yesterday cooking upΒ a nice little cold, and by the end of the night it was bad enough that I ended up calling in sick to work. Did that stop me from following My Lady around like a lapdog all day long, asking her if there was any way to serve her, sexual or otherwise? Of course not. In fact, we even shared a shower later on in the night. I sensually washed My Lady’s incredibly sexy body, getting down on my knees in the shower to wash her feet and legs. I also played with her pussy, giving her a nice strong orgasm which may or may not have including squirting; couldn’t really tell with the warm water rushing down our bodies.

And this morning, just ten minutes ago, I woke up next to My Lady’s naked body next to me in bed. She was still sleeping, cuddled up next to me. I ran my hands up and down her side, brushing her hip with my fingertips. I gently pushed her to roll her over on to her stomach, taking care not to wake her up. I softly squeezed her ass and then slid my hand up between her legs. I rubbed my fingers up and down the lips of ML’s already wet pussy (what was she dreaming about, I wonder?), before pushing a finger all the way inside on one thrust.

My Lady moaned deeply and loudly. I absolutely LOVE waking her up like that and seeing her reaction. Even though she is still half asleep, she still bucks her hips back to meet my hand, unconsciously wanting more of my touch. I continued this forΒ a few minutes until I knew she was awake, but I stopped before she had a chance to cum – unfortunately, My Lady is also sick, and unlike her intensely horny toy (ME!), she doesn’t seem to need an orgasm today. Yet. πŸ™‚ When she wakes up, that could possibly change. As I’ve been going crazier and crazier with horny, she’s been wanting it more and more as well.

At the very least, I hope that we shake off this cold soon… it’s not doing me any good to be sick AND horny!!!