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So there I am drafting a great post on communication and how cagedmonkey and I just worked through a little issue of where he didn’t notice some old behavior creeping back in. We talked, I let him know how I felt and, Yay, better.

Well before writing said post I teased hubby a bit and told him to get himself nice and hard for me and keep himself that way… because I’d be in to use him soon… yeah, keep going baby… I’ll be right in, I promise… I’m almost done, I’ll be right there. Yeah, haha I made him keep stroking himself a bit before I headed down the hallway. About 1 minute into burying his big thick cock deep inside my pussy while on top I hear, “mama HELLLLLLLLLP!”
I loudly respond, dick inside me, “what do you need, honey?”
To which she says (with an echoish sound?), “mama please just come here…”
Fuck she’s in the bathroom, so I climb off cagedmonkey, thrown on whatever pants I grabbed off the floor, open the bedroom door to find my girl child had spilled her insides full of left over Chinese food from the living room, through the dining room, down the hallway and did manage to get some in the toilet too.


I REALLY did try to clean it up but gagged so bad doing it, I pissed my own pants hahahaha. Yup, I’m that awesome! So instead of napping, my super hero of a hubby was on his hands and knees cleaning our childs puke out of the carpet while I was changing my pants.

I’m pretty sure that diffused any amount of horny we had today… but then again, the day is only half over.