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***Update to my previous post: I just went upstairs, took Pearl, lubed it up and woke cagedmonkey with it pressing against his tight, uninviting asshole. He moaned so incredibly loud as I pushed passed his clenched, tight ass. He definitely was not ready for it! My pussy was literally dripping down my thighs because I was enjoying the amount of control I had over him. I went to the toy box and got my new strapless strap on, I figured it was a great time to try it out. I slid it up into my sloppy wet pussy and lubed up the other end and positioned myself behind cagedmonkey. Laying on his stomach, arms restrained above his head and his cage pressing into the mattress I swirled my hips into him… or so I tried… the strapless strap on does NOT stay in hands-free. Not one single bit. I held it with my hand and gave him a good pegging. He was moaning so loud and good and his reactions just caused my pussy to get wetter and hornier! Finally I needed to cum so I climbed up and straddled hubby’s ass and used his little sexy round butt to rub my pussy. I came all over his ass, covering him in my pussy juices.

I wasn’t quite done yet so I grabbed my wand, laid next to him on the bed and let the wand take me to orgasm heaven. Once I came with the wand I wanted it again and again but it made me want to feel him while using the wand. That’s just not possible while locked in a steel cage so I released one of his hands from the restraints and he slid two fingers inside made and pushed me, along with the wand, to an outstanding whole body, wiggling, shaking, writhing and ultimately squirting on the bed, screaming orgasm. My throat hurts!

What an amazing morning!

A bit after I left him laying in the juices I got this text:


Looking for ideas to spice up your play?

So much fun! I wonder what else I’ll get up to today since its only 11am! 🙂