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Happy New Year to all of you amazing people!!!

Thank you so much for enjoying another year with us, on this journey. Our blog wouldn’t be what it is without all of you so thank you for being a part of it and for reading and commenting!

We are so excited to be starting 2018 off with Podcast for you! I’m not going to get all into some long post about what we talked about… but we talked about lots of new stuff for 2018 so go have a listen!

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Looking forward to an awesome 2018!

We recently got gifted a couple things and I went shopping for some new toys to play with. I figured, why not start off this brand new year with some new toys? 

Some of these are not completely new but we did get more rope which gives us a lot more opportunity for new trying positions. We are looking forward to trying cagedmonkey in some predicament positions. Also the flogger itself is not a new thing but now I’ve got two and they are braided so I’m sure there will be a different feeling going on when I use those! The anal hook and Wartenberg wheel are completely new which I’m sure will only add to the freshness that is too come. 

Have you used any of these before and would you like to share your experience as either the giver or receiver? We would love to hear from you! πŸ™‚

We made it to our new home! It only took a near exhaustion-level physical effort to load the truck, two days of travel, and a crazy unloading session, but we made it!

Rather than going through a minute-by-minute rundown (how exciting can an out-of-state move be?), here’s just a few highlights and details to share.

1. The guys who loaded our stuff uni the truck were complete morons! They loaded heavy stuff on top of light stuff, they put our TV boxes in sideways (clearly marked “this side up” for those who can read), and some of our stuff ended up smashed or spilled out inside the truck (more on that later). The stuff we loaded ourselves was sturdier than the stuff loaded by the “professionals.”

2. The stuff that spilled out into the truck? One of those tubs was the tub filled with our bondage toys! Some stacks of tubs toppled over as the unloaded were removing stuff from the truck, and out spills the leather bondage sack, the fuck machine, cuffs, fake rubber cocks, etc. Luckily, none of the unloadeders saw any of this as far as I know; I was able to stuff everything back in and pop the lid back on before our dirty secret was out.

3. We met the neighbors who live in a separate house that is also on the lot. And what would be the name of the woman who lives there? No joke… “Chastity.” πŸ™‚

Now that we’ve got the Wi-Fi hooked up, we are officially back!

The other night cagedmonkey and I were sitting here and we decided to look around at some new toys. Not anything crazy but fun little things to add to our play.


I got a nice new black paddle, I hope lasts awhile. I loved my other one but it really was for a beginner and not meant to give a beating. πŸ™‚ I also ordered an attachment for my Hitachi wand… It really seems like a great thing to torture cagedmonkey with. It might be fun to tie him to the bed and get the wand positioned where it could be on him vibrating him and masturbating him so slowly. He would be stuck lying there taking it while I go about my day. I could pop in every so often and give the Hitachi a break while I ride his face and cum all over him. It would so awesome to have him all gooey with precum and my cum all over his face and wiped on his chest and stomach, left to dry.

The other thing I got, that I’m a bit excited about is the positioner. It’s going to come in handy for quite a few things. I can use it to keep his thighs up when I want to peg him missionary style and I can also lock wrist cuffs to the buckles at his thighs. I think there are many uses for this, in multiple positions… I also like that it’s pretty small and we can just pull it out to use it without any set up. The under bed restraints and the stockade require some sort of set up and time to use. This seems to be something I could pull out on a whim and use and put away.

Another thing we’ve looked at getting recently is a good hood with a gag that doesn’t look evil and scary! I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t make me kinda cringe.

Anyway, fun new toys to add to our playtime. That’s exciting on it’s own!

I am truly lucky to be blessed with a KH that not only seems to be horny all the time, but is also highly orgasmic. Whether I’m licking her pussy, fingering her, or playing with toys, I absolutely LOVE giving My Lady an orgasm. And I am very thankful for the multitude of opportunities I get to make it happen!

Take today for example. My Lady came upstairs to tuck me into bed this morning, and we began kissing and cuddling as we normally do. I could feel her excitement growing as my hands touched her all over; her body was pushing closer to mine and her breathing had gottern more rapid and deeper. Instinctively, I slid my hand between her legs and into her panties; they were absolutley flooded with her pussy juice. I rolled ML onto her back and began to rub her slippery pussy lips and her throbbing clit. It didn’t take long for her to start thrusting her hips up towards my hand. Soon I felt her body tense as she came, struggling to keep her moans quiet to avoid alerting the children downstairs of our naughty fun.

Later on, after the kids went to bed, ML and I shared a shower together. We were both heavily turned on once again, ML pressing her wet naked body against me, my cock straining against steel. I took the opportunity of being in the shower to give ML a nice, good squirting orgasm (always a favorite in the shower because of the lack of clean up needed). My Lady had also brought AdamΒ into the shower with us, and after a good hard cum she wanted to be fucked. I used Adam to fuck her doggy style, holding the rubber dick where mine would be if it weren’t confined by the cage. I fucked her from behind nice and hard, my hips slapping against her ass as I drove deep into her. With no need to be quiet, ML moaned louder and louder until she squealed as she came all over the fake cock. My cock twitched in its cage in jealousy as I felt her pussy squirt some more pussy juice down our legs.

Then, just before it was time for me to leave for work, I had the chance to make My Lady cum again. This time, she was laying on the couch when she called me over as I was in the middle of getting dressed. She pulled me down and forced me to kiss her before demanding I finger her pussy until the same. I gladly obliged! I stood over her, looking into her eyes as I slid two fingers deep into her horny wet pussy. She moaned deeply as she maintained eye contact; it was so fucking intense! I fingered her deeply and firmly, just the way she likes it, and she was close to orgasm within minutes. Her body was writhing and tensing as her orgasm approached. She reached up, grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me down until our foreheads were touching. Then, My Lady looked directly in my eyes as her orgasm hit her. I could almost feel her sharing her intense pleasure with me, and I couldn’t help but moan in unison with her as her orgasm continued to flow through us both. She stood up on shaky legs and I stood up with a painfully constricted penis.

It really is a joy for me to be able to give My Lady such wonderful pleasures. One reason is because she looks God damn fucking sexy when she is cumming, but it’s not only that. My Lady and I share an incredible bond, a bond that is emotional and spiritual as well as physical in nature. ML understands that I will not be experiencing the pleasure of my own orgasm for quite some time, so she is gracious enough to share her pleasure with me through this bond. When she looks at me like she did on the couch, her eyes locked with mine as she reaches that height of pleasure that I cannot reach, I truly feel her giving me that energy. It is a special gift that I chersh every time, and it makes me want to give it right back to her over and over.

And over.

And over…. and over…..Β Β  πŸ™‚

So I recently got a ball gag with a nice sized dildo on the opposite side. If your curious which one it is exactly, it’s the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Ball Gag With Dildo.
At first, I was a little worried the dildo itself would be very hard and might be uncomfortable. Ya see, I’m not very fond of dildos, vibrators or sex toys in general. However, if I’m to keep hubby locked up and denied for longer periods, I’m really going to have to find a way to keep myself satisfied. So, we’ve been testing out lots of different types and sizes of dildos and other toys (that will likely be the subject of another post lol).

So to get on with this post… Holy shit! Haha Last night I decided to strap the dildo gag on cagedmonkey’s face and try it out. We started out first with hubby laying on his back and me on top riding his face, bumping my clit against his nose. It was pretty fantastic, I must say. I was bouncing up and down on his face while he could do nothing but stare at the dildo sliding in and out of my wet pussy and feeling the warm wetness drip down his chin and neck as I squirted my cum. After that we switched positions to see how many different ways I might enjoy using it. We tried a more traditional missionary position and I came nice and hard that way. So that works! I also got up on all fours and rocked my ass back and forth into his face, shoving his nose right in my asshole. All he could do was look right at my quivering asshole desperately wanting to be licking it. Oh man, it was so awesome to just use his face the way I did. Getting off so many times while he could do nothing but take my face fucking. Yummy!

It really turned out way better than I expected and I am very excited about giving it another go. Hopefully with some nice pics and video! I’m pretty positive that this is one toy that will stay in the nightstand next to the bed and get lots and lots of use! πŸ™‚

There are so many websites out there selling sex toys, how is a person to know which ones are reputable, secure, trustworthy or have good customer service?

I have purchased toys from a few different places now and I haven’t had any issues. The one place I love getting stuff is through Athena’s Home Novelties because they have such a large variety of items. They also sell Coochy Shave Cream and man, that stuff is awesome. No razor burn or rashes after shaving… such smooth moisturized skin after! Their stuff is delivered in discrete packaging and shipping time has always been fantastic.

You can even find a local Athenas rep and host a party and earn party host rewards and all that good stuff. Doing things that way can sometimes save on shipping since the party order can be ordered together. Though you can order right from the website as well.

One of the other things is, that usually every month they have these great deals where you get hundreds of dollars worth of products for real cheap. They include at least 1 sex toy and just a bunch of other things. Currently there is one going until mid February.
Haha get it Submit to Savings! Cute, huh?

Anyway, the whole reason in writing this post is because this is a good website, with good products, good customer service and it’s a business you can trust!

***Please note: I am merely reviewing a site where I purchase toys. This is in no way my business, nor are we receiving any compensation for this post. It’s simply a good business and I felt they deserved some recognition.